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Kids Games

Kids  games  and the repercussions , so many people today are of the  opinion  that the violent games that kids play on the internet  lead to the kids growing up as violent  kids . Only problem is that several studies have shown conclusively  this is not the case  , so if that is not the reason for so much violence in the kids today then what is  ? The first  reason I put forward is lack of parental control  , parents do not discipline their  kids at all any more  , kids grow up knowing they can do what they want when they want and have what they want . How did this awful situation  come to be ? Can tell you in two words ” political correctness ”  since this insidious thing was forced upon society  things have gone from bad to worse , parents are not game to discipline   the kids for fear of  the  authorities , so what else can they do ? We should not be in too big a hurry to lay blame till we know all the  truth .

So then having  discounted violent video games what then  ? A lot is just down to the lack of discipline  but not all  of it  by a long shot. A lot of it can  be put  down to peer pressure at school at uni or wherever  they get their education from . No amount of parental control can stop peer  pressure the kids become too scared of  of those exerting  the pressure  to go against them . Then of course  as they get older and start going out at nights there is a whole nother world  of peer pressure  , do what we say or you will be an out cast and who wants that when your just growing up becoming  an adult  ? No young person male or female wants to be what’s considered  a loner or Johnny  no mates ,  so will willingly  go along with the crowd  to be  in what they think is  the ” In Crowd ”  They will do almost anything  to not be called an  outcast not be left  out of what they see as all the fun things , things that you cannot  do alone  .

One of the other big reasons for kids turning out violent is when they start on the drugs and alcohol  , they start on  this path to destruction and violence  because of the peer pressure , because it is un cool not to do these things  when all their mates are doing it , and if they are then  why not them  ? They are too young , too inexperienced  to know better and feel that they have to because  everyone else is doing it , so they slowly start  the experimental  phase  , oh its all ok they do it and they are fine so I will be too . The only  problem with this line of thinking is that not everyone is ok , some even  die as a result of  these experiments , if not they end up either  disabled for life  or in jail for years . The most vicious of the things these kids get into now is the  ” one punch ”  so many innocent kids have died or been maimed  because of these and the ones doing it are jailed for years , thereby  ruining  so many other  lives . People say why don’t  they stop and think before they punch ? Seriously is someone tanked up on booze and  or alcohol in any state to stop and think  ?  I  don’t think so , do you ?

So after all this we can see hopefully  that it is not the video games  it is not the parents , it is the growing up without any real  discipline , the ones to blame are the authorities  who stepped in where they had no right  to and  and ruined life for so many . Kids soon learned they could do  what they want and if parents tried to stop them they reported them to police  , end of parental control right there  no matter what the parents wanted , they were effectively  neutralised  in one blow. So before we blame anyone  we need to look close and see what’s behind it all    , not too many bother doing this they just get mad and blame all the wrong  people and things , about the only thing parents really need to do to try and help is try and get the kids outside to play and or enjoy the wonderful outdoors , kids spend too much time attached  to gadgets  , they never go out any more unless they have  to  so they miss out on so much .

It is not the video games  that is the problem society itself has done it , governments  doing what they should  not do and us as a community on the whole  sitting back and letting them do it . Some people are born with violence in them and will be that way no matter what we do  , but those thankfully are  few and far between.  Kids born before  the advent of video games  still turned out violent  at times , so as the studies show  it is not the video games , they do nothing except  keep them glued inside  so they will not go out unless forced …. Respect too died when  the discipline did , no one has respect for anyone  these days , it goes with the discipline  hand in glove.


Teacher: You failed your test.Me: That’s because you failed to educate me….





Pets  or as is sometimes known as  ” pests  ”  Pests also known as husbands   just to be clear but this is about the other variety, the  pet variety  lol  love em or hate em most people these days have had or have got a pest…er pet or 2 in their  lives. There are so many  kinds of pets we can have today  , dogs, cats, fish, birds, rats, snakes  , lizards , to name just a few  there are many more other types  we have tamed and bought into our lives these days . So many have them in their homes  or yards or wherever , I personally  do not like animals in houses  for many reasons  but that’s  my choice  a lot of others do like it that way .

So how do these pets  effect our us in our day to day  living  ? To  some they are all the love and attention they need and want , to others they are an addition  to a family  . The ones added to families  bring a lot of happiness along with the extra work , if its a dog the way they wag their tails in sheer joy when you get home  , or when your playing with them just has a really good feel to it , for a cat its more subtle  just a rub round  your ankles , if they are not ignoring you that is as cats do like to do , some birds will chirp at you or squawk at you . No matter what kind of pet is has its own way of greeting you after an absence of any duration , and that to  most people who have pets  is more than enough reasons to have them  and the added expense .

Lets be honest there is a lot to be said for having these friends around  , for example it has been proved how much good  dogs  for instance  can do , they can be used as seeing eye dogs  and the bond between them and the people they look after is very strong and is lovely to see. They also use dogs in ” Pets in Therapy ” and they get wonderful results with the joy they bring to the sick and the young and the elderly  , and those that are used as hearing dogs , or ones that fetch things for  their companions , I call them companions rather than owners as they are  more than owners they are friends , each helping the other and showing love.

