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Just Because We Are Old

Just because we are old ….Why is it that after someone  passes a certain age things change so dramatically ? 1 minute we are capable , helpful , intelligent , needed , wanted  , then almost the very next minute we are suddenly  unwanted, a nuisance , stupid , unable to think , unable to do anything  ? I could give more examples but you get my drift , I can remember a time when these people were respected  and if advice was needed would  be the first to be asked  , and more often than not could teach the younger generation a few things they need to know , and it was accepted and used . When  someone needed something or some help it used to be that the young would  ask the older person first and be glad to have their help . Older people would be only too happy to help as it made them feel wanted  and made them feel a part of the family or the community , it was a good feeling  and one to be cherished .

Today we see sadly the total opposite , older people now seem only to be around to be made fun of and laughed at , made the butt of so many jokes it is heartbreaking . There is not a day goes by any more that there is no jokes about old people , or cartoons or something else that belittles them.  Faceache alone has streams of what we call  ” Old  People Jokes ”  it is almost never ending  , some  I will admit are very funny  but way too many are just rude and crude  . The never ending stream of them just shows how much things have changed  and  that there is now no respect whatever for older people.  Just walking around  places like shopping centres  or malls or anywhere where there are  lots of people  and if you look at the younger ones you  can see  by the look on the faces of the younger ones  just what they think of older people , it is just so appalling  because it is so real and so obvious .

So when , where and why   did we let this happen ? When did respect  your elders  get dropped   and this attitude of lets  hate older people  begin ? Somewhere  somehow it all fell apart but  no one seems to have even noticed much less care that it has  happened , nor be inclined to do anything constructive to stop it and put things to rights again. The only reasons  I can see for this terrible state of affairs  is when way back then suddenly the governments of the day  the world over said to parents , you will not discipline  your children. If you do that you are violating their human rights  , how so ? Even the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child , so if you do not give them a little discipline  when needed how do they learn  what to do or  what not to do or to have respect ? Obviously I am not talking overdoing it  but just the right amount enough to teach the child. This is what this insidious and evil Political Correctness has done and not just in this country but the world over  , and the end result is now that  young people think they know it all and do not need older people  at all any more , so lets just make fun of them.

Gone are the days when youngsters came to grand parents  and  asked for help or just to be with them , these days you hardly ever hear from them as that family bonding has long since broken down , owing to the new out look the young ones have of older ones.  These days they have so many gadgets and things to do what we used to do the ” hard ”   way , yeah doing things that way was a bit harder but it was more fun and we got out of the house  more. Young people want to know something now it is ok lets get on the internet  it knows everything  we don’t  need to ask any one else . Sadly this is very  true and only serves to make older people  feel more and more unwanted  and  not needed .

Not only this  but  all of a sudden it seems to be the way of things that old people who have raised families , worked till they dropped , pioneered  so much , are suddenly perceived to be incapable of doing even the most basic things , things they have done all their lives , and would be only too willing to help out if asked  . the utter contempt  the young seem to have for the elderly is just beyond belief , yet they never seem to stop and think that they would not even be here , nor would there be so many wonderful things  if it was not for the older people . Where do they think it all came from ? The Sky ? Where they should be thanking  the older ones all they do is ridicule  it is just so wrong , there are a few  , not too may though that do actually care , but they are few and far between . So  much for our ” enlightened ” society  for my part you can keep it  thanks  …

Behind every successful student, there is a deactivated Facebook account.


Why Not ??

Why Not  ?

Why cant I go to a place that looks so inviting  that so many  buses , trains , ferries , trams ,  etc  go to it  ?  I mean look about  how many buses and trains do you see  with  ” Not in Service  ” on them it stands to reason that with so many going there it really must be a lovely place . So if that is so why then Can  I not go to it  ?  I want to  see a place that has just so many  public transport  vehicles going to it  , it must be exciting  . So why do they hide such a place from us ? It is just not fair ..  * pouts * I want to go , if they can why not me  ? Wonder where they park so many ? Must be a very big  parking lot .

