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Are You Scared Yet ?

All that info  that they  ( the authorities  and  ?? )  collect on us   makes you wonder where it all goes , what they do with it all  , who they give/sell it to   and what is done with it .

Going on from last blog and thinking about the red tape ,  it is incredible just how much they have on us , but the question remains what on earth do they do with it all ? Do they use it to protect us , or do they use it to sell us out and give  it to the highest bidder so they can then  have all your personal details for what ever purpose ? It surely must be worth huge dollars to some company’s to have all this info  at their fingertips  to use for whatever they want to  ,and sell it on to others.

When  you get all those phone calls and all that junk mail  do you ever stop to wonder how they got your  details in the first place  ? A lot of it is sent as mail to get round the  no junk mail  stickers people put on their letter boxes when they get sick of being bombarded with junk. We all thought when they were told  they could not  give anyone junk mail if they had that  sticker on  they had to think again  so what did they do  ? Got your details and mailed it to you personally  , no junk mail law avoided nicely. Always  wondered  why we still got tons of  mailed  junk  when it was supposed to be against the law to  send it to people with the stickers , then  I found out  if it is mailed to you personally  they are breaking no law , neat hey  ? What away to get around a  law that did not suit you .

Are  you scared yet  ??

So all that info , one use for junk mail , what else do they do with it  ? Obviously they do not want to tell us  and the government  surely wont  but they sure do use it . How do you think they know all about you and what you are like  when you apply for a loan , or a passport , or anything like that . They only ask a few questions at the time  but  just with that small amount  they still have more than  enough to say yes or no to your application . So it seems though they do not ask much at the time you know they know a whole lot more about you than you gave them . You just try getting info from them and see how far you get ( sorry we are not permitted to pass that info on )  but they had no trouble  getting all yours . Did they bother to ask you for it  ?  Did they ask if they could use it   for any purpose  ? No they did not but they can sure use it without it seems yours or anyone else’s permission , that to me is just not right  do we not have control over  our own lives  ?

Are You Scared  Yet ?

Guess  we all know the answer  to that and it is a resounding  no  we do not , have to ask yet again how did all this happen ? How  did we let things get to this stage  so that now we have no rights and they have them all  ? Again to me this  just seems all wrong  in this age of  the mighty  political correctness  shouldn’t we now be able to say  ok enough , stop now  I want all my info back and kept private to me . Just love to see someone try it  they would be told very quickly  that  it is not the done thing ,  your wishes mean nothing  if it is not the done thing  . Try as you might  you will have no luck trying to get your details kept private to you . Once your on file it  can never be retrieved and that is sad .

So with all this info they now know  where you live , who with  , what your address is , what your phone numbers are , what cars you do or do not have  and the registration numbers  of them.  Also they know what  money you have in what bank , how many accounts you have and what the balances are , what your job is if you work and what else you do if you do not work . Every single thing ……

So Are  You Scared Yet  ? If not you sure should be  as we know now just how very little control we have over our own lives and how much control they have over us  . There is not a single thing  I would hazard a guess that we can  do or say  that they do not know about , and there is no indication that it will change any time soon . If you think you can do anything about it you are  very much mistaken  , now they have that power they will keep it and use it whenever and wherever   they so desire  …   You Should  Be Scared ..

Hey, did you know that in two days, tomorrow will be yesterday!


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Red Tape

Red  Tape ….. Don,t  you just love it  ? It is in every part of our lives and gets in the way with just about everything we try to do , from the time we get up to the time we go to bed we run up against it one way or another . We cannot  go for a drive in our own car  till we go through all the red tape that goes with getting a licence , learning to drive , paying for  lessons , for petrol for everything connected to doing it .

Banking man have you ever stopped and  thought about  the red tape involved in just opening an account ? They should be grateful that we chose their bank to use , but what do they do ? Make it so hard to even get started it makes you crazy , even though it is your money  they are looking after  they make it so dam hard . Then if you try to get a credit card boy does the red tape multiply then !! You would think  you were trying to rob them , when in fact they end up doing it to you  sheeesh  with all those dam fees and charges they lumber you with .

