How Lucky Can You Be?

How lucky  can you be ?

In my case not much more  if  I am honest , I just happen to have what I think is the very best husband any woman could want . He is by no means perfect ( no one is lol  ) but he sure comes close  as far as  I am concerned . Never ever before have  I had someone /anyone  care for me like he does , if  I am sick he takes wonderful care of me  and waits on me hand and foot even if  I say not to. He knows what  I need sometimes even before  I do at times and that has never happened to me in my life before ,so it is as much a surprise  to me as no one ever seemed to want to actually get to know the real me before he came along. Even when my pain is really bad and  I need help , he is right there as he knows  I will not ask as that seems like I am using him , and he does go crook at me when I do this .

Regulars to this blog know how we  came to meet , he stalked me  , lol, still laugh at that  as it was so funny and such a giggle .No matter how many times or how many ways  I told him don’t  be so silly I am not worth it ,as to me from my own life experiences  it had been proved to me  that  I was worthless. So  when he said he wanted me as a friend , a lover , a wife, I just did not think it was fair to him I  was sure he could do better , but him being him as  I now know, just ignored  all my protests  and kept  on at me ( glad he did too )  .It made so much difference in my life there are  not enough words in the  English language to tell how much  I love him , not just for what he does for me , but also the fun  I have looking after and being with him , it is all a great fun package .

It has not been all fun and games of course  no relationship ever is , there are always problems in every thing no matter what  , the question is how we handle them . We have always just backed each other up and stood together to face  them , and heaven knows we have had to do that a few times , but now finally  things are coming  together . Not been easy in fact it has been dam hard but we will get there  , still got a few problems too but again we will get there  together .

To me a perfect marriage is one that no matter what you look after each other first  , then the rest of the world , if you cannot do that then you have nothing . I know this blog will make my lovely hubby blush  , but  I do not care , I mean every word of it  .Can you imagine what it feels like to have someone love you for you yourself  ? Who does not care about your faults but happily  lives with them , who yes the old joke is true  , finishes your sentence  sometimes , lol, who loves to do things for you just because he loves you and no other reason. In my life there is no way  I ever would have expected such a love to be mine I am still surprised and every day is special  to us both . Love you babe  🙂

So to anyone who has the feeling that they are worthless let me tell you  right here and now you are not worthless. All my life I was told that  I was good for nothing and never would be , that is why  I stumbled from 1 wrong relationship to another as they all treated me as property and not a person , and could not even think . Then  I met a man who saw the real me  and slowly got through to me , and there is no way  that can ever be repaid. So never ever feel worthless , you are good , you are  worth it  , you just need to seek out the kind of people who build you up , if it can  happen for me it can happen for you too  ….

If only life came with a ◄◄ REW ► PLAY ▌▌PAUSE █▌STOP button…..

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