While we are at it why  cant we meet these people who are hidden from us ? There  is Max Clearance , Bill Stickers  , Bill Posters , to name a few  , also what about the military ones  like General Waste  and Major Roadworks  ? Why do they stay hidden  ? What are they hiding  ? Seems to me there are so many things and people  being hidden  from us  , just what does go on  that we do not know about  ? You  always know when these blokes have been about as you see their handiwork  all over the place as posters  spring up from nowhere  and waste gets removed , and  roadworks  spring up  all over the place  to get in the way . Having lots of fun that we are not allowed to join in  is just not cricket in my book .

Maybe  it is a conspiracy , these public transport vehicles  all go to a place we are not allowed to go to  ,  and all these invisible people  , I bet they  get to go to  this place we  the general public cannot go to , bet they are there with  all these vehicles  playing with them  when we are not allowed , that too is not fair if they can play with them why not us  ? So many buses trains and trams and  I bet planes too  get to go to ” Not in Service  ” I just cant see why we are not allowed to go too .

I bet  I know why  , they don’t want us to see  Bill Stickers or  Bill  Posters practising  with their posting  and  stickers , cos then we would be able to do it without them  and they wouldn’t like that 1 bit  I bet , they would lose their fun . Same with General Waste and Major  Roadblock , they also don’t  want us to see them practising  with the waste and  the roadblocks , they are spoilsports  don’t  want us to have that  much fun , want to keep it all to themselves . Maybe they put the bills and the stickers all over the trains and things , and then the road blocks  get in the way and mess it all up again , so then they have to practise  the sticking all over again  , makes sense to me anyway .     Sounds like so much fun  that will be why we are not allowed to join in ,  so much fun with sticky stuff and we cant  join in  not fair  . Imagine the fun we could have with  glue and  paper and waste ( clean waste  )  and road blocks and all , we could stuff up all  of the mythical  place called  ” Not in Service  ”  then sit back and  have a great giggle watching them  sort it out .

We should all protest and demand  to be allowed to know these people who do this and be allowed to go to this fantasy place  , and if they say no  I want to know if not why not  ? There  are just too many people out there having fun that we cannot join in with , and  I protest * stamps foot *

I sent that “Ancestry ” site some information on my family tree. They sent me back a packet of seeds and suggested that I just start over

To Assume

To assume as the saying goes is to make an ass out of  you  and me …

Yet how many of  us assume this or that in our every day life , and how many times to we  find out how wrong we are  ? Too often we jump to the conclusion that we are right about this that and the other only to find out later we were wrong . This also applies to the way we look at people , we assume rightly or wrongly  that the way they look to us , is how they are inside . They look happy , well dressed , on top of the world . They might  be laughing , joking , being the life  of the party , yet inside they are a total wreck. This has applied to me more times than  I care to admit , but I have my faith in God to keep me going , and it hasn’t let me down yet .

Unfortunately  not every one can or will have this faith so when they  get to this point  they have nothing left to hang on to .  Yes here  I am talking now about  Robin Williams a man who did have it all , wife, children , home , a man  loved by millions world  wide , but to him inside himself there was nothing , no one , no one to help him through the dark times . He  did not even have faith in his wife or  family that  they could  help him see his way  through , that  things would really be ok . He just could not see through the darkness that he lived in , the harder he tried the harder it was , been there myself as  I said , but have had my faith to bring me out the other side .

It just goes to show that  what we assume is  correct is quite often not  right at all , as in the case  of  Robin  Williams . He had as  I said everything  he wanted or needed , except for the  feeling that life was worth living , to him  the fight was not worth it . It does not matter what we have or do not have , if  life does not  seem worth it  then nothing else matters , we will not see the good in it  . That good may be every where but anyone in that dark place  cant see it. I say can not and mean that , most people again assume that they do not want to see it .This is so far from the truth  as to be laughable , as someone  in such a dark place  is blinded to what ever is good in the world, it is not will not see it is can not see.

