Books …The Art Of Communication

Books …The Art Of Communication  …….  The 1 thing that we all can appreciate , they are for learning  , for escapism , for teaching , whatever  we think of books they serve a multitude of purposes . If it was’nt    for books we would not be  as advanced as we are  , nor would we have even half the things we have now . When  people first came up with the  idea of  reading and writing it must have been an awesome idea at the time . What would the reactions of the people around have been ? Would they have laughed and said what are you on about  ?  Or would they have seen the  sense of it  ?Imagine being the first ones to learn , the first ones to also learn to write…puzzling …intriguing…a whole new  experience ..

Reading and writing  more than money as far as  I can see is what really makes the world go round, consider those who cannot read or write , how much harder life is for them . There is not a single thing  that  I can think of at this moment that could have been achieved  without  the written word , I mean how else could all the instructions and blue prints be passed on without  being able to read them. On that score you have to add also the printing , without that as well  again the inventions and all that followed could not be passed on . How could we have  made money without  being able to read and write ?

So  what sort of books do you like  ? Do you even take time out for yourself to relax and read  ? Or are 1 of the many who only read what they have to and nothing else  ? Are you 1  of those who only read books or magazines that have pictures  ? There are a lot who do that  and yes we do have some lovely books that have pictures  , and they also do teach a lot of things  with the pictures .We do need to have time to relax and reading is a great way of relaxing ..

As for me  I love to read and can lose myself for hours in the books  I read , my favourites are  fantasy novels , ones that are so well written you can just lose yourself in them , you can picture your self  right there in the story . Piers Anthony and his  Xanth series are just wonderful for pure escapism , but if you read these be warned they are chock full of puns , trust me  you really need  to be able to stand the most groan worthy puns to adventure into Xanth.  My hubby often finds me giggling  over the next bout of puns , so far  I have all of that series and wait for the next one with baited breath . . Also love a good crime novel , with a good plot that gets you into the crime scene  and the crime solving  right from the start . There are also some very well written travel books and if done right they can make you seem like you yourself have been there .

So reading for me has been a wonderful escapism , if I had not learned to read my life would have been even worse , with all the crap  I have had to deal with in my life , reading has helped me get through it . The sheer joy of being able , if only for a short time to forget everything  and  relax into a world of make believe  it has sure helped me  . It opened  up worlds of learning as well  , and a lot of what  I know  and have learned has come  purely from the joy of reading  and learning as  I read  . So as I said earlier  without being able to read and write we would not be as well off  in all senses as we are to this point . It has been a remarkable journey or learning  , and  one that has not finished yet I hope . It only stops when we stop wanting to learn ..

I went to see my boss today and said, “I think we have a communication problem.” He replied, “You can say that again, I fired you two weeks ago.”….


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