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Actions and Reactions

Actions and Reactions  ….. Right from a very early age  I learned the hard way that  for every action  , there is an equal and opposite reaction  , and found this to be  frighteningly  and  exactly right . Now  as  I see what the world is like and what the people in the world have  become  , I just wonder  how many of them even know this .

How many times in  your life have you done something  , or seen someone else do something  , then heard them say , good grief  I didn’t  expect that to happen. Why didn’t they  ?  They didn’t because they had never  given thought to or maybe not realised how much that  phrase  equal and opposite  reaction  comes into play. Why is it that no one ever seems to stop and think , now if  I do this then what might happen ?  If I do this then that will happen  , but maybe  if  I do this then that will happen instead . No thought is given to consequences  no thought given at all mostly and that is the biggest problem. Why is it that most people think they can just do what they want to  with no thought to consequence  ?

Do they ever stop to think that what they are doing  might hurt someone else  ?  Or that conversely  might do someone else a good turn . Why don’t  we realise that every thing we do , every single thing  is not done in a vacuum ? We might  say something to someone never thinking for 1 single second that  it will go any further , but normal human reaction these days is that it will be repeated . Then that person you talked about hears of it , and even if it was meant as a joke , the friend is hurt and you lose the friend , is it worth it  ? Would it not be better to have not said anything at all  ?

Then how about all these big companies who think  they can do things that are not exactly legal  or not really good for us  , or for share holders  but because they are so big they think they can get away with it . As seen recently here in  Australia  one of the biggest  supermarket chains  has just been fined mega dollars for misleading  advertising    it was  their way of trying to cut costs and while trying to cost cut is good , its not always the right thing to do . Take newspapers, as well in The  UK right now several journalists  are on trial for phone hacking  , now that’s  just illegal  in anyone’s book  but they thought they could get away with it  and it would give them big stories . Again  equal and opposite , had they stopped to think about that and the consequences  they would not now be facing jail time or big fines.

Then there are so many people who get credit cards  , these days almost anyone can get them even the dog  , it has been made  so easy that those who normally would never be allowed to have them now have them. Notice too  that where once the amounts you can have on them have  slowly  but surely got bigger and bigger  which is  ridiculous. So people get the credit card and off they go , spend , spend , spend  , they think  ( wrongly ) that it will all be ok they will  just pay the minimum  payment each month and all will be well . Then the bills start coming  and added to what they actually spend on goods , there is interest and account fees and whatever else the lender tacks on . Then it all starts to get out of control and quite often bankruptcy occurs with all the bad things that go with it  like ending any credit rating you might have had.

So if  we just stopped , thought about  what we wanted to do , no matter what it is , took the time out to work out all consequences  all the things that might  happen before  you did anything  then we might make better choices . Might keep friends that we lost because we spoke when we should have kept quiet , might not be bankrupt , might not be in trouble  all we need to do is think , and realise we are not the only people in the world , we are not alone , what we do  does affect others , does affect the things we do  . Unless we want to go live alone on an island then we better learn to think  before we do anything at all .

Sometimes I sit and wonder what the world would be like if I wasn’t awesome … That would be scary….



Priorities …..What are your priorities in life  ? What is it you strive  to achieve every day  ? When you get up each day do you have a plan ? Of things  you want to  get done for that day  ? Or things you  just put on a list for later  ?

I know for  me  sometimes just getting up is a challenge  , but once that is done  I set about  doing my chores , making sure  hubby has all he needs for the day  to follow when he goes to work.  Then if there is anything  we need  I go off to get them  , then back to see what other chores need doing or finishing  .  My guess  is that most people have similar plans each day  , either go to work or support those who do , it is not  hard to work out the priorities there . Without the support it just makes it very much harder for those who work to keep things up to date .

Priorities  for  people in places of  authority  for example are different once they get to work , their main priorities are the  doing of their jobs properly  so that the general public is protected . These people do a wonderful job and we would be in all sorts of trouble without them , we  need them  to help keep our society  in good running order . Without any of them doing the jobs they do how would we have   safety ? Thinking here of police , ambulance, fire brigade, army  , etc. If any of these perform badly or not at all we all pay the price  of usually  utter chaos , and we don’t want that . So their priorities must be their  work  if it isn’t then what is the use of them working at all wasting time and money .So having support from home , someone to help them at home  is essential , they could not concentrate on the job they have to do  without that support …

Priorities of others may well be just working and making money  , not caring  who they hurt or what they do as all they think about is money . These people usually are loners  who have nothing but work, they think of  money as   being all they need  , and quite often  they do not care how they get it . Unfortunately there are  way too many people like that these days , you cannot  get them to realise that  the love of money to this  extent  will only lead them to extinction . They are so convinced  they know better  and will hear nothing  to the contrary ..

There are some  , tho nowhere near enough  whose 1 and only  priority  is to help others  , they are the volunteers  who go round visiting the sick and helping others where ever they can , they have no priority than  to do the best they can  for others less fortunate  . These people have  all they need and are  happy to share their time and energy on those who do not have the same chances  as  they did. I sure wish there were more people with attitudes  like this and not so many selfish people  in the world  , but that  I fear is a pipe dream  these days …

So what are your priorities ? are they of the kind that are self centred  or the kind that will help  others  ? Is your  mind and  heart tuned into you or into those who may need your help ? It is a very hard choice to make  to help or not  to help , I for 1  know that it is a risky business  helping others , there is always that 1 person who will take advantage  of you and hurt you . The trick there  then  is to walk away and  just try to be more careful not to get caught again, that is very hard but can be done . Also very hard to ever want to help anyone else after that , but you can if you really  put your mind to it .

