Pokies …or as many know them Slot Machines …

Every time  I walk into a club or a pub for dinner and drinks or either I see countless people playing these things , I have never ever seen any place that has them  no one playing them there is always  some people playing them , sitting there pushing buttons  for hours on end , reserving the machine when they need a comfort break . They do not need to get up hardly at all , even when they need another drink  , just push a button on the machine someone comes to you and you get your drink no need to move away.

Now my question is this , where does all the money that goes into these machines come from  ? I very rarely play as even tho  my husband has a good job and we  make it ok  we just cannot afford to play , actually cannot remember when  either of us played last , we just don’t have that sort of money . So how in this day and age when money is so hard to come by , especially if your not working  can so many people play for so long ? There is never a day when going into pub or club when no one is playing  , so how on earth do they do it ?  We know the machines are rigged mostly to not pay out very much so they would not be supporting the player, the player always mostly runs out . This is something  I have wondered about for a very long time  and to this day have not worked it out  it is beyond me right now.

Also as well as money for the machines they need money  for food and for drink on top of the money it cost them to get there  , unless  they walk to the pub or club or get a shuttle bus . So this is all extra and on top so again how do they do it  ? Maybe they  have a money tree ? Lol  wish  I knew sure could use 1 myself as I am sure most of us could. Of course  as I have seen people  often come  to play as couples , so double the money out lay  and these couples  too stay for hours  I have seen it so many times , so double the money spent and that is a very big  expenditure just wonder how  ??

Makes me wonder what these people are not paying or not doing that gives them all this money  to waste like this , how can they be paying all the bills, putting food on the table , and all other living expenses . Unless as  I just said they have a money tree  it just seems impossible for them to keep on doing this  . To this point all I can do is sit and wonder how it is even possible .

Then I wonder why this seems like a good thing to be doing  ?  Why do they find the need to have to go and do this as  many times  , as they do and keep doing it, if not the pubs and clubs that have them would be cutting the numbers of machines down not getting more as some do . It is in the best interests of the clubs and pubs to keep people playing  as they get follow up sales of food and drink. Having said that they cannot offer too much to players or it defeats the purpose of keeping them playing. So why? Why do people keep on playing and playing , ignoring other more important things . Important things like home, family , life itself,  what is the compulsion ? the need ? the drive?  It just amazes me  that is all just cannot see why, discounting the money for a minute  the desire to just sit and push a button for hours on end to no great reward  ?

My boss yelled at me yesterday “It’s the fifth time you’ve been late to work this week! Do you know what that means?!” I said, “It’s Friday?”

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