Go try and buy a car , even if you have the cash to pay for it right off  red tape  is there , but if your paying  on time payment wow then watch it go crazy , they want to know what you had for breakfast 6 months ago almost   before  you can drive your new car away , then look out if you get behind even a little bit , they are after you like a gang of rabid dogs  baying at your heels . Renting a car is  as bad red tape  abounds hand over fist , what do you earn ?  where do you live  ? Have you ever been in trouble ? Then of course what did you have for breakfast last week . Getting a car  any way at all is looking for a mountain of red tape , enough to strangle you or anyone else in .

Whatever you do though if you do  not want to drown in red tape  almost literally ever try to leave the country , wow does the red tape got nuts if you do . I found this out the hard way trust me when  I went  for my very first passport . The paper work I had to do was  terrible it took months to sort it out , then of course when  I wanted a visa to live in another country well  lol you can imagine what that was like , talk about wanting to know  everything  they wanted to know it right back to Adam , amazing and that took even longer ( but was well worth it  )

When you try to buy a house , or rent one , or sell one  then here we go again red tape to the fore it never ends . Even setting up things online , same thing red tape coming out of every orrifice enough to drown now only you but anyone else nearby . At this moment I cannot think of a single thing you do or want to do that has no red tape ……oh wait…you can go for a walk …lol that would be about all that  I can think of , maybe more but do not count on it ..

So where did all this red tape start  ? and just who had the bright idea for it  ? Did they know what they were doing  ? Did they have any idea how out of control it would get  ? Or did they and they did it anyway ? It is so bad these days  I think it breeds on its own no help needed , as it seems to have invaded our lives so much  I rather think now it breeds all by itself …There has to be some explanation for it , lol . and that’s my reasoning …if anyone has a better  idea like to hear it .

Next question is how do we stop it? Do we stop it  ? Is it  a good thing  ?  Or is it  just the pain in the proverbial  that everyone thinks it is ? Would life be better without it  ? Or is it better to have it there for protection ? Interesting questions  for sure and the answers  would be just as interesting too , but love it or hate it  , it is here to stay I think .

I have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex. I know I’m better than you, but I feel really bad about it….

Have You Ever Noticed ..

Have  you ever noticed that when it seems that everything around you is going wrong , and you feel that you want to quit  , that if you just stopped and really looked around , with your eyes really open , that there are other people so much worse off than you ?  Having been through a lot in my own life this is something  I have found very , very hard to do  , as it was too difficult  not to just look inwards . It was too easy to become a  ” victim ” when things go wrong on a grand scale , and it does happen  , maybe not to everyone but to most people , not everyone has a smooth carefree life .

The hardest thing is to look and think about others  when you are in the middle of the next crisis in your life  , and they unfortunately come up for us all way too often it seems . Does not matter 1  bit how well off we are  , or if we have almost nothing, or if we are struggling , these times come upon us all and we have to cope . We have to cope because giving up , or giving in to these life changes and challenges is just not acceptable , we have the strength  to pull through and to get to the other side of it  , it will come good , it always does  if we let it , that’s all we have to do is let it work itself  out. The more we can manage this the stronger we become and it does help this much I have learned myself.

So the trick is , and yes it is a trick and takes a lot of stamina  to learn  is not to look inward and not to become a victim , but to look at what else is going on in the world around us . We do sometimes  for a minute or two  then think to ourselves so what ? What we need to do is look closely at others ,wrench our eyes off ourselves and really see  what is going on with others . That way we can learn to handle  our own problems and also learn to care for others and their problems  as well , and  not be so inward looking  it really does help.