Home is where you can say anything you want, because nobody listens to you anyway….



Weather … Love it or hate it ,we all have to deal with it every day no matter what , we cannot change that because without weather we would soon be in great trouble . We need the sun  to warm us  , to make things  grow , to make us feel good , and  most people love the warmth of the sun on them makes  them feel  relaxed. I know for sure  I for 1 just love the sun and  how lovely  and warm  it makes me feel , with my back the way it is  the warmth makes that feel better too so lots of sun for me is great .There are a  lot of people  tho to whom the sun  is not a welcome visitor , some of these people find the exact opposite  to me  when the sun comes out . Rather than it making them feel better it makes them worse  so they try to keep out of it  ,  or protect them selves  from it if they have to go out . I would hate that as  I do love the sun  so much  …..

Then of course there is the rain , love that or hate it ,  it too cannot be done without  , it waters  the  ground, the crops , and us if we get caught in it  . Again without the rain we would be in great trouble we would have no water , and that alone makes it necessary as we do need water , the animals , birds , fish , all life would not exist if there was no water . There is hardly a living organism  that cannot live without  water  or the sun for that matter , so again love it or hate it  we need it .  Rain may be cold , and wet and make us very uncomfortable  but without it  we would have a very hard time thriving . We would also not have any food as no crops would be able to grow  without it  …..

Wind also plays a big part in our lives ( no not that wind  lol )  it blows the seeds and the spores of many plants around so they can germinate . It helps at times  with fires  by blowing the fire back on itself , but also it  can blow the fire onwards . Of all the weather  conditions the wind can be the most alarming  ,  as it can fan fires, blow things over  , or blow things down on top of us  so  it can be destructive as well as helpful , as all the elements can be .Some of the  gales , typhoons ,  storms  can be awesome to watch  but only if we can watch from a safe distance  , storm watchers love the  winds the most as the effects  are amazing   twisters being the most amazing to watch ..

It is when all these join forces it can be absolutely  amazing , terrifying , and scary all at the same time , some of the thunder storms I have seen with lightning   and rain so hard it is painful   have also been so beautiful to watch , to see the almost passion with which a storm can rage . When the lightning  flashes   and the thunder rolls  ,  I for 1 just love to watch there is something magnificent about a good storm. Have seen some amazing pictures of lightning strikes that just blow your mind   and  make you see just how much power there is in some of these storms .

So  whether we like it or not it affects us all  , you can usually count on it the moment you want to do something  the weather will mess it up . Weather forecasting has got to the stage where  I think now they have too much information  , and that is why they get it wrong so often . My philosophy is  if  I want to know what the weather is for the day  , lol ,  I go look out the window , got as much chance of being right as the weathermen do .

Doctor: How is your headache? Me: He is fine it’s me who is sick….


Pokies …or as many know them Slot Machines …

Every time  I walk into a club or a pub for dinner and drinks or either I see countless people playing these things , I have never ever seen any place that has them  no one playing them there is always  some people playing them , sitting there pushing buttons  for hours on end , reserving the machine when they need a comfort break . They do not need to get up hardly at all , even when they need another drink  , just push a button on the machine someone comes to you and you get your drink no need to move away.

Now my question is this , where does all the money that goes into these machines come from  ? I very rarely play as even tho  my husband has a good job and we  make it ok  we just cannot afford to play , actually cannot remember when  either of us played last , we just don’t have that sort of money . So how in this day and age when money is so hard to come by , especially if your not working  can so many people play for so long ? There is never a day when going into pub or club when no one is playing  , so how on earth do they do it ?  We know the machines are rigged mostly to not pay out very much so they would not be supporting the player, the player always mostly runs out . This is something  I have wondered about for a very long time  and to this day have not worked it out  it is beyond me right now.

Also as well as money for the machines they need money  for food and for drink on top of the money it cost them to get there  , unless  they walk to the pub or club or get a shuttle bus . So this is all extra and on top so again how do they do it  ? Maybe they  have a money tree ? Lol  wish  I knew sure could use 1 myself as I am sure most of us could. Of course  as I have seen people  often come  to play as couples , so double the money out lay  and these couples  too stay for hours  I have seen it so many times , so double the money spent and that is a very big  expenditure just wonder how  ??

Makes me wonder what these people are not paying or not doing that gives them all this money  to waste like this , how can they be paying all the bills, putting food on the table , and all other living expenses . Unless as  I just said they have a money tree  it just seems impossible for them to keep on doing this  . To this point all I can do is sit and wonder how it is even possible .

Then I wonder why this seems like a good thing to be doing  ?  Why do they find the need to have to go and do this as  many times  , as they do and keep doing it, if not the pubs and clubs that have them would be cutting the numbers of machines down not getting more as some do . It is in the best interests of the clubs and pubs to keep people playing  as they get follow up sales of food and drink. Having said that they cannot offer too much to players or it defeats the purpose of keeping them playing. So why? Why do people keep on playing and playing , ignoring other more important things . Important things like home, family , life itself,  what is the compulsion ? the need ? the drive?  It just amazes me  that is all just cannot see why, discounting the money for a minute  the desire to just sit and push a button for hours on end to no great reward  ?

My boss yelled at me yesterday “It’s the fifth time you’ve been late to work this week! Do you know what that means?!” I said, “It’s Friday?”