Aussie Aussie Aussie … OI Oi OI

Aussie Aussie Aussie … OI Oi OI

As most people know  all around the world  we just celebrated Australia  Day , now to all you  who think it is fun to  say , your all bloody convicts ,you have now shown the world how stupid  you are  . Those  convicts who did come out here , if they survived the trip over  were here to do a sentence , not to go on holidays or go have a family . As history shows  almost all of them died  on the roads  they were building or in the prisons.  The actual people  who  built this wonderful country came here gladly  to start a new life in an unspoiled country , they were called the 10 pound poms…. They were the ones who fathered this nation , the professionals  who wanted  to come to a brand new continent , they came in their thousands  to get a piece of this land …..They are the true  fathers of the country …

When they came  here they did what almost all white people  did in those days , they slaughtered  the local blacks , or took away their children , why they did this we will never know , why  didn’t  they make peace and live with them ? Why the thought that all men have that white is best ? What difference does a persons skin colour make ?

It is what is on the inside that matters ……

After all it is a very big country , killing them was wrong. We now see this and now do live together with them , but it is too little too late as far as  I’m concerned . They should never have been killed just because they were here first .

We had a lovely day celebrating a wonderful country , a country that gave us life , and keeps on giving  if you want to work for it and most people do . People all over the country were out  having fun, remembering what had happened  both good and bad  in the past . With a bit of luck we will improve as a people and as a country , and keep on doing the right thing  as we  go on.  As long as we keep progressing and doing the right thing then we have nothing to be ashamed of ..we have a unique country with great chance to do things others cant , like proving a home for those forced out  of their own countries by terrorism and violence , like helping them to start all over again ..There are many things here that  do not exist in any other parts of the world , animals, plants, fish, insects , spiders , so many things here  that are not to be found anywhere else …lot of people would think that’s good  lol  but its all good …

The only thing that to me spoils it all are the people who have come here from other places,  maybe willingly  or not , do not  join in the  celebration , do not join in the thanks for the land  that gave them a new start . When we were out and about  I never saw any others apart from Australians who were born here out having fun and above all being thankful to this country  that is just so sad . Almost all of them rather than settling in , learning our ways , contributing to our society , learning our language , would rather change us to their ways , sorry but to me that is just rude …. They  think only of trying to get us to turn to the way they do things ,again this is wrong and rude .If they  want to change it so much to the way things are in their homeland , then  I am sure they know where the door out is, it is our country  ,you don’t like it  then leave  .. we will not stop you , trust me  we much prefer you go if you cant be thankful  for what this country gave you ……hope  ..

It is generally agreed that “Hello” is an appropriate greeting because if you entered a room and said “Goodbye,” it could confuse a lot of people…

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