How Do We Top That ?

How  do we top that  ? ( Still Laughing )

I mean you are planning to get married  , so to decide on a date  we go through all sorts of  plans, then we finally hit on a winner , or do we  ?  lol  We decide ok it is  mostly always  the men who forget anniversary’s , so we will make it  easy for our selves ( and him ) we decide to get married on soon to be hubbys  birthday , easy all sorted  ( what could possibly go wrong  ?)2 occasions 1 date to remember … Simples !!

So 1st  1 rolls around ,  all goes well , double celebration we have a great time  , no worries for next time . Next 1 rolls around we go out for dinner for  hubby s  birthday , people are wishing him  happy birthday , all of a sudden someone says  Happy Anniversary!!  huh ? what  ? lol  ( Thanks Penny )        we sit  and just look at each other , crack up laughing  ( still laughing ) and say how  did we do that  ? Our so call perfect system for not forgetting  crashes and burns in the second year !!! Good grief  we both  totally forgot  , somehow the perfect system proved to be not so perfect.  The galling thing is that we were so sure that  by combining both his birthday and  our anniversary  there would be no way we could forget either 2 for the price of 1 so to speak .. Should have had insurance …* sigh  *

In our defence this  year has been very challenging , we have had a lot of adjustments to make , and hubby has  been working  long hours . Things are taking way longer than we had planned to to get sorted  , not helped by the fact that the place we live in is 1 of the most expensive place  re cost of living  , so things we had hoped would be finished by now are no where near, but we will eventually get there . Given that so  many things have changed this year  I guess we can give our selves a little le- way .( still laughing ) Just trying to sort all that out I suppose is 1 of the reasons we forgot , but only 1 of them .

My theory is it is all Twitter and  Faceaches  fault , they distract us so much , so many people chatting to you , being cheeky , stirring us up , distracting us , no way its all our fault  just couldn’t be , could it  ? Not our fault people put up funny pictures and  joke with us all the time  so well that they distract us , got to give ourselves a break  here a bit   don’t we  ? Having said that they are also very informative and keep us in touch with things whether we want to or not .Too often we do not want to know as too much is not good news , but there is enough good  on both of these to make it worth while . I think  ..

So how do we top that  ? How do we  make sure next time we don’t forget   ? lol Since we had what we thought was the perfect way to not forget , then we both forget , what now?  How do we remind ourselves that there are 2 things to celebrate rather than just 1  ?   I bet if we ask someone else to remind us they too will forget  and 1 more  time 1  will be forgotten . Or will the fact that we have hardly stopped laughing over this  be enough to remind us next time , well at least we have another year to work on it . There must be a fool proof way ….. but then again  make something  foolproof  and they just make better fools …so that’s not a lot of help either is it  ?  Thinking  ………….

Thinking ……….. hmmmmmmmmm…… maybe  I got it ?? How about we set up a tweet or an e mail to fire off the  week before so that we get it in time to sort out both  ? We send it to both of us   so we both  have a nudge in the right direction  ?? That might work yes  ?? I know you can pre-set Twitter  to fire off tweets at a later date so maybe this would work  it sure is worth a try , got to sort something out for next time  ( still laughing  )Also we got to get it right as it means 1 more present each , and who does not like getting presents  yes?

My memory’s not as sharp as it used to be.
Also, my memory’s not as sharp as it used to be……

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