Weather … Love it or hate it ,we all have to deal with it every day no matter what , we cannot change that because without weather we would soon be in great trouble . We need the sun  to warm us  , to make things  grow , to make us feel good , and  most people love the warmth of the sun on them makes  them feel  relaxed. I know for sure  I for 1 just love the sun and  how lovely  and warm  it makes me feel , with my back the way it is  the warmth makes that feel better too so lots of sun for me is great .There are a  lot of people  tho to whom the sun  is not a welcome visitor , some of these people find the exact opposite  to me  when the sun comes out . Rather than it making them feel better it makes them worse  so they try to keep out of it  ,  or protect them selves  from it if they have to go out . I would hate that as  I do love the sun  so much  …..

Then of course there is the rain , love that or hate it ,  it too cannot be done without  , it waters  the  ground, the crops , and us if we get caught in it  . Again without the rain we would be in great trouble we would have no water , and that alone makes it necessary as we do need water , the animals , birds , fish , all life would not exist if there was no water . There is hardly a living organism  that cannot live without  water  or the sun for that matter , so again love it or hate it  we need it .  Rain may be cold , and wet and make us very uncomfortable  but without it  we would have a very hard time thriving . We would also not have any food as no crops would be able to grow  without it  …..

Wind also plays a big part in our lives ( no not that wind  lol )  it blows the seeds and the spores of many plants around so they can germinate . It helps at times  with fires  by blowing the fire back on itself , but also it  can blow the fire onwards . Of all the weather  conditions the wind can be the most alarming  ,  as it can fan fires, blow things over  , or blow things down on top of us  so  it can be destructive as well as helpful , as all the elements can be .Some of the  gales , typhoons ,  storms  can be awesome to watch  but only if we can watch from a safe distance  , storm watchers love the  winds the most as the effects  are amazing   twisters being the most amazing to watch ..

It is when all these join forces it can be absolutely  amazing , terrifying , and scary all at the same time , some of the thunder storms I have seen with lightning   and rain so hard it is painful   have also been so beautiful to watch , to see the almost passion with which a storm can rage . When the lightning  flashes   and the thunder rolls  ,  I for 1 just love to watch there is something magnificent about a good storm. Have seen some amazing pictures of lightning strikes that just blow your mind   and  make you see just how much power there is in some of these storms .

So  whether we like it or not it affects us all  , you can usually count on it the moment you want to do something  the weather will mess it up . Weather forecasting has got to the stage where  I think now they have too much information  , and that is why they get it wrong so often . My philosophy is  if  I want to know what the weather is for the day  , lol ,  I go look out the window , got as much chance of being right as the weathermen do .

Doctor: How is your headache? Me: He is fine it’s me who is sick….

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