Don’t Look Back

Don’t Look Back ….. We are constantly being told  Don’t look back , look forward  keep  going  ahead , while this is true to a point let  me put forward  another point.

While it is good to look forward  and not back to keep going when we don’t want to ,how will we know how far we have come if we don’t ? We need to now and  then , obviously not all the time or we are in danger of  falling back again  , but once in a while  , sit down , think about where  we were a few years ago and where we are now . We look back  what do we see? The hardship , the trauma , the  abuse , whatever  it is   we see it  , then stop and look around what position are we  now in ? How many of those things that so hurt us before are still going on ? Are we still in  hardship , abuse , trauma ? If the answer is no then we have a lot to be thankful for , even if we have got rid of only one of those we are way ahead.

While it is  good to be  ahead even if only by one it is a start it is a good thing  , sometimes it takes years to get those things sorted and behind you , some things  like those you do not  get out of your  mind  in 5 minutes  flat . It is always good though to take heart and courage  from the fact that one thing is sorted . how much better  will you feel when the next one is also sorted ? Once  you sort one thing more often than not  once one thing sorts out the others will too , it does not  usually  happen that only one thing sorts but not the rest , it is usually an ongoing thing . Like a train one carriage pulls another and another as it moves , no train has only one carriage it is always more than one.

You may have only one thing that’s held you back over the years but it too  needs to be looked at from time to time  so you yourself know just how far you have come . Even just one thing can be devastating so when you over come it and you will , it does happen , to look back on it from time to time and be able to say  , that is not me any more , I have a new life a new me  , a new existence  I am not that person any more I have moved on  from there . It will be the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life but you can do it , all you need is a little strength  and trust me  you have it within  , I have been there and done that  , and am in a better place now than ever in my life .

Imagine if you set out for a walk but you never looked back how would you know where you had been ? What had happened ? What you had seen ? When  your walk was finished  ? This may seem silly to say this   but it is not  for it emphasises  what I just said before  , that if we do not look back  now and then we will never appreciate  how far we have come , nor how much better off we are now . It is good for  us  to be thankful and appreciative  when things turn  for the better  and things improve for us , this is the time to give thanks for our new situation .

Once we settle into a new and better  situation  then we are hopefully in a position then to help others out if they need it  , and hopefully  we will put our own nightmares behind us and be able to help . Most times our own positions have been improved by the help of someone else  when we needed them   so hopefully  we can pass it on if the time comes  .

So there is as far as I see it a very good reason to look back every now and then  , to learn from , to appreciate , to eventually be able to help  others in the same situation . Mostly though the old saying of  ” Onward and  Upward ”  is the one to live by  and it sure helps  also to never let the sods get you down.


The Brain → Forgets what I want to remember, Remembers what I want to forget..

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