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TMI ……….. Now where were we when  I was so rudely interrupted  by  that health scare  ? see last blog  for info ..

TMI  or for the uninitiated means .. Too Much Information ..just how many times in our   lives do we suddenly have an information overload ? It happens way more than you think ,  For example  my crisis 2 weeks just gone , I was bombarded with information over load leading too much stress , admittedly  a lot of that came from my own mind , but it started me thinking of all the times we get bombarded with stuff we just do not need .

For example we turn on the television and as long as it works and we like it what more do we really need to know  ?  They are always telling us about the size of the screen , how many speakers , how much programming etc.  Some places go into so much detail only a TV tech bod  would understand  when all we really need to know is how to turn it on and change channels . Take then the car   you get told , how  big the motor is , how many gears it has  , how many mph  you can get out of it if  you plant your foot , you get told it can now talk to you , it can navigate for you , and it can almost make you a coffee too. Some even have  a TV on the back of the front head rests so the kids can watch it and not get bored . Now  I ask you where did the sit down and behave go to  ? why do we need extra things to keep the kids amused  ? I will tell you it gets to TMI  as the kids have been so over loaded with info they now want it  everywhere they go  ….ridiculous they should  be able to just relax away from the techo  and relate to the family on the trip.When all we need to know is how to start it ,where to put the petrol and how to stop , and how much it costs .

TMI has also invaded our homes with so many whizz bang gadgets  it makes your head spin soon we wont even need to do a thing , honestly we now have fridges that do the shopping,stoves that cook the meal, washing /drying machines that do the laundry , cleaners that run around the floor by them selves and do the floor cleaning  . sheeesh what are we needed for except to pay the bills  ? To me it is way beyond a joke now , think about all these things how much they do , and the instruction manuals ( for those who do read them )  are almost as big as  War & Peace !! and about impossible to understand if your not Einstein  tho I think even he would have trouble . So much info when yet again all we really need to know is what buttons to push to get it to do what it is supposed to do .

Then of course if we get to computers , well here is a whole new place for  TMI some of the programs  have so much info for the instructions that it is mind boggling  and usually by the time you finally work out what the hell it is you have to do  , you sit back and think , well I could have worded that so much better, made it  more direct  like step 1 , step 2 , step 3  etc  but the manuals on these things have you almost doing hand stands just to get them working  ( specially win8 arrrgghh  ) finally get it sorted then simplify  and you have it  , it is what  I had to do , and now it is all ok .Then of course there are phones !! yikes what those things can do now !! Once again it blows the mind  so lets leave them there  ..

So why on earth do we  let this happen  ? Do we really need to have things so technical that you need  huge tomes of  instructions  ? I would much rather just have the more straight forward simplistic way of doing things , always worked before and as they say ” if it aint broke don’t fix it  ” that  I agree with we are just making things hard for ourselves. Just because we try to simplify things does not mean we cant use all the TMI  things we have it just means we realise we just do not need so much techno we can get by just fine with out most  of it  ….

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Chaos ….

Talk about chaos  and the mind going off in a mad tangent  , this happened to me this last week when all of a sudden 1 day  to my horror I found this big lump in my left breast . Though  I always try very hard not to jump to conclusions … might hurt myself doing that  .. well anyway though  I have once before had a sebaceous  cyst  in the same place  I reasoned that it was another  1 the same  . Try as  I might though my mind went into chaos mode and all it could think of was cancer , as this was the second time I had one of these in the same place . When  I could tell my mind to stop for a minute and think I realised that it would most likely be another cyst   and cancer for the most part is hereditary  I really had nothing to worry about too much. If it was just a cyst as  I  suspected it would go away all by its self , as did the last 1 I had  had  years ago.

Well it was not quite that either as within 24 hours it had swollen to twice the size , was red  raw almost and the pain coming from it was intense. Time to get the doctor  , so we called   up a doctor  , one that comes to you as my doctor was off  duty this being  a Saturday . When he got there and after having a look said it was a bacterial infection , when I asked how did this happen he said  and  I quote  ” just bad luck ” sheesh sums it up for me really at times, if it wasn’t for bad luck wouldn’t have any  ..  Anyway he gave me some really strong  antibiotics  and said  to use those and painkillers  which  I have been doing  since  , and will have a follow up visit to my own doctor  this week. All is  going well and exactly as the other doctor had said it would , at least  I know it was not my fault , it was nothing  I had done or not done that caused it. Have since  also now heard of others that have had this , or know someone who has .

