Bucket Lists

Bucket  Lists ……… How and when did this become a thing  ? When did it start and why  ? Just recently I started looking into this and found a few things I thought interesting . First the types of  things some people  put on these lists ,some are just plain fanciful , others  have good intentions , some  heart wrenching , some just plain ridiculous .

The more fanciful ones in my opinion are those that say , they want to travel the world , meet celebs , go to the moon , or to  Mars , or go on an almost never ending spending spree , of course these have next to no chance of ever  being  made to come true, unless  they are lucky enough to have a squillionaire to fund them , likelihood of that almost zero .   Then there are the more practical ones of people who normally cannot do it,  to be able to help others , they want to go to places where life for the natives of that land are  living in dreadful conditions . They want to go and become a saviour almost , to get done what no one else has been able to do . While this is a wonderful idea the practicalities of it are  just too much for the average person . Normal people in their day to day lives just cannot up and go to do these things no matter how much they want to .

Then there are the heart wrenching ones , made by people  that are living  under a death sentence , people who have terminal conditions and would just love to be able to go somewhere special , or  have a go at something they never had a chance to before now  . It is the most hard to take when it is a small child  , a child who has not even had a chance to live ,much less do anything or go anywhere much . No matter who we are  , no matter how old we get , if we have a heart at all we all try to help these people and do what we can , well I would like to think we all feel this way . Of course there are  people ( too many I fear ) who are too selfish to give a damn about other people so they do nothing at all .

So Bucket  Lists  they seem to be here to stay , but do they help anyone? do they achieve anything ? are they worth the time of day  ? Interesting  thought but  not sure what use they are , if they are  any at all  who knows  ? They seem occasionally to do some good  so  I guess they may have some use if the things on them are  in any way practical  , and not  so fanciful as to be impossible .

Like  I say am not too sure if these things are any use at all but who knows? If they are and if they do help then  I for 1 am right behind them , anything that helps people who might never get  help any other way . I know for sure when  I see especially the children , getting to do something  , or go somewhere that they might never have been able  to , it breaks my heart that they are in this position at all , but  at least they do get to do or see these things. Without these  Bucket Lists they would not get these chances at all so I guess they may after all be a good thing.

As  for me and my husband  we only have 2 things on our list…

1 To be able to get enough money finally to get out of the debt that too many robberies  in the last 2 years before we came  back to Australia  put us in …

2 To finally be able to have a honeymoon ….

If you don’t do a lot of stupid things while you’re young, you won’t have funny things to talk about when you’re old…


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