To Assume

To assume as the saying goes is to make an ass out of  you  and me …

Yet how many of  us assume this or that in our every day life , and how many times to we  find out how wrong we are  ? Too often we jump to the conclusion that we are right about this that and the other only to find out later we were wrong . This also applies to the way we look at people , we assume rightly or wrongly  that the way they look to us , is how they are inside . They look happy , well dressed , on top of the world . They might  be laughing , joking , being the life  of the party , yet inside they are a total wreck. This has applied to me more times than  I care to admit , but I have my faith in God to keep me going , and it hasn’t let me down yet .

Unfortunately  not every one can or will have this faith so when they  get to this point  they have nothing left to hang on to .  Yes here  I am talking now about  Robin Williams a man who did have it all , wife, children , home , a man  loved by millions world  wide , but to him inside himself there was nothing , no one , no one to help him through the dark times . He  did not even have faith in his wife or  family that  they could  help him see his way  through , that  things would really be ok . He just could not see through the darkness that he lived in , the harder he tried the harder it was , been there myself as  I said , but have had my faith to bring me out the other side .

It just goes to show that  what we assume is  correct is quite often not  right at all , as in the case  of  Robin  Williams . He had as  I said everything  he wanted or needed , except for the  feeling that life was worth living , to him  the fight was not worth it . It does not matter what we have or do not have , if  life does not  seem worth it  then nothing else matters , we will not see the good in it  . That good may be every where but anyone in that dark place  cant see it. I say can not and mean that , most people again assume that they do not want to see it .This is so far from the truth  as to be laughable , as someone  in such a dark place  is blinded to what ever is good in the world, it is not will not see it is can not see.

So next time  you look at someone do not just assume by the way they look that you know all about them because you do not. You do not see into the darkness that they or someone else has put  around them  so can  not just assume anything . It may not even be their own fault they are in this place , they could have  been forced there by  abuse and or beatings from some others  who should never have done it . Once more assuming  you can know or tell about  people just by looking or meeting them one or two times  is just wrong on every level. No one ever knows , really knows how people  get to these dark places , only that they are there , and there is often no way out .

All the people around  Robin Williams  thought they knew  , because they knew he was going to rehab , he was seeming to be getting on top of it , he seemed to be ok . Seeming to be ok  , seeming to do the right things by all around him  he fooled them all , and in so doing made the time and place when  he could do the unthinkable and he did. In his  mind  all the things he was doing  all the things he was saying  , other were saying was just not enough to penetrate to that blackness he was living with . For him there was no other way out .

So before you get to assuming anything about anyone  put yourself in their shoes, try to see how it looks to them , if you really want to help . The easiest way to even try a little to understand those black places , go into a room , sit down , turn off the lights, then sit there in the dark, with no sounds, nothing to be seen , that will give you a very small idea of what it is like to live like that 24/7. To live in a world that may not have been of your doing  , but even so your there and nothing works  to make it better . No matter who does or does not help the darkness is too strong.

I usually put a joke here but not this time , in tribute to Robin Williams  I will say this, please , please if you have this sort of darkness , ask for help .there  are so many people out there who would just love to help . I found help and so can you , so please let someone turn on some light for you , it can be done , please , please believe me on this  …

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