Actions and Reactions

Actions and Reactions  ….. Right from a very early age  I learned the hard way that  for every action  , there is an equal and opposite reaction  , and found this to be  frighteningly  and  exactly right . Now  as  I see what the world is like and what the people in the world have  become  , I just wonder  how many of them even know this .

How many times in  your life have you done something  , or seen someone else do something  , then heard them say , good grief  I didn’t  expect that to happen. Why didn’t they  ?  They didn’t because they had never  given thought to or maybe not realised how much that  phrase  equal and opposite  reaction  comes into play. Why is it that no one ever seems to stop and think , now if  I do this then what might happen ?  If I do this then that will happen  , but maybe  if  I do this then that will happen instead . No thought is given to consequences  no thought given at all mostly and that is the biggest problem. Why is it that most people think they can just do what they want to  with no thought to consequence  ?

Do they ever stop to think that what they are doing  might hurt someone else  ?  Or that conversely  might do someone else a good turn . Why don’t  we realise that every thing we do , every single thing  is not done in a vacuum ? We might  say something to someone never thinking for 1 single second that  it will go any further , but normal human reaction these days is that it will be repeated . Then that person you talked about hears of it , and even if it was meant as a joke , the friend is hurt and you lose the friend , is it worth it  ? Would it not be better to have not said anything at all  ?

Then how about all these big companies who think  they can do things that are not exactly legal  or not really good for us  , or for share holders  but because they are so big they think they can get away with it . As seen recently here in  Australia  one of the biggest  supermarket chains  has just been fined mega dollars for misleading  advertising    it was  their way of trying to cut costs and while trying to cost cut is good , its not always the right thing to do . Take newspapers, as well in The  UK right now several journalists  are on trial for phone hacking  , now that’s  just illegal  in anyone’s book  but they thought they could get away with it  and it would give them big stories . Again  equal and opposite , had they stopped to think about that and the consequences  they would not now be facing jail time or big fines.

Then there are so many people who get credit cards  , these days almost anyone can get them even the dog  , it has been made  so easy that those who normally would never be allowed to have them now have them. Notice too  that where once the amounts you can have on them have  slowly  but surely got bigger and bigger  which is  ridiculous. So people get the credit card and off they go , spend , spend , spend  , they think  ( wrongly ) that it will all be ok they will  just pay the minimum  payment each month and all will be well . Then the bills start coming  and added to what they actually spend on goods , there is interest and account fees and whatever else the lender tacks on . Then it all starts to get out of control and quite often bankruptcy occurs with all the bad things that go with it  like ending any credit rating you might have had.

So if  we just stopped , thought about  what we wanted to do , no matter what it is , took the time out to work out all consequences  all the things that might  happen before  you did anything  then we might make better choices . Might keep friends that we lost because we spoke when we should have kept quiet , might not be bankrupt , might not be in trouble  all we need to do is think , and realise we are not the only people in the world , we are not alone , what we do  does affect others , does affect the things we do  . Unless we want to go live alone on an island then we better learn to think  before we do anything at all .

Sometimes I sit and wonder what the world would be like if I wasn’t awesome … That would be scary….

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