Why Not ??

Why Not  ?

Why cant I go to a place that looks so inviting  that so many  buses , trains , ferries , trams ,  etc  go to it  ?  I mean look about  how many buses and trains do you see  with  ” Not in Service  ” on them it stands to reason that with so many going there it really must be a lovely place . So if that is so why then Can  I not go to it  ?  I want to  see a place that has just so many  public transport  vehicles going to it  , it must be exciting  . So why do they hide such a place from us ? It is just not fair ..  * pouts * I want to go , if they can why not me  ? Wonder where they park so many ? Must be a very big  parking lot .

While we are at it why  cant we meet these people who are hidden from us ? There  is Max Clearance , Bill Stickers  , Bill Posters , to name a few  , also what about the military ones  like General Waste  and Major Roadworks  ? Why do they stay hidden  ? What are they hiding  ? Seems to me there are so many things and people  being hidden  from us  , just what does go on  that we do not know about  ? You  always know when these blokes have been about as you see their handiwork  all over the place as posters  spring up from nowhere  and waste gets removed , and  roadworks  spring up  all over the place  to get in the way . Having lots of fun that we are not allowed to join in  is just not cricket in my book .

Maybe  it is a conspiracy , these public transport vehicles  all go to a place we are not allowed to go to  ,  and all these invisible people  , I bet they  get to go to  this place we  the general public cannot go to , bet they are there with  all these vehicles  playing with them  when we are not allowed , that too is not fair if they can play with them why not us  ? So many buses trains and trams and  I bet planes too  get to go to ” Not in Service  ” I just cant see why we are not allowed to go too .

I bet  I know why  , they don’t want us to see  Bill Stickers or  Bill  Posters practising  with their posting  and  stickers , cos then we would be able to do it without them  and they wouldn’t like that 1 bit  I bet , they would lose their fun . Same with General Waste and Major  Roadblock , they also don’t  want us to see them practising  with the waste and  the roadblocks , they are spoilsports  don’t  want us to have that  much fun , want to keep it all to themselves . Maybe they put the bills and the stickers all over the trains and things , and then the road blocks  get in the way and mess it all up again , so then they have to practise  the sticking all over again  , makes sense to me anyway .     Sounds like so much fun  that will be why we are not allowed to join in ,  so much fun with sticky stuff and we cant  join in  not fair  . Imagine the fun we could have with  glue and  paper and waste ( clean waste  )  and road blocks and all , we could stuff up all  of the mythical  place called  ” Not in Service  ”  then sit back and  have a great giggle watching them  sort it out .

We should all protest and demand  to be allowed to know these people who do this and be allowed to go to this fantasy place  , and if they say no  I want to know if not why not  ? There  are just too many people out there having fun that we cannot join in with , and  I protest * stamps foot *

I sent that “Ancestry ” site some information on my family tree. They sent me back a packet of seeds and suggested that I just start over

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