Sayings ….there are so many sayings in the world today  , now  I wonder where they all came from ? Who started them  ? There are good ones and also some mean ones, those ones  I will not touch . I always like to see the good in people and things till they prove not worthy of it .Do they do any good  ?

Some of the ones  I remember are quiet funny , like if someone urges you to buy or go to something very expensive  I say , Oh yes ..what with coca – cola bottle tops  ?? Always my answer when asked to buy/do something  I cannot afford………or think nothing of it  I will have a dozen .. Then there is the 1 for someone who is in the way …one side or a leg off …  or if someone says  something unintelligible …want to run that by me again ? …or now can  I have that in English ?  Or if someone wants you to do something you are not  sure of  …after you  I,m first … or if trying to do something and someone is in the way …you here to help or to hinder ? … Trying to do some cooking and someone  keeps telling you how to do it  …too many cooks spoil the broth ..

So it seems we have sayings for just about anything / everything  well where did they all come from  ? Who started them and why  ? Why do we accept them ?

When you are talking to someone  , or read something and it makes no sense whatever  on first hearing/reading …… yeah  I had 1 of those but the wheels fell off….. when I use that 1 it means something has been said or I have read something that makes no sense  at all, lol , usually at this point my eyes  cross , just ask hubby ….How many do you know  ? How many do you use ? I bet we use them without even knowing we do , they have become so much a part of our every day lives. Or if someone  keeps trying to make you think the way they do and it is annoying  ….when  I want your opinion I will give it to you  …then of  course we have the famous or is that infamous  one ……turn it off and turn it on again …loved by  IT  professionals  the world over  , but it is surprising just how many times that works , lol, and not just for computers … The car that won’t start no matter what  …put a penny in it ….or this  …it’s a rolls cnardly  rolls down the hill but cnardly get up the other side seen a few like that over the years …

Then we have sport  lol so many for this but will try to keep it nice  if the team is not winning cannot seem to kick straight …..couldn’t even buy a goal  … or if you feel they are not  doing well  …pull your finger out  ….or the upper class …extract the digit … and for horse racing ..come on you hay burner  move it  … Now lets get to  gadgets ….things that decide they will not work as they are supposed to  …..when in doubt give it a clout …seen many people do this and had to giggle it does not really help much  ..let us not forget the wonderful …window shopping  …just how many windows do people actually buy …lol.. none that I ever saw  except if your talking  microsux windows  and there is a whole new ball game if ever there was one….

So think about it , try and work out how many you use and why  , and where you got the saying from , did this myself the other day and got lost  so there you have it  a world so full of sayings and  no one knows where they all came from and why  ..interesting ..

1 out of every 4 people suffer from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends — if they’re okay, then it’s you…..

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