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Procrastination  …or as I like to put it the art of putting off the things we know we should do , and my hubby ( sorry dear  ) lol  is 1 of the worst at this  I have ever encountered . What people like this do not seem to realise is that by putting off something they know they should do that by the time they do , do it the job  is bigger than it was the first time they  had to do it . Take my hubby  ( please ! ) lol ask him to put away some washing  he says yes dear in a few mins , next time  I look the pile is so high it is about to fall off the chair  I put it on. It is not as though I ask him to do much just that 1 thing , but it must be an awfully hard job  , you should see how big the pile is now grrrrrrrrrrr lol

Having said that he is obviously not the only 1 who puts off things they should do , put them off for all sorts of reasons , but when looked at in reality the reasons we put them off are  just silly really .We fail to see that if we got it done its out of the way and we can be free to do something else . I love to get all jobs etc   done and over so then  I am free to do what I like , no need to come back to do it , hate nothing more than coming back to work that has been left. Somehow to me it always seems  twice as hard  and twice as much if  I have left it for any reason, things like washing, dishes , vacuming ,dusting , you know the usual chores . If  I know I am going to go out then I get an early start and get all the jobs done before  I leave so there is nothing  left to worry about when I get home , cannot bear the thought of coming back after a nice day or night out to face a pile of work that did not get done …yuk..

So what are you things you put off? How many others  are there out there who for 1 reason or another put things off ? My guess is that there are quite a lot of you as  I am sure my hubby is not the only 1 , all  I got to work out is how to get him to do this 1 little job lol ( that is now a big 1 ) oh well 1 day  I will sort him out …trust me  …

A lot of the things we put off are really silly and not often obvious but when  big things get put off  , like road works, building works  that sort of thing  the public sure know of it  , it causes no end of trouble to  traffic flow and the likes. Also by these types of things  being  put off ,the cost goes  up and up and that makes it tough for all concerned . Ok the little things that get put off may not cost anything money wise but they can lead to other irritations and problems . Really speaking if a job  needs doing , then it needs doing  and putting it off helps no one at all  , so we need a way ( apart from murder ) lol to get these  mostly lovely people to do what needs doing the first time they get to know about it  . Mind you with hubby it gets to the point where much and all as I love him dearly  sometimes I would dearly love to kick his butt….sheeshh…. so far so good  not done it yet but if the latest pile hits the floor things could get interesting to say the least  …. lol got it dear  ? ¿ You better real soon …. giggles

My husband looks super hot without glasses. That’s why I stopped wearing them….

When a cop asks you, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” It is never a good idea to respond, “Because my tires look like donuts?”



Books …The Art Of Communication

Books …The Art Of Communication  …….  The 1 thing that we all can appreciate , they are for learning  , for escapism , for teaching , whatever  we think of books they serve a multitude of purposes . If it was’nt    for books we would not be  as advanced as we are  , nor would we have even half the things we have now . When  people first came up with the  idea of  reading and writing it must have been an awesome idea at the time . What would the reactions of the people around have been ? Would they have laughed and said what are you on about  ?  Or would they have seen the  sense of it  ?Imagine being the first ones to learn , the first ones to also learn to write…puzzling …intriguing…a whole new  experience ..

Reading and writing  more than money as far as  I can see is what really makes the world go round, consider those who cannot read or write , how much harder life is for them . There is not a single thing  that  I can think of at this moment that could have been achieved  without  the written word , I mean how else could all the instructions and blue prints be passed on without  being able to read them. On that score you have to add also the printing , without that as well  again the inventions and all that followed could not be passed on . How could we have  made money without  being able to read and write ?

So  what sort of books do you like  ? Do you even take time out for yourself to relax and read  ? Or are 1 of the many who only read what they have to and nothing else  ? Are you 1  of those who only read books or magazines that have pictures  ? There are a lot who do that  and yes we do have some lovely books that have pictures  , and they also do teach a lot of things  with the pictures .We do need to have time to relax and reading is a great way of relaxing ..

As for me  I love to read and can lose myself for hours in the books  I read , my favourites are  fantasy novels , ones that are so well written you can just lose yourself in them , you can picture your self  right there in the story . Piers Anthony and his  Xanth series are just wonderful for pure escapism , but if you read these be warned they are chock full of puns , trust me  you really need  to be able to stand the most groan worthy puns to adventure into Xanth.  My hubby often finds me giggling  over the next bout of puns , so far  I have all of that series and wait for the next one with baited breath . . Also love a good crime novel , with a good plot that gets you into the crime scene  and the crime solving  right from the start . There are also some very well written travel books and if done right they can make you seem like you yourself have been there .

So reading for me has been a wonderful escapism , if I had not learned to read my life would have been even worse , with all the crap  I have had to deal with in my life , reading has helped me get through it . The sheer joy of being able , if only for a short time to forget everything  and  relax into a world of make believe  it has sure helped me  . It opened  up worlds of learning as well  , and a lot of what  I know  and have learned has come  purely from the joy of reading  and learning as  I read  . So as I said earlier  without being able to read and write we would not be as well off  in all senses as we are to this point . It has been a remarkable journey or learning  , and  one that has not finished yet I hope . It only stops when we stop wanting to learn ..

I went to see my boss today and said, “I think we have a communication problem.” He replied, “You can say that again, I fired you two weeks ago.”….


Top Gear Top Day

Top Gear Top Day ..

What a day it was at that , one long day of fun and games , and displays ,and exhibits ,all just great good fun. We went to the  Top  Gear Festival the other  Sunday , bit slow getting to this but  have had a problem or 2  to sort  but here it is now.

