40 Years On …

40 Years On …..The music is still wonderful , still vibrant , still makes you want to sing along  , still makes you want to dance ….

Who am  I talking about  ? Why ABBA  of course  …

We were lucky enough to get tickets to a tribute bands performance  of all things ABBA  , let me say here and now it was great  , the costumes , the singing , the acting , all spot on and  so much fun  , bought back  some happy memories  loved it  . When they came on stage they were dressed exactly the same way ABBA used to dress , danced the same way and of course sang the same way , so vibrant , so full of energy …This  was for me an early birthday present  and we could not have picked a better show to go to , we laughed almost as much as we sang along to all our favourite  songs. The fun and  jokes  by the band in between numbers really made it a lot of fun , the way they interacted with the audience was just great.  They knew we were all there to be entertained and  they set out to do just that ,and they did it well  …

So who was this band  ? must admit it was 1 that  I had not heard of before but will certainly look out for again  they are called …. Abbalanche  they have a facebook  page too you can check them out yourself ..   http://www.abbalanche.com.au/  If you do get a chance to see them then I can not recommend them highly enough , we sure loved them .

IMG_00000072 IMG_00000076

As you can see though not as good as  I had hoped it was a very lively  show with lots of action , just what  I love in these sorts of shows.. the keyboard player was a  riot all by himself  , with his antics , but it never took away from the singing which was spot on from the music I remember ………

So as  I said before as an early birthday present it could not have been better , we had a lovely dinner just before to make it all a great night out  and very enjoyable …

It is so hard to believe it has been 40 years but  I well remember  them  when  they first  came into the music scene all those years ago . Their style of music was so different to what we had , had before so it was a  real change and we loved it . Remember singing along to the music  as I did housework , or  on the car radio , or on cassette , yes  I also remember cassettes ….lol…

Before you all call me old ( (I know ok ) you will be too someday …


As far as birthdays go  I guess the more you have the more it means you have lived  , and had a life  , how you handle all that is up to you , but remain strong  and  you are on a winner …. The main thing  I have found is to never ever give up , do not let the sometimes cruelties  of life wear you down , don,t let it win , you be the winner … if you are not tested how can you get strength ?

Growing old  is mandatory …….  Growing up is optional ….and  I have no plans now or ever of doing that  … lol ..so there  …..



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