Men and Cats are Weird

Men and Cats are  Weird ….Come on we all know this to be true , men and cats are just so unpredictable  it is a wonder more of them do not get into more trouble..

With men it is a total mystery how  they ever manage day to day  , they cannot find their  keys , or their wallet  or their glasses or phones or anything right under their noses . How many times has a wife or girlfriend or mother heard the uproar when the  so called ” man of the house  ”  can,t  find something , then  come into the room only to find the very thing  the man cannot  see for looking..

Then there is the remote control , well men usually go right off their rocker if a woman dares to touch it  , it is  a man thing they must control it at all times . I swear you know if they could they would sleep with it , shower with it  , and take it to work  with them . If it happens to get lost well just watch out they go completely bonkers and rip the place apart to find it , lol, men ..sheeesh  …. Try  taking a man shopping with you  ladies  , lol, now that can be fun  , unless you have a place to park them till your  finished  ” like the pub ”  then it takes 2 or 3 times as long to get finished ,and 10 to 1 you end up getting more than you went in for , any guesses  now why  I do all my shopping on  line? just get what  I need and no more  ,way easier ..Try talking to a man when he is watching TV or on the computer or reading ,  if you even get a response your  very lucky may as well talk to the wall get more response ..Then when out driving we all know that if they cannot find the place they want  they will never ever  stop and ask directions , that has got to be 1 of the most frustrating things they  do ( or don,t do ) ..also try not having the food on the table  , the house clean or washing done and see where you end up …

Now for cats , they are so much like men it is not funny , they too get in an uproar if not fed when they want to be fed , not when your ready but when they are . A cat will completely ignore you at times no matter what you do , lol, like men , until that is they want something then they get under your feet , make noise all the time  till they get your attention ,again just like men lol. Cat will strut  around like the  Lord of the manor with his tail in the air  , pretend you do not even exist when it suites him , but when he wants a cuddle nothing will stop him annoying you till he gets a pat , a cuddle or fed , any of those work , sounds familiar?  lol It not for nothing they say dogs have owners  and cats have staff …  so true that  They, like men have their own agenda and unless all goes exactly the way they want it to then  you are in for fun and games till they settle down again. ..

So  you see the comparison  I trust men  and cats are on 1 planet and the rest of the world are on another and only sometimes the 2 actually coincide , when that does happen then peace reigns till it goes off kilter again. Both can be a  pain in the proverbial , both drive you right round the twist  both demand constant attention and looking after . What do we do about this  ? lol we give into them and pander to them as 9 times out of 10  it is the easiest thing to do  to keep the peace  ..Daft are’nt  we  ?  lol the answer is a resounding  yes.. Imagine life without them for a minute , quiet , peaceful, ordered , things just the way you like them ……. boring  huh ? So that is why we put up with them , life would be just too boring ….either a cat  or a man will drive you crazy  but both will drive you totally nutz… so you just cannot win lol , peace and quiet or chaos …it is your choice  ..

At any given second the urge to sing ‘The lion sleeps tonight’ is just a whim away. A whim away, a whim away, a whim away….


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