Texting ……….

How many times every day do we see people  on their phones texting  ? Every time  I go out I get angry at how many I   see walking about heads in phones  either texting  or talking  not  even once do they look where they are going  , so they never see traffic lights or other people who might be walking near them . I cannot count the amount of times I have been bumped into by someone  so engrossed in their damm  phones they  see and hear nothing , then almost always  I never get an apology  , no its always my fault even tho they bumped into me . Just makes my blood boil this kind of selfishness which is exactly what it is , because if they at any time thought about other people they would leave the phone alone till they got where they were going.

Also take into consideration  what happens when 1 of them gets  run over  , by car or bus or train  or whatever . It is obvious  to the blind even that they take no thought what ever  of the poor person who hits them, or what happens to them afterwards . Imagine if it was you who hit them  , through no fault of  yours  they have been so absorbed in the damm phone they didn’t even see you , even tho your driving something  that weighs anything from half a ton and way bigger .Boggles the mind that they cannot see something so big , but so self absorbed are they they do not even notice. The poor driver then is in trouble up to their eyebrows and it wasn’t  even their fault . Now most likely they will have nightmares for the rest of their lives , suffer depression , maybe even suicide  , and do these selfish people who we are forced to share space with  even notice ? or care  ? Not on your life they don’t.

What  I want to know is why ? what is so damm important that they cannot even walk around without being on the phone all the time  ? How many I wonder have been killed  or maimed  for life  for  this sort of behaviour ? What will happen if  they do not answer a text  or a call  in a nano second  ? Will the earth stop ?  Will they or who they are talking/texting with drop dead  ? For some of those yes they  will as they get run over , wonder if they think ( if they ever think )  of the consequences , no is the answer as far as  I can tell. So many times  I have seen near misses , at traffic lights and  zebra crossings  , have held my breath at times . Sometimes I wonder if they even know that these crossings are there  for their own safety and are not toys  to be played with .Mothers with little children in prams make me cry as they do this too without a single thought  for the innocent little child they can kill with such behaviour.

Even tho technology  is a wonderful thing when used correctly  this is 1 time when it is a definite  health hazard to these idiots and those  unlucky enough to get caught up with them and their sheer selfishness.  Life has become so fast these days that yes  we do need to keep in touch so much more , but surely not to the detriment of  ourselves and those about us . Surely we can do without a phone for as long as it takes for us to travel and to get where we are going safely , is that asking too much  ? I personally will never answer my phone when travelling , either  when  I am walking or more important when  I am driving . All phones have a way to leave a message , this can be checked when you reach your destination  , then if needed call or text someone back, but under no circumstances  answer / text while on the move , it is only common sense , but sadly there is none of that anymore , as is all too obvious.

What I would like to see is someone invent a way that the phone knows your travelling and will not ring or message you till you stop moving,  that you have to let it know you have  reached your destination , or something like that , only something that drastic can stop these selfish morons .

Never take a Chess enthusiast to a restaurant with checkered tablecloths!…… It’ll take them an hour to pass the salt!

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