Just looking at the world around , just this week there have been so many heartbreaking items  on the news , wars , murders , riots , floods , famine , you name it  almost all of these things have happened just in the last week alone  , it is terrifying to see how the world is self destructing  right in front of our eyes . People these days are so obsessed  with ” their rights ” and to that end they become violent  and abusive to protect said rights . Even if in having these rights it hurts someone else or displaces them who cares  ? No one it seems these days . As long as we have what we perceive to be our rights nothing else matters no matter what the cost .This also of course  means our goods as well , they are ours and not to be messed with, we must have  ” our ” possessions  and no one must touch them .

Next time some of these ups and downs come to you try not to let them get to you , try to look at it in perspective and realise that it happens to everyone . Look at the world around you and ask yourself am  I really that bad off ? Do I have a roof over my head ? Do I have food to eat ? clothes to wear  ? somewhere warm to sleep ? If we have all this then how can we honestly think to ourselves  we are  worse off  ? All we have to do is put ourselves in their  places and try to imagine  how it would feel to  be homeless , hungry , nowhere to sleep that is even dry much less warm and safe. What would it feel like if we were hiding from bullets and mobs and all the violence that now rules the world in too many countries.

So all in all , no matter what is going on there are so many , many more people in the world  that are way worse off than we are , we should never become so inward looking that we fail to actually see the world around us . If we  cannot do this simple thing then how sad are we  ? What use are we to anyone , even ourselves  ?

Intelligence is like underwear. It’s important that you have it but there’s no need to show it off….

Firsts in Life

Firsts in  life , how many  of us remember all the firsts we have had in our lives ? The first time we walked  ? maybe not,  the first tooth  ? again most likely not  the first day at school ? now some would remember that , some maybe not or maybe do not want to . The first job ? now  I would be very surprised  if we all do not remember that day  , some might like to remember that some maybe not , depends on the  circumstances . The first time we saw a television or heard a radio  ,went to a movie  ,went for a long walk alone , all firsts .

The first time we do something  is usually the bit we remember the most, anything that follows after that is usually not so memorable  as it becomes  sometimes tedious or sometimes  boring  , but that first time is etched in the memory . The first time we go to a show , or to a dance or to church,  or on a trip or on a train , boat, plane , anything like that is something we always remember . After that the more times we do these things the more mundane it all seems to be  till we hardly remember  at  all what once was so exciting  . It is amazing how the mind is wired up to always be able to remember the first time we do something very vividly but then the more we do it the more mundane it becomes and the mind  files it away as oh yeah now what  ?

I know I myself the very  first time  I got on a plane  how excited I was , and that was just between states ,  but after that the more I did it the more it just felt like  ho – hum . Then when  I first went overseas  now that to me was mind blowing  , as this time I was going half way around the world , not just  around this country . This time it was to be 26 hours all up travelling , meaning eating and sleeping on the plane , so much different than any thing  I had ever done before . Up until this time it had all just been  very ordinary , nothing unusual , but wow going so far , being in the air so long was something really new to me , and it was so exciting .

Following on from that the first time  I saw an overseas airport , the differences were amazing  , how we do things and how they do things , so very different  it makes you appreciate  the differences  between  how people do things , makes it all the more  exciting by adding to our knowledge . Some of the airports are big and have lots of shops some do not  each one is different , and those very differences make it interesting.The first time you come in contact with so many people  all doing the same thing , all travelling to different places as well. Maybe all doing this as a first too , how do we know  ?

Then of course the very first time  I set foot in a new country , felt like a small child let loose in a candy store or something , there was just so much to see , so much to take in , so much wonder all round . Also finding your way around all these new places  , well that’s just fun all by itself , working out buses , trains, taxis  etc. to get you from airport to where you need to be  , much better if you have someone picking you up . I was like any wide eyed school child  there was just so much to see and  I wanted to see it all , and tried my hardest to do just that. The amazing variety of things to see that you never  have seen before in your life ,makes the mind boggle at how much there is that is so different .

How about the first time you went shopping alone  ? Whether it was for food , clothing, cars , whatever it was , it was a first it was something you have never done before . So no matter what it was you bought it was a first a stepping stone , a move forward something to remember  either good or bad . The first time you did online shopping ? For me I was so nervous waiting for the goods to arrive it was awful , but once they did no worries , and these days  I do a lot of online shopping and am very glad  I can as it helps me a lot. It is truly amazing  just how many firsts there are if we stop and think about it  , some for the good and some for the worst, so what  I do is shut out the bad and just remember the good , no point doing anything else  really ..

