140 Characters or Less

140 Characters or less  …what is this silliness  you ask ?

This silliness is what we call Twitter  , the place where there are  way more than 140 characters  who use it , trust me on this ..lol .. So 140 characters ? what does this mean  ? Well  if you  take that each letter and each number is called a character  , then you have the idea . So now  you are  chatting to someone  on  Twitter  you wish to tell them something  make a joke etc. try making a sensible statement in just 140 characters  , trust me it takes  a  lot of getting used to , every time you think you have it , it says too many characters  and trust me trying to stick to that can be a nightmare .

So why do we stick to Twitter ? Why do we stay ? Well tell me where else you can , chat to a daft penguin , or tease a mad moo cow who is seriously arachnophobic  , or get jokes  and pics from a cheeky meerkat , or chat to a giraffe who makes lovely banners ? Then let us not forget  the tow truck  I chat to or the V8 cars  I chat to or the pitlane white board , or the safety car , there are so many funny characters  that use Twitter it  is a fun way to have a giggle and wind up the world . There is another good point you can talk to anyone any time,  as Twitter reaches all the world mostly , unless the government   decides to block it , as it has done in some cases . So many characters with so many different opinions , so many things to say  , you need never be lonely as you can always find someone to chat to .There is always someone as crazy or crazier than you on  Twitter , lol, you can trust me on this too. That is what makes it so much fun.

Another thing about it is if anything happens in the world Twitter always has it before the rest of the  news organizations  even know about it , I have learned many things before its come on the  television , anything up to 30 mins before they come out with it . Its a great news feed by itself , as well as sports coverage  , you know  what your team is doing and when  , whether it be good or bad . It is also a good way to message family if you need to  , lol, I use it all the time for that  to find out whether hubby is leaving work on time or  being held up  , or where he is , or where  I am or am going too . For that sort of thing 140 characters is more than enough.

I have no idea who thought when they started  Twitter that just 140 characters would be enough , but  I personally think  it is a  great big  pest as so much time is spent  whittling what you want to say down to those 140  characters ………..grrrrr drives me and a lot of others nuts  . I think they could have given us a little more leeway  not sure they actually thought it through themselves , maybe if they had they would have given us more  and we would all not get so upset at times. On the whole though it is a good  way to communicate , to have fun  to gather news and sports it has many uses  and  mostly it is good . There are though always some who use it as a way to harass  others but thankfully they can be weeded out , also now there is ways to block annoying people  so we don’t have to put up with them.

Since I started Twitter over 5 years ago now ( phew how time flies ) I have had very many giggles and  have met in person  a lot of  the people  I chat to , almost everyone of them have been just lovely . Of course there is always 1 or 2 who are not  the best but that is to be expected in anything, trick is not to let them get to you as in most things.  all in all 140 characters  limit  or not  it is a fun place to hang out if  you want to keep in touch.

I’ve learned so much from my mistakes…I’m gonna make a few more….

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