Priorities …..What are your priorities in life  ? What is it you strive  to achieve every day  ? When you get up each day do you have a plan ? Of things  you want to  get done for that day  ? Or things you  just put on a list for later  ?

I know for  me  sometimes just getting up is a challenge  , but once that is done  I set about  doing my chores , making sure  hubby has all he needs for the day  to follow when he goes to work.  Then if there is anything  we need  I go off to get them  , then back to see what other chores need doing or finishing  .  My guess  is that most people have similar plans each day  , either go to work or support those who do , it is not  hard to work out the priorities there . Without the support it just makes it very much harder for those who work to keep things up to date .

Priorities  for  people in places of  authority  for example are different once they get to work , their main priorities are the  doing of their jobs properly  so that the general public is protected . These people do a wonderful job and we would be in all sorts of trouble without them , we  need them  to help keep our society  in good running order . Without any of them doing the jobs they do how would we have   safety ? Thinking here of police , ambulance, fire brigade, army  , etc. If any of these perform badly or not at all we all pay the price  of usually  utter chaos , and we don’t want that . So their priorities must be their  work  if it isn’t then what is the use of them working at all wasting time and money .So having support from home , someone to help them at home  is essential , they could not concentrate on the job they have to do  without that support …

Priorities of others may well be just working and making money  , not caring  who they hurt or what they do as all they think about is money . These people usually are loners  who have nothing but work, they think of  money as   being all they need  , and quite often  they do not care how they get it . Unfortunately there are  way too many people like that these days , you cannot  get them to realise that  the love of money to this  extent  will only lead them to extinction . They are so convinced  they know better  and will hear nothing  to the contrary ..

There are some  , tho nowhere near enough  whose 1 and only  priority  is to help others  , they are the volunteers  who go round visiting the sick and helping others where ever they can , they have no priority than  to do the best they can  for others less fortunate  . These people have  all they need and are  happy to share their time and energy on those who do not have the same chances  as  they did. I sure wish there were more people with attitudes  like this and not so many selfish people  in the world  , but that  I fear is a pipe dream  these days …

So what are your priorities ? are they of the kind that are self centred  or the kind that will help  others  ? Is your  mind and  heart tuned into you or into those who may need your help ? It is a very hard choice to make  to help or not  to help , I for 1  know that it is a risky business  helping others , there is always that 1 person who will take advantage  of you and hurt you . The trick there  then  is to walk away and  just try to be more careful not to get caught again, that is very hard but can be done . Also very hard to ever want to help anyone else after that , but you can if you really  put your mind to it .

Home is where you can say anything you want, because nobody listens to you anyway….


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