Are You Scared Yet ?

All that info  that they  ( the authorities  and  ?? )  collect on us   makes you wonder where it all goes , what they do with it all  , who they give/sell it to   and what is done with it .

Going on from last blog and thinking about the red tape ,  it is incredible just how much they have on us , but the question remains what on earth do they do with it all ? Do they use it to protect us , or do they use it to sell us out and give  it to the highest bidder so they can then  have all your personal details for what ever purpose ? It surely must be worth huge dollars to some company’s to have all this info  at their fingertips  to use for whatever they want to  ,and sell it on to others.

When  you get all those phone calls and all that junk mail  do you ever stop to wonder how they got your  details in the first place  ? A lot of it is sent as mail to get round the  no junk mail  stickers people put on their letter boxes when they get sick of being bombarded with junk. We all thought when they were told  they could not  give anyone junk mail if they had that  sticker on  they had to think again  so what did they do  ? Got your details and mailed it to you personally  , no junk mail law avoided nicely. Always  wondered  why we still got tons of  mailed  junk  when it was supposed to be against the law to  send it to people with the stickers , then  I found out  if it is mailed to you personally  they are breaking no law , neat hey  ? What away to get around a  law that did not suit you .

Are  you scared yet  ??

So all that info , one use for junk mail , what else do they do with it  ? Obviously they do not want to tell us  and the government  surely wont  but they sure do use it . How do you think they know all about you and what you are like  when you apply for a loan , or a passport , or anything like that . They only ask a few questions at the time  but  just with that small amount  they still have more than  enough to say yes or no to your application . So it seems though they do not ask much at the time you know they know a whole lot more about you than you gave them . You just try getting info from them and see how far you get ( sorry we are not permitted to pass that info on )  but they had no trouble  getting all yours . Did they bother to ask you for it  ?  Did they ask if they could use it   for any purpose  ? No they did not but they can sure use it without it seems yours or anyone else’s permission , that to me is just not right  do we not have control over  our own lives  ?

Are You Scared  Yet ?

Guess  we all know the answer  to that and it is a resounding  no  we do not , have to ask yet again how did all this happen ? How  did we let things get to this stage  so that now we have no rights and they have them all  ? Again to me this  just seems all wrong  in this age of  the mighty  political correctness  shouldn’t we now be able to say  ok enough , stop now  I want all my info back and kept private to me . Just love to see someone try it  they would be told very quickly  that  it is not the done thing ,  your wishes mean nothing  if it is not the done thing  . Try as you might  you will have no luck trying to get your details kept private to you . Once your on file it  can never be retrieved and that is sad .

So with all this info they now know  where you live , who with  , what your address is , what your phone numbers are , what cars you do or do not have  and the registration numbers  of them.  Also they know what  money you have in what bank , how many accounts you have and what the balances are , what your job is if you work and what else you do if you do not work . Every single thing ……

So Are  You Scared Yet  ? If not you sure should be  as we know now just how very little control we have over our own lives and how much control they have over us  . There is not a single thing  I would hazard a guess that we can  do or say  that they do not know about , and there is no indication that it will change any time soon . If you think you can do anything about it you are  very much mistaken  , now they have that power they will keep it and use it whenever and wherever   they so desire  …   You Should  Be Scared ..

Hey, did you know that in two days, tomorrow will be yesterday!


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