How Meanings of Words Have Changed …

How  meanings of words have changed  , have you ever stopped and thought about how much the English language has changed  ?  Things that once meant nothing have been twisted to mean something else entirely . How did we let this happen ? Why didn’t we stop it  ? Saying  no..hold on..that’s not what that word means , we will not let it be changed . We need to stop the rot and not let  these things  happen , its a nightmare  these days even just doing a blog now as you cannot  use this word or that word because it might upset someone . We can thank this ridiculous ” political correctness ”  for a lot of it but not all of it as some meanings had already been changed .. and no one thought to stop it from happening.

Take  peoples names for instance girls sometimes were named Gaye , now look  at what that word with the E dropped off has now come to mean , then there is the girls name  Fanny , a very popular name in years gone by  , now you dare not use the word as its been twisted  to mean at least 2 entirely different things now . Even the boys name  Jimmy now can mean to jimmy a lock or a door so again you  have to be careful  with it , then there is the name Nick an abbreviated form of Nicholas  , once just an innocent name now often hurled at others as an insult ” nick off !! ” ..then Richard  often changed to Rick or Dick and then other rude connotations  we wont go into …

Then of course we have these what I call  ” made up words  ” like totes  I ask you where on earth did that come from  ? Next who decided  to make it a word ? It is total nonsense  , then yolo …another stupid made up word  why  ? what is the reason behind changing perfectly  good words and meanings  for this utter rubbish ?  Why the obsession with  changing words or making up words  ? Why not just leave them as they are and learn to use them the correct way  ? Is it because  we have become so lazy that it is too much trouble to learn the proper word and its meaning  ? We would rather  make up our own stupid shorter words than stick to the real ones  ? What happened to the will to learn and preserve what is rather that destroy it like this  ?

With all this changing of words and meanings we have to come back to this  ” political correctness ”  These days you can not say anything to anyone in case they get offended , when once upon a time  most people  took it with a grain of salt if someone  said something we did not like . We did not  get all offended we just went on our way , and did not go whining off to some authority  or other to complain  . Even walking down the street if someone over hears something you say , tho it is not meant for them they can have a go at you for upsetting them , because maybe they miss understood what you said. Had this happen once when  still in UK was talking to hubby and said to him ” look that up in your Funk & Waggnels  and a passing cop  stopped me  asking if  I was swearing , he had no idea what  I meant , and he was a cop , had to laugh his older sidekick knew exactly  what I said , so where was the younger ones education ? * still giggle about this  *

How many of the things we say and do, and even things we have are now considered  not  PC ? I for 1 have this lovely knitted golliwog , it is now not  PC  for me  to have that where anyone can see it  , as the very name golliwog  is very non  PC but all it was and to me still is, is a toy ,never meant to upset anyone . Made  in the days of the  Black & White Minstrel Show days when almost every  child boy or girl had 1 of them , now it is all wrong . Also remember a time when  someone from Italy or Greece you   jokingly called  them  a wog  , they laughed as we did , try it now and see what happens you can end up in trouble .

Not only have words and meanings changed , but even the way we do things have changed these days  too much have has changed  and we seem to just sit by and let it happen . Where  did our want of keeping things the  way they should be  go to  ? Why don’t we stand up and fight to keep things right  rather than  just let them do this to our language and our way of life  ?Political Correctness is evil and only being forced upon us to make us an easy target for someone  to  to make us  compliant , make us too scared to speak up when we should , it is so sad to see it happening .. Do not even think about all the silly abbreviations there are now they are beyond ridiculous , but some  also funny  ..

I went somewhere earlier and saw a frog parked illegally and the poor thing got toad!!


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