For those of you who , like us , watch and love  Top  Gear and the 3 idiot presenters a day like this does not come along very often  , so to be able to get to go  to it was just great.  The displays of cars  and all things car related were just awesome , there were so many of them it took a couple of hours at least  to look at most of them , though I think we missed a couple . The track out at Eastern Creek is huge and it takes along time to walk it all and stop to look at things , but we gave it our best shot even though there are only so many hours in a day .

They had a wonderful tribute to Ayrton   Senna  photos , film clips, live  comments , also his car it was very well presented and very well done , we loved it  as did all those  who we saw there . There were so many displays as I said just before we could only  see so much , but we sure did our best.

The track shows were just amazing the car time trials , the motor bike  stunts , the car stunts , the bungee drops , all just amazing . The 2 who drove those double cab utes  right around 1 complete lap of the track on 2 wheels were just amazing , lol,  doubt if I could drive like that even if  I was drunk , just do not know how they do it …Watching all those wonderful cars racing against the clock and each other was so good to watch , especially the classics . Was not aware that some of those old  things were even still around  much less in racing condition . Cars of  the 60,s and 70,s tearing around as though they had just been made  , wonderful sight to see for us petrol heads .

As for those motor bike stunt men wow  just wow , what they did was just pure insanity  but so very good to watch , just loved it they did things  I doubt that the manufacturers ever made them to do. They put on one of the best trick riding shows I have seen in a very long time , like  I said pure insanity but so very good to watch . Talking of insanity then came the drifters ,amazing , just before we went to this  I had been watching some drifting on speed TV , it is very big in America and must admit  I never realised we did it too . After what we saw that day  , lol , now know we do it just as well as they do . Again pure insanity but so good to watch , and smell as they smoked the tyres all round the track , us petrol heads just love that the sounds of the roar of the engines , the smoke from the tyres , the pure  showmanship of it , just great.

Then of course  there was the bungee , put a celeb in a car hoist him/her right up very high  on a crane  and then drop he/she…  that was so funny and the screams , lol, they had cameras fitted too so we could watch how they reacted , the way those cars bounced  down then sprang back   , just glad it wasn’t me  yikes , no thanks  prefer feet on Terra Firma , the more  firma the less terra …sheeesh ….

Through out the whole day it was 1 laugh after another with the commentary  team , and the stunts and of course not forgetting Jeremy Clarkson and James May  there’s a big giggle right there,  pair of nit wits. Of all  we saw and  laughed at we both agree that the soccer game  played driving  Reliant Robins , was without doubt the high light of the day love seeing those  nitwits try to drive 3 wheeled cars without tipping them over , needless to say they couldn’t  and often tipped them over  what a laugh . The Aussies  beat the  poms 4 – 6 but  I think we should have got an extra point for goaling with 1 of their tipped over cars , lol, well it went into the net didn’t it  ??

All in all a very long day but a day well worth it ,we have not laughed so much in 1 day for a very long time , loved it.

Of course Bruce Willis is going to keep playing the same movie roles. You know what they say about old habits….they DIE HARD…

Bucket Lists

Bucket  Lists ……… How and when did this become a thing  ? When did it start and why  ? Just recently I started looking into this and found a few things I thought interesting . First the types of  things some people  put on these lists ,some are just plain fanciful , others  have good intentions , some  heart wrenching , some just plain ridiculous .

The more fanciful ones in my opinion are those that say , they want to travel the world , meet celebs , go to the moon , or to  Mars , or go on an almost never ending spending spree , of course these have next to no chance of ever  being  made to come true, unless  they are lucky enough to have a squillionaire to fund them , likelihood of that almost zero .   Then there are the more practical ones of people who normally cannot do it,  to be able to help others , they want to go to places where life for the natives of that land are  living in dreadful conditions . They want to go and become a saviour almost , to get done what no one else has been able to do . While this is a wonderful idea the practicalities of it are  just too much for the average person . Normal people in their day to day lives just cannot up and go to do these things no matter how much they want to .

Then there are the heart wrenching ones , made by people  that are living  under a death sentence , people who have terminal conditions and would just love to be able to go somewhere special , or  have a go at something they never had a chance to before now  . It is the most hard to take when it is a small child  , a child who has not even had a chance to live ,much less do anything or go anywhere much . No matter who we are  , no matter how old we get , if we have a heart at all we all try to help these people and do what we can , well I would like to think we all feel this way . Of course there are  people ( too many I fear ) who are too selfish to give a damn about other people so they do nothing at all .

So Bucket  Lists  they seem to be here to stay , but do they help anyone? do they achieve anything ? are they worth the time of day  ? Interesting  thought but  not sure what use they are , if they are  any at all  who knows  ? They seem occasionally to do some good  so  I guess they may have some use if the things on them are  in any way practical  , and not  so fanciful as to be impossible .

Like  I say am not too sure if these things are any use at all but who knows? If they are and if they do help then  I for 1 am right behind them , anything that helps people who might never get  help any other way . I know for sure when  I see especially the children , getting to do something  , or go somewhere that they might never have been able  to , it breaks my heart that they are in this position at all , but  at least they do get to do or see these things. Without these  Bucket Lists they would not get these chances at all so I guess they may after all be a good thing.

As  for me and my husband  we only have 2 things on our list…

1 To be able to get enough money finally to get out of the debt that too many robberies  in the last 2 years before we came  back to Australia  put us in …

2 To finally be able to have a honeymoon ….

If you don’t do a lot of stupid things while you’re young, you won’t have funny things to talk about when you’re old…