Just Because We Are Old

Just because we are old ….Why is it that after someone  passes a certain age things change so dramatically ? 1 minute we are capable , helpful , intelligent , needed , wanted  , then almost the very next minute we are suddenly  unwanted, a nuisance , stupid , unable to think , unable to do anything  ? I could give more examples but you get my drift , I can remember a time when these people were respected  and if advice was needed would  be the first to be asked  , and more often than not could teach the younger generation a few things they need to know , and it was accepted and used . When  someone needed something or some help it used to be that the young would  ask the older person first and be glad to have their help . Older people would be only too happy to help as it made them feel wanted  and made them feel a part of the family or the community , it was a good feeling  and one to be cherished .

Today we see sadly the total opposite , older people now seem only to be around to be made fun of and laughed at , made the butt of so many jokes it is heartbreaking . There is not a day goes by any more that there is no jokes about old people , or cartoons or something else that belittles them.  Faceache alone has streams of what we call  ” Old  People Jokes ”  it is almost never ending  , some  I will admit are very funny  but way too many are just rude and crude  . The never ending stream of them just shows how much things have changed  and  that there is now no respect whatever for older people.  Just walking around  places like shopping centres  or malls or anywhere where there are  lots of people  and if you look at the younger ones you  can see  by the look on the faces of the younger ones  just what they think of older people , it is just so appalling  because it is so real and so obvious .

So when , where and why   did we let this happen ? When did respect  your elders  get dropped   and this attitude of lets  hate older people  begin ? Somewhere  somehow it all fell apart but  no one seems to have even noticed much less care that it has  happened , nor be inclined to do anything constructive to stop it and put things to rights again. The only reasons  I can see for this terrible state of affairs  is when way back then suddenly the governments of the day  the world over said to parents , you will not discipline  your children. If you do that you are violating their human rights  , how so ? Even the Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child , so if you do not give them a little discipline  when needed how do they learn  what to do or  what not to do or to have respect ? Obviously I am not talking overdoing it  but just the right amount enough to teach the child. This is what this insidious and evil Political Correctness has done and not just in this country but the world over  , and the end result is now that  young people think they know it all and do not need older people  at all any more , so lets just make fun of them.

Gone are the days when youngsters came to grand parents  and  asked for help or just to be with them , these days you hardly ever hear from them as that family bonding has long since broken down , owing to the new out look the young ones have of older ones.  These days they have so many gadgets and things to do what we used to do the ” hard ”   way , yeah doing things that way was a bit harder but it was more fun and we got out of the house  more. Young people want to know something now it is ok lets get on the internet  it knows everything  we don’t  need to ask any one else . Sadly this is very  true and only serves to make older people  feel more and more unwanted  and  not needed .

Not only this  but  all of a sudden it seems to be the way of things that old people who have raised families , worked till they dropped , pioneered  so much , are suddenly perceived to be incapable of doing even the most basic things , things they have done all their lives , and would be only too willing to help out if asked  . the utter contempt  the young seem to have for the elderly is just beyond belief , yet they never seem to stop and think that they would not even be here , nor would there be so many wonderful things  if it was not for the older people . Where do they think it all came from ? The Sky ? Where they should be thanking  the older ones all they do is ridicule  it is just so wrong , there are a few  , not too may though that do actually care , but they are few and far between . So  much for our ” enlightened ” society  for my part you can keep it  thanks  …

Behind every successful student, there is a deactivated Facebook account.

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