Firsts in Life

Firsts in  life , how many  of us remember all the firsts we have had in our lives ? The first time we walked  ? maybe not,  the first tooth  ? again most likely not  the first day at school ? now some would remember that , some maybe not or maybe do not want to . The first job ? now  I would be very surprised  if we all do not remember that day  , some might like to remember that some maybe not , depends on the  circumstances . The first time we saw a television or heard a radio  ,went to a movie  ,went for a long walk alone , all firsts .

The first time we do something  is usually the bit we remember the most, anything that follows after that is usually not so memorable  as it becomes  sometimes tedious or sometimes  boring  , but that first time is etched in the memory . The first time we go to a show , or to a dance or to church,  or on a trip or on a train , boat, plane , anything like that is something we always remember . After that the more times we do these things the more mundane it all seems to be  till we hardly remember  at  all what once was so exciting  . It is amazing how the mind is wired up to always be able to remember the first time we do something very vividly but then the more we do it the more mundane it becomes and the mind  files it away as oh yeah now what  ?

I know I myself the very  first time  I got on a plane  how excited I was , and that was just between states ,  but after that the more I did it the more it just felt like  ho – hum . Then when  I first went overseas  now that to me was mind blowing  , as this time I was going half way around the world , not just  around this country . This time it was to be 26 hours all up travelling , meaning eating and sleeping on the plane , so much different than any thing  I had ever done before . Up until this time it had all just been  very ordinary , nothing unusual , but wow going so far , being in the air so long was something really new to me , and it was so exciting .

Following on from that the first time  I saw an overseas airport , the differences were amazing  , how we do things and how they do things , so very different  it makes you appreciate  the differences  between  how people do things , makes it all the more  exciting by adding to our knowledge . Some of the airports are big and have lots of shops some do not  each one is different , and those very differences make it interesting.The first time you come in contact with so many people  all doing the same thing , all travelling to different places as well. Maybe all doing this as a first too , how do we know  ?

Then of course the very first time  I set foot in a new country , felt like a small child let loose in a candy store or something , there was just so much to see , so much to take in , so much wonder all round . Also finding your way around all these new places  , well that’s just fun all by itself , working out buses , trains, taxis  etc. to get you from airport to where you need to be  , much better if you have someone picking you up . I was like any wide eyed school child  there was just so much to see and  I wanted to see it all , and tried my hardest to do just that. The amazing variety of things to see that you never  have seen before in your life ,makes the mind boggle at how much there is that is so different .

How about the first time you went shopping alone  ? Whether it was for food , clothing, cars , whatever it was , it was a first it was something you have never done before . So no matter what it was you bought it was a first a stepping stone , a move forward something to remember  either good or bad . The first time you did online shopping ? For me I was so nervous waiting for the goods to arrive it was awful , but once they did no worries , and these days  I do a lot of online shopping and am very glad  I can as it helps me a lot. It is truly amazing  just how many firsts there are if we stop and think about it  , some for the good and some for the worst, so what  I do is shut out the bad and just remember the good , no point doing anything else  really ..

Thought I was having deja-vu. But it turns out, I do the exact same things every day…

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