Top Gear Top Day

Top Gear Top Day ..

What a day it was at that , one long day of fun and games , and displays ,and exhibits ,all just great good fun. We went to the  Top  Gear Festival the other  Sunday , bit slow getting to this but  have had a problem or 2  to sort  but here it is now.

For those of you who , like us , watch and love  Top  Gear and the 3 idiot presenters a day like this does not come along very often  , so to be able to get to go  to it was just great.  The displays of cars  and all things car related were just awesome , there were so many of them it took a couple of hours at least  to look at most of them , though I think we missed a couple . The track out at Eastern Creek is huge and it takes along time to walk it all and stop to look at things , but we gave it our best shot even though there are only so many hours in a day .

They had a wonderful tribute to Ayrton   Senna  photos , film clips, live  comments , also his car it was very well presented and very well done , we loved it  as did all those  who we saw there . There were so many displays as I said just before we could only  see so much , but we sure did our best.

The track shows were just amazing the car time trials , the motor bike  stunts , the car stunts , the bungee drops , all just amazing . The 2 who drove those double cab utes  right around 1 complete lap of the track on 2 wheels were just amazing , lol,  doubt if I could drive like that even if  I was drunk , just do not know how they do it …Watching all those wonderful cars racing against the clock and each other was so good to watch , especially the classics . Was not aware that some of those old  things were even still around  much less in racing condition . Cars of  the 60,s and 70,s tearing around as though they had just been made  , wonderful sight to see for us petrol heads .

As for those motor bike stunt men wow  just wow , what they did was just pure insanity  but so very good to watch , just loved it they did things  I doubt that the manufacturers ever made them to do. They put on one of the best trick riding shows I have seen in a very long time , like  I said pure insanity but so very good to watch . Talking of insanity then came the drifters ,amazing , just before we went to this  I had been watching some drifting on speed TV , it is very big in America and must admit  I never realised we did it too . After what we saw that day  , lol , now know we do it just as well as they do . Again pure insanity but so good to watch , and smell as they smoked the tyres all round the track , us petrol heads just love that the sounds of the roar of the engines , the smoke from the tyres , the pure  showmanship of it , just great.

Then of course  there was the bungee , put a celeb in a car hoist him/her right up very high  on a crane  and then drop he/she…  that was so funny and the screams , lol, they had cameras fitted too so we could watch how they reacted , the way those cars bounced  down then sprang back   , just glad it wasn’t me  yikes , no thanks  prefer feet on Terra Firma , the more  firma the less terra …sheeesh ….

Through out the whole day it was 1 laugh after another with the commentary  team , and the stunts and of course not forgetting Jeremy Clarkson and James May  there’s a big giggle right there,  pair of nit wits. Of all  we saw and  laughed at we both agree that the soccer game  played driving  Reliant Robins , was without doubt the high light of the day love seeing those  nitwits try to drive 3 wheeled cars without tipping them over , needless to say they couldn’t  and often tipped them over  what a laugh . The Aussies  beat the  poms 4 – 6 but  I think we should have got an extra point for goaling with 1 of their tipped over cars , lol, well it went into the net didn’t it  ??

All in all a very long day but a day well worth it ,we have not laughed so much in 1 day for a very long time , loved it.

Of course Bruce Willis is going to keep playing the same movie roles. You know what they say about old habits….they DIE HARD…

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