So next time  you look at someone do not just assume by the way they look that you know all about them because you do not. You do not see into the darkness that they or someone else has put  around them  so can  not just assume anything . It may not even be their own fault they are in this place , they could have  been forced there by  abuse and or beatings from some others  who should never have done it . Once more assuming  you can know or tell about  people just by looking or meeting them one or two times  is just wrong on every level. No one ever knows , really knows how people  get to these dark places , only that they are there , and there is often no way out .

All the people around  Robin Williams  thought they knew  , because they knew he was going to rehab , he was seeming to be getting on top of it , he seemed to be ok . Seeming to be ok  , seeming to do the right things by all around him  he fooled them all , and in so doing made the time and place when  he could do the unthinkable and he did. In his  mind  all the things he was doing  all the things he was saying  , other were saying was just not enough to penetrate to that blackness he was living with . For him there was no other way out .

So before you get to assuming anything about anyone  put yourself in their shoes, try to see how it looks to them , if you really want to help . The easiest way to even try a little to understand those black places , go into a room , sit down , turn off the lights, then sit there in the dark, with no sounds, nothing to be seen , that will give you a very small idea of what it is like to live like that 24/7. To live in a world that may not have been of your doing  , but even so your there and nothing works  to make it better . No matter who does or does not help the darkness is too strong.

I usually put a joke here but not this time , in tribute to Robin Williams  I will say this, please , please if you have this sort of darkness , ask for help .there  are so many people out there who would just love to help . I found help and so can you , so please let someone turn on some light for you , it can be done , please , please believe me on this  …

Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back ….. We are constantly being told  Don’t look back , look forward  keep  going  ahead , while this is true to a point let  me put forward  another point.

While it is good to look forward  and not back to keep going when we don’t want to ,how will we know how far we have come if we don’t ? We need to now and  then , obviously not all the time or we are in danger of  falling back again  , but once in a while  , sit down , think about where  we were a few years ago and where we are now . We look back  what do we see? The hardship , the trauma , the  abuse , whatever  it is   we see it  , then stop and look around what position are we  now in ? How many of those things that so hurt us before are still going on ? Are we still in  hardship , abuse , trauma ? If the answer is no then we have a lot to be thankful for , even if we have got rid of only one of those we are way ahead.

While it is  good to be  ahead even if only by one it is a start it is a good thing  , sometimes it takes years to get those things sorted and behind you , some things  like those you do not  get out of your  mind  in 5 minutes  flat . It is always good though to take heart and courage  from the fact that one thing is sorted . how much better  will you feel when the next one is also sorted ? Once  you sort one thing more often than not  once one thing sorts out the others will too , it does not  usually  happen that only one thing sorts but not the rest , it is usually an ongoing thing . Like a train one carriage pulls another and another as it moves , no train has only one carriage it is always more than one.

You may have only one thing that’s held you back over the years but it too  needs to be looked at from time to time  so you yourself know just how far you have come . Even just one thing can be devastating so when you over come it and you will , it does happen , to look back on it from time to time and be able to say  , that is not me any more , I have a new life a new me  , a new existence  I am not that person any more I have moved on  from there . It will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life but you can do it , all you need is a little strength  and trust me  you have it within  , I have been there and done that  , and am in a better place now than ever in my life .

Imagine if you set out for a walk but you never looked back how would you know where you had been ? What had happened ? What you had seen ? When  your walk was finished  ? This may seem silly to say this   but it is not  for it emphasises  what I just said before  , that if we do not look back  now and then we will never appreciate  how far we have come , nor how much better off we are now . It is good for  us  to be thankful and appreciative  when things turn  for the better  and things improve for us , this is the time to give thanks for our new situation .

Once we settle into a new and better  situation  then we are hopefully in a position then to help others out if they need it  , and hopefully  we will put our own nightmares behind us and be able to help . Most times our own positions have been improved by the help of someone else  when we needed them   so hopefully  we can pass it on if the time comes  .

So there is as far as I see it a very good reason to look back every now and then  , to learn from , to appreciate , to eventually be able to help  others in the same situation . Mostly though the old saying of  ” Onward and  Upward ”  is the one to live by  and it sure helps  also to never let the sods get you down.


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