Procrastination  …or as I like to put it the art of putting off the things we know we should do , and my hubby ( sorry dear  ) lol  is 1 of the worst at this  I have ever encountered . What people like this do not seem to realise is that by putting off something they know they should do that by the time they do , do it the job  is bigger than it was the first time they  had to do it . Take my hubby  ( please ! ) lol ask him to put away some washing  he says yes dear in a few mins , next time  I look the pile is so high it is about to fall off the chair  I put it on. It is not as though I ask him to do much just that 1 thing , but it must be an awfully hard job  , you should see how big the pile is now grrrrrrrrrrr lol

Having said that he is obviously not the only 1 who puts off things they should do , put them off for all sorts of reasons , but when looked at in reality the reasons we put them off are  just silly really .We fail to see that if we got it done its out of the way and we can be free to do something else . I love to get all jobs etc   done and over so then  I am free to do what I like , no need to come back to do it , hate nothing more than coming back to work that has been left. Somehow to me it always seems  twice as hard  and twice as much if  I have left it for any reason, things like washing, dishes , vacuming ,dusting , you know the usual chores . If  I know I am going to go out then I get an early start and get all the jobs done before  I leave so there is nothing  left to worry about when I get home , cannot bear the thought of coming back after a nice day or night out to face a pile of work that did not get done …yuk..

So what are you things you put off? How many others  are there out there who for 1 reason or another put things off ? My guess is that there are quite a lot of you as  I am sure my hubby is not the only 1 , all  I got to work out is how to get him to do this 1 little job lol ( that is now a big 1 ) oh well 1 day  I will sort him out …trust me  …

A lot of the things we put off are really silly and not often obvious but when  big things get put off  , like road works, building works  that sort of thing  the public sure know of it  , it causes no end of trouble to  traffic flow and the likes. Also by these types of things  being  put off ,the cost goes  up and up and that makes it tough for all concerned . Ok the little things that get put off may not cost anything money wise but they can lead to other irritations and problems . Really speaking if a job  needs doing , then it needs doing  and putting it off helps no one at all  , so we need a way ( apart from murder ) lol to get these  mostly lovely people to do what needs doing the first time they get to know about it  . Mind you with hubby it gets to the point where much and all as I love him dearly  sometimes I would dearly love to kick his butt….sheeshh…. so far so good  not done it yet but if the latest pile hits the floor things could get interesting to say the least  …. lol got it dear  ? ¿ You better real soon …. giggles

My husband looks super hot without glasses. That’s why I stopped wearing them….

When a cop asks you, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” It is never a good idea to respond, “Because my tires look like donuts?”


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