TMI ……….. Now where were we when  I was so rudely interrupted  by  that health scare  ? see last blog  for info ..

TMI  or for the uninitiated means .. Too Much Information ..just how many times in our   lives do we suddenly have an information overload ? It happens way more than you think ,  For example  my crisis 2 weeks just gone , I was bombarded with information over load leading too much stress , admittedly  a lot of that came from my own mind , but it started me thinking of all the times we get bombarded with stuff we just do not need .

For example we turn on the television and as long as it works and we like it what more do we really need to know  ?  They are always telling us about the size of the screen , how many speakers , how much programming etc.  Some places go into so much detail only a TV tech bod  would understand  when all we really need to know is how to turn it on and change channels . Take then the car   you get told , how  big the motor is , how many gears it has  , how many mph  you can get out of it if  you plant your foot , you get told it can now talk to you , it can navigate for you , and it can almost make you a coffee too. Some even have  a TV on the back of the front head rests so the kids can watch it and not get bored . Now  I ask you where did the sit down and behave go to  ? why do we need extra things to keep the kids amused  ? I will tell you it gets to TMI  as the kids have been so over loaded with info they now want it  everywhere they go  ….ridiculous they should  be able to just relax away from the techo  and relate to the family on the trip.When all we need to know is how to start it ,where to put the petrol and how to stop , and how much it costs .

TMI has also invaded our homes with so many whizz bang gadgets  it makes your head spin soon we wont even need to do a thing , honestly we now have fridges that do the shopping,stoves that cook the meal, washing /drying machines that do the laundry , cleaners that run around the floor by them selves and do the floor cleaning  . sheeesh what are we needed for except to pay the bills  ? To me it is way beyond a joke now , think about all these things how much they do , and the instruction manuals ( for those who do read them )  are almost as big as  War & Peace !! and about impossible to understand if your not Einstein  tho I think even he would have trouble . So much info when yet again all we really need to know is what buttons to push to get it to do what it is supposed to do .

Then of course if we get to computers , well here is a whole new place for  TMI some of the programs  have so much info for the instructions that it is mind boggling  and usually by the time you finally work out what the hell it is you have to do  , you sit back and think , well I could have worded that so much better, made it  more direct  like step 1 , step 2 , step 3  etc  but the manuals on these things have you almost doing hand stands just to get them working  ( specially win8 arrrgghh  ) finally get it sorted then simplify  and you have it  , it is what  I had to do , and now it is all ok .Then of course there are phones !! yikes what those things can do now !! Once again it blows the mind  so lets leave them there  ..

So why on earth do we  let this happen  ? Do we really need to have things so technical that you need  huge tomes of  instructions  ? I would much rather just have the more straight forward simplistic way of doing things , always worked before and as they say ” if it aint broke don’t fix it  ” that  I agree with we are just making things hard for ourselves. Just because we try to simplify things does not mean we cant use all the TMI  things we have it just means we realise we just do not need so much techno we can get by just fine with out most  of it  ….

I’m watching a show about surviving in the wild in case I ever decide to log off and go outside….





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