Red Tape

Red  Tape ….. Don,t  you just love it  ? It is in every part of our lives and gets in the way with just about everything we try to do , from the time we get up to the time we go to bed we run up against it one way or another . We cannot  go for a drive in our own car  till we go through all the red tape that goes with getting a licence , learning to drive , paying for  lessons , for petrol for everything connected to doing it .

Banking man have you ever stopped and  thought about  the red tape involved in just opening an account ? They should be grateful that we chose their bank to use , but what do they do ? Make it so hard to even get started it makes you crazy , even though it is your money  they are looking after  they make it so dam hard . Then if you try to get a credit card boy does the red tape multiply then !! You would think  you were trying to rob them , when in fact they end up doing it to you  sheeesh  with all those dam fees and charges they lumber you with .

Go try and buy a car , even if you have the cash to pay for it right off  red tape  is there , but if your paying  on time payment wow then watch it go crazy , they want to know what you had for breakfast 6 months ago almost   before  you can drive your new car away , then look out if you get behind even a little bit , they are after you like a gang of rabid dogs  baying at your heels . Renting a car is  as bad red tape  abounds hand over fist , what do you earn ?  where do you live  ? Have you ever been in trouble ? Then of course what did you have for breakfast last week . Getting a car  any way at all is looking for a mountain of red tape , enough to strangle you or anyone else in .

Whatever you do though if you do  not want to drown in red tape  almost literally ever try to leave the country , wow does the red tape got nuts if you do . I found this out the hard way trust me when  I went  for my very first passport . The paper work I had to do was  terrible it took months to sort it out , then of course when  I wanted a visa to live in another country well  lol you can imagine what that was like , talk about wanting to know  everything  they wanted to know it right back to Adam , amazing and that took even longer ( but was well worth it  )

When you try to buy a house , or rent one , or sell one  then here we go again red tape to the fore it never ends . Even setting up things online , same thing red tape coming out of every orrifice enough to drown now only you but anyone else nearby . At this moment I cannot think of a single thing you do or want to do that has no red tape ……oh wait…you can go for a walk …lol that would be about all that  I can think of , maybe more but do not count on it ..

So where did all this red tape start  ? and just who had the bright idea for it  ? Did they know what they were doing  ? Did they have any idea how out of control it would get  ? Or did they and they did it anyway ? It is so bad these days  I think it breeds on its own no help needed , as it seems to have invaded our lives so much  I rather think now it breeds all by itself …There has to be some explanation for it , lol . and that’s my reasoning …if anyone has a better  idea like to hear it .

Next question is how do we stop it? Do we stop it  ? Is it  a good thing  ?  Or is it  just the pain in the proverbial  that everyone thinks it is ? Would life be better without it  ? Or is it better to have it there for protection ? Interesting questions  for sure and the answers  would be just as interesting too , but love it or hate it  , it is here to stay I think .

I have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex. I know I’m better than you, but I feel really bad about it….

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