Have You Ever Noticed ..

Have  you ever noticed that when it seems that everything around you is going wrong , and you feel that you want to quit  , that if you just stopped and really looked around , with your eyes really open , that there are other people so much worse off than you ?  Having been through a lot in my own life this is something  I have found very , very hard to do  , as it was too difficult  not to just look inwards . It was too easy to become a  ” victim ” when things go wrong on a grand scale , and it does happen  , maybe not to everyone but to most people , not everyone has a smooth carefree life .

The hardest thing is to look and think about others  when you are in the middle of the next crisis in your life  , and they unfortunately come up for us all way too often it seems . Does not matter 1  bit how well off we are  , or if we have almost nothing, or if we are struggling , these times come upon us all and we have to cope . We have to cope because giving up , or giving in to these life changes and challenges is just not acceptable , we have the strength  to pull through and to get to the other side of it  , it will come good , it always does  if we let it , that’s all we have to do is let it work itself  out. The more we can manage this the stronger we become and it does help this much I have learned myself.

So the trick is , and yes it is a trick and takes a lot of stamina  to learn  is not to look inward and not to become a victim , but to look at what else is going on in the world around us . We do sometimes  for a minute or two  then think to ourselves so what ? What we need to do is look closely at others ,wrench our eyes off ourselves and really see  what is going on with others . That way we can learn to handle  our own problems and also learn to care for others and their problems  as well , and  not be so inward looking  it really does help.

Just looking at the world around , just this week there have been so many heartbreaking items  on the news , wars , murders , riots , floods , famine , you name it  almost all of these things have happened just in the last week alone  , it is terrifying to see how the world is self destructing  right in front of our eyes . People these days are so obsessed  with ” their rights ” and to that end they become violent  and abusive to protect said rights . Even if in having these rights it hurts someone else or displaces them who cares  ? No one it seems these days . As long as we have what we perceive to be our rights nothing else matters no matter what the cost .This also of course  means our goods as well , they are ours and not to be messed with, we must have  ” our ” possessions  and no one must touch them .

Next time some of these ups and downs come to you try not to let them get to you , try to look at it in perspective and realise that it happens to everyone . Look at the world around you and ask yourself am  I really that bad off ? Do I have a roof over my head ? Do I have food to eat ? clothes to wear  ? somewhere warm to sleep ? If we have all this then how can we honestly think to ourselves  we are  worse off  ? All we have to do is put ourselves in their  places and try to imagine  how it would feel to  be homeless , hungry , nowhere to sleep that is even dry much less warm and safe. What would it feel like if we were hiding from bullets and mobs and all the violence that now rules the world in too many countries.

So all in all , no matter what is going on there are so many , many more people in the world  that are way worse off than we are , we should never become so inward looking that we fail to actually see the world around us . If we  cannot do this simple thing then how sad are we  ? What use are we to anyone , even ourselves  ?

Intelligence is like underwear. It’s important that you have it but there’s no need to show it off….

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