Changes  ………. what changes have you made  ?

Changes can be in everything we do  , everything  we say , everything we believe , are you open to change  ? Have you made changes ? have these  changes been for the better or the worse  ? Have you made the changes because you wanted to  ?  Or because  you were forced into it by people or circumstances  ?

Let us try to understand change  , if we do not change at least some things we may end up in all sorts of trouble . On the other hand if we do not change some things we may end up better than we ever dreamed of . I myself have had so many changes to make it is enough to make you dizzy , trust me on that  there has been so many  but all for different reasons . Some have been to get me out of terrible situations , others to make a new start , all have been so different it is amazing , but changes had to be made , and made they were  for better or worse. Happy to say most of them have turned out  to be for the better so have no complaints , yes even  going over seas and marrying   a  Pom  lol best move  I made in a very long time . He may be a pest, a procrastinator, and downright annoying at times , but lucky for him he is very loveable  …lol

So what mainly are reasons for change  ? Situations , mostly  seem to be the number 1 reason people change what they are doing  and maybe even where they live , so obviously the changes were needed  and needed as soon as possible , so like me , you guard your back and  , close your eyes and ears to what others say ,and do it. The reason  I say close eyes and ears to what others say is that too often we hear the wrong people , and in so doing do not  make the right changes.  So if a big  change or changes are needed  you have to  do with all your might once you know  you are doing the right thing , or are as sure as you can be it is the right way to go. Always have a plan B  tho that is essential I learned that the hard way when  some of the changes  that had   to be made  came a little unstuck , I only let that happen once  , never again have always had a plan  B after that .

There are so many reasons to change  another may be that the job you have  has come to an end , so you need to move to get other employment  , and even tho that is an almighty headache in the long run it can be the best thing. No one is saying  it is easy to change  , especially if you have lived or worked in the same place for many years , I found that a very hard part of all the changes I had to make , but it can be done .Once the change is made  , and you have got used to your new surroundings and new job you gradually see it was for the best . It can take a while after a change to settle down again into the new situation  but you do eventually get there  and it all comes together . The hardest of all the changes is the one forced on you by the deeds of others , those are made generally in a stressed state  , but they too can be good once the stress is relieved  and you finally relax . Moving is a giant pain in the posterior at the best of times but sometimes  like it or not change is the only way , so embrace it  , do it  , then relax … Another  thing about change is that we soon learn  that there are more important  issues than the ” things  ”  we own and treasure  we don’t need so many things  we can do without them  very well , once we come to that conclusion we  do just fine.

Very few things upset my husband. So, it makes me feel rather special that I am one of them……. Giggles  🙂 

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