Faceache   or as most others call it  Facebook….

This is a whole nother world  from twitter  , gone is the 140 character  limit for a start , gone is the not having a like or a dislike  or any other like  so that is a good start  , maybe not too sure about this yet  lol . Time will be the test ..

So why faceahe ? more the question of why not really there is so much more to see and do on this than there is on twitter , but by using both you get the best of both worlds and both are equally annoying/helpful …You can share photos and music and stories and can talk to people direct on both , but with faceache there is also the games . Love em or hate em the games do make a great addition and help those  who have no other way of getting these games to play them. The 1 thing I do not like is that almost all of the games  need you to have about  1,000,000,000,000,0000000000000000 friends , but if you try to add that many friends  faceache then puts you in the bin for having too many , and that’s just weird  as you can not play those games without than many friends. They sure need to fix this as it is most frustrating believe me , would be much nicer to be able to play the games solo .

Another  thing  I do not like are timed and energy reliant games , they are all wonderful if you do not have any  health problems , and if your eye sight is perfect , these things are never taken into account when these restrictions  are put on them. Also do not like and will not play games that you get to a certain level then for some idiotic reason or another you get stuck there and no matter how many times you complete the level your stuck on it is still never enough, those games get dropped real quick as  it is way too frustrating . Then there are the  so called  realistic slot  games , whoever decided they are realistic never played the real thing then , hardly ever play them myself but when I do always  either break even or win quite well . These games though almost never pay out and if you do get the free spins they pay almost nothing , that never happens in real slots in clubs etc. My thought is that they are just trying to get rid of the people who refuse to pay real money for chips , my money is too important to waste on virtual chips , if everyone did the right thing  and refuse to pay they might improve this , I can but hope  …

One other thing  that is really neat are all the wonderful photos  of places and things you may never  get to see  in your own life time , but you at least get a glimpse of  them through these photos , saw some this morning that were just stunning . Being able to share them so easily to your friends is always a good thing . Family who do not tweet , that you  can not see all the time owing to work commitments  get to keep up with what is going on in your life  via faceache so this too is a good thing . Live the family connection , while they are sharing on there you know they are going  ok and that makes you feel better .

New feeds too can publish more things much better than with the 140 character  limit of twitter , and thus getting some urgent messages/ warnings out in a much better format than  just a link , they can  be more descriptive where needed. The cyclone warnings just recently and the fire / flood warnings too . Just recently  too all the sharing of the missing toddler got her found and returned  pretty quick . There have been  countless times when these sharings  by the news media have saved lives.

So while both have things that drive us mad  , they both have their good points , so love em or hate em they both have a place in this electronic age . An age where news and  information these days is so important  and we need to know it as soon as possible , gone are the days when you could just ignore it all and hope for the best. This is not a good thing that everything has to be so fast but we have to deal with it or get into trouble …

Sometimes you wish you could just fast forward time just to see if in the end it’s all worth it,..

I’ve found that nowadays most people don’t like holding hands in public. Especially if you don’t know them……… 


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