Thought I was having deja-vu. But it turns out, I do the exact same things every day…

How Meanings of Words Have Changed …

How  meanings of words have changed  , have you ever stopped and thought about how much the English language has changed  ?  Things that once meant nothing have been twisted to mean something else entirely . How did we let this happen ? Why didn’t we stop it  ? Saying  no..hold on..that’s not what that word means , we will not let it be changed . We need to stop the rot and not let  these things  happen , its a nightmare  these days even just doing a blog now as you cannot  use this word or that word because it might upset someone . We can thank this ridiculous ” political correctness ”  for a lot of it but not all of it as some meanings had already been changed .. and no one thought to stop it from happening.

Take  peoples names for instance girls sometimes were named Gaye , now look  at what that word with the E dropped off has now come to mean , then there is the girls name  Fanny , a very popular name in years gone by  , now you dare not use the word as its been twisted  to mean at least 2 entirely different things now . Even the boys name  Jimmy now can mean to jimmy a lock or a door so again you  have to be careful  with it , then there is the name Nick an abbreviated form of Nicholas  , once just an innocent name now often hurled at others as an insult ” nick off !! ” ..then Richard  often changed to Rick or Dick and then other rude connotations  we wont go into …

Then of course we have these what I call  ” made up words  ” like totes  I ask you where on earth did that come from  ? Next who decided  to make it a word ? It is total nonsense  , then yolo …another stupid made up word  why  ? what is the reason behind changing perfectly  good words and meanings  for this utter rubbish ?  Why the obsession with  changing words or making up words  ? Why not just leave them as they are and learn to use them the correct way  ? Is it because  we have become so lazy that it is too much trouble to learn the proper word and its meaning  ? We would rather  make up our own stupid shorter words than stick to the real ones  ? What happened to the will to learn and preserve what is rather that destroy it like this  ?

With all this changing of words and meanings we have to come back to this  ” political correctness ”  These days you can not say anything to anyone in case they get offended , when once upon a time  most people  took it with a grain of salt if someone  said something we did not like . We did not  get all offended we just went on our way , and did not go whining off to some authority  or other to complain  . Even walking down the street if someone over hears something you say , tho it is not meant for them they can have a go at you for upsetting them , because maybe they miss understood what you said. Had this happen once when  still in UK was talking to hubby and said to him ” look that up in your Funk & Waggnels  and a passing cop  stopped me  asking if  I was swearing , he had no idea what  I meant , and he was a cop , had to laugh his older sidekick knew exactly  what I said , so where was the younger ones education ? * still giggle about this  *

How many of the things we say and do, and even things we have are now considered  not  PC ? I for 1 have this lovely knitted golliwog , it is now not  PC  for me  to have that where anyone can see it  , as the very name golliwog  is very non  PC but all it was and to me still is, is a toy ,never meant to upset anyone . Made  in the days of the  Black & White Minstrel Show days when almost every  child boy or girl had 1 of them , now it is all wrong . Also remember a time when  someone from Italy or Greece you   jokingly called  them  a wog  , they laughed as we did , try it now and see what happens you can end up in trouble .

Not only have words and meanings changed , but even the way we do things have changed these days  too much have has changed  and we seem to just sit by and let it happen . Where  did our want of keeping things the  way they should be  go to  ? Why don’t we stand up and fight to keep things right  rather than  just let them do this to our language and our way of life  ?Political Correctness is evil and only being forced upon us to make us an easy target for someone  to  to make us  compliant , make us too scared to speak up when we should , it is so sad to see it happening .. Do not even think about all the silly abbreviations there are now they are beyond ridiculous , but some  also funny  ..

I went somewhere earlier and saw a frog parked illegally and the poor thing got toad!!