Seeing what happened to me and the instant chaos it caused in my mind and even no matter how much  I tried not to let it  , I could not stop it . So it makes me wonder how other people handle chaos , what do others do when confronted with something  so out of left  field like that , so unexpected, how do others control the chaos in their minds ? I mean it may not be a health scare it  could be anything  how do others handle such sudden  shocks  ? Like me trying to shut my mind up from its racing off on the 1 tangent  I did not want to think of  ? Almost going crazy with the effort  ? Until I actually saw the doctor and got the truth of what was going on  I was a basket case . Once  I knew what  was going on , I was fine  it  did not make the pain any less but at least  I  had peace of mind and the chaos was stilled .It is now healing up slowly but surely just as he said it would.

How many times  do we get chaos  drop into our lives  ? If we do how do we handle it ? I admit I failed in trying to control the chaos in my mind , but would suppose that others can handle things  like that better than  I did . Makes you wonder really that  with all we know and all the science we have at our disposal now  how many others do what  I did ? Just because all this lovely science is there it does not mean that it will be able to solve whatever the chaos  that has dropped into our laps . We all re- act differently  I know  but to me it proves that even though  I know that these days science can fix almost anything I still don’t trust it 100% .

Marriage is just a fancy word for adopting an overgrown man child who can’t take care of himself… 



Differences …in what exactly  ? Almost everything  you can think of  has changed  some for the better and some for the worse , not everything that changes is good as we all know  but some times the differences  in what is now and what it was way back then are so big it is amazing . Look for instance at the  way we do things  and what we buy  , we used to sit and talk to each other , now more often than not we send an e mail ,  tweet , or get on  faceache , hardly ever do we actually talk to friends any more . How long since you actually talked to someone now that a few years ago you would make sure you talked to every day ? How long since you met your friend in a coffee shop , had a coffee then went shopping  ?  Then there is the way we watch television , that has come a very long way from  the old black and white  ones we first  had. Now we have surround sound, all digital , tons of  stations to watch , all the bells and whistles. When it was first invented you had to actually get up and change channels , but now we can have a remote control that lets us change channels from anywhere in the room.  We can also program them to record things or to switch  channels when you want to without you having to do it . These days you can even use your ” smart phone ”  to record something even if your not home  amazing isn’t it  ?

Smart phones is another area that the differences between now and  years ago is astonishing , phones once were  tethered to the wall  , and  you had to go between an operator  who connected the call to you . Then they went to everyone having their own and their own numbers . After those came  the mobile  big as a brick and as heavy , and people who had them called them that , now look at the mobiles of today they can do everything except get you a cup of coffee or do the dishes. As to whether  this is a good thing or not is anyone’s guess   time will tell  you can use them now for so many things makes you wonder what next . You can even use them on the internet  and order things from anywhere in the world , or connect to others using something like  Skype  and  talk while seeing the person again from anywhere in the world.

When talking of differences  we come to the car , look how much different they are today , who would have thought they would have changed so very much ? The first ones  were square and very slow  and not game to go more than  the walking pace of a horse , it was deemed to be unsafe , come along way since then that is for sure  the speeds they do now is mind blowing . Also now to they have automatic transmissions so no need to worry about the need to learn how to sort out all those gears . Now you can get ( like the smart phones )  ones with so many bells and whistles  that  they are worlds apart from the original cars . They now also are used  for sport , racing, drifting, drag racing  , all sorts of  ways that were never even thought of way back when . I bet the inventor never saw those possibilities  when he first invented them he just wanted an easier way to get around.

One more thing  I will mention is the washing machine and boy how they have changed, from the old round ones with the hand wringers to  the modern programmable  ones we see today  . The differences again are amazing  and these at least  are very good changes making it so much easier to get the boring chore of the never ending washing pile done . They used to  last for many years but things as they are now   are made to be  obsolete with in a few years

, its called planned obsolescence most now are lucky to last out the warranty . Let’s  face it the people  who make them need to sell lots and lots of them or they go out of business, they need them to break  down within a short time .

Also is amazing is the fact of how many people judge you by what you have   rather than who you are and what you are like . So how can you judge people  on the basis of what they own, and not what  they are  ? You cannot know at all a person by what they have rather  than what they are  , you do not know them so how can you judge ? Unfortunately  too many people  are just like that  today more is the pity …

I have good news and bad news: Bad news is there is no good news: But the good news is that there is no bad news…