Cats too have been used as therapy  for those in need of love and companionship as they too can be wonderful to be around and can also  be very loyal and devoted to their  companions . You only have to watch a cat and the way it re acts  to its person to see the affection they can show , and then listen to them purring  in happiness  when  they have been fed  and / or  you just got home and they were lonely . I used to have a cat that hardly ever left my side  it was so happy to be with me  so  I know they can be like that  , and for  those who have no one else  the cat is the purrfect  replacement  and friend. Lol they can also be very bossy  but that is just part of being a cat and cats are very  demanding at the best of times.

Birds too can be wonderful fun  especially  if they are the talking kind , you walk in and  right away you get  ” Hello Cocky ”  the second they see you as they too have become used to having you around  and miss you when you go out , just like most pets . A lot of them can be taught all sorts of words  and actions  and can amuse people for hours  , all you need to  do is be careful  what words you teach them as they never forget , and that can be a big worry lol .

So here we have it  pets  and pests ( husbands )  which do we want the  most  ? lol which gives us the most  pleasure  or the most pain ? As I see it there is not much  between pests and pets lol there are so many pros and cons for both …decisions …decisions …Having had both I still cannot make up my mind  lol  there are times when  I wish the pest was a pet and then  there are times  that  I wish the opposite . Lets face it there  is good reason for having both  , but  I am saved from the choice  by living in a place that allows  no pets  , only  pests ….oh well …ya  get that …

Laughing stock: cattle with a sense of humour…..

Men and Pets

Men and  Pets …

Lets  compare the two shall we ? First lets do pets , why do we have them  ? Companionship , love, fun, exercise , extra work, extra food ,  that  is most of the reasons  we have pets for right  ? We love the  idea of having this happy animal in our homes  to be there  when we get home if we have to go out  , to just be  really happy to see us , gives us a warm feeling of being wanted  and loved. Then once we  get in they demand all our attention and also want to be fed and pampered and get miffed if we do not give them what they want when they want it  . By the time you finally did all that then if it is a dog you have it wants to go for a walk  and gets upset if you are too tired to go. Will pester  you till you realise  that until you do go and take it for the walk it will give you no peace at all. So guess you can see that the idea of relaxing after a hard day at work  or shopping or whatever  is not going to happen till all pets ( pests )  have been sorted out  , then and only then can you try to relax for yourself  and have some you time. This might take anything up to an hour or two  to be finished so there goes that time you wanted for yourself   to unwind and get the day behind you .

Now  men lets take them ( must we ?  ) lol yes we must as they are part of the equation  too no matter what you think , men like pets  are here to stay and must be factored into our lives , there is no escaping that no matter  what we think. So what are the differences here  ? We have them about for the same things   love, companionship, exercise , extra food , extra work , etc, etc , etc. Here too we  love to have  them at home when we get home  and to greet us with happiness  when we walk in the door. We wont go into the errrr exercise  bit of the equation here  I think you know where and what that is . Just like pets though they want to be pampered and fed and paid attention to  , and until that is done once more you have no you time  till they are also sorted out . Just like pets they give you no peace till you have given them all the attention they demand  and until they get it , then and only then will you get any peace. The good side to all this is when you go to bed you have the love and cuddles that make it all so worth the effort and make you want to do it  and  we just love it .

Then of course there are those who have both  ( yikes ! ) they have men and pets in the one house , now  I am not sure if this is brave or just plain stupid to be honest , not quite worked this one out even now , one of the above is more trouble than anyone needs  lol . Why anyone would  two of these is more than  I can understand  , one at a time is good fishing  , is something  I always believed  . Men demand the same things as pets and in much the same way , and no matter how hard you look at it there is very little difference  in how you look after them both . Also both cost about the same  to keep with work and food and  all the  pain  they also can bring.  Why then do we do it  ? We do it because of that one little 4 letter word  called …love .. we love them and we want to please them and they make us feel good , and we all  need to feel loved and needed  it is part of being human , also it feels dam good to be loved .

So if it is a pet or a man they both bring the joys and the  hardship  into our lives  but do we care  ? Of course we do  not , because we are human , also we are women we embrace  the  difficulties  as well as the  pain  and the  extra work , all in the name of love  , we do it because we love them and that is the end  of the story . Women will always be  creatures of love and compassion  whether  for man or pets we will  always  love to have them around us  and will always do so . I cannot see this changing any time soon , nor would  I want to see it change .

I Learnt sign language so I could keep arguing with my husband while giving him the silent treatment*


Toy Boys …

Toy Boys ……. What is it about  toy boys that makes a lot of people  think uh oh look out he’s only after her money ? Why have they all become tarred with the 1 brush  ? Even despite  so many people thinking  having a toy boy is all wrong as they usually only want a younger woman for what ever they can get out of them , without them having to do do very much . This may well be very true but we should be very careful not to make judgements till we know the people  themselves , too easy to make a judgement  then find out you are wrong.  I know we have all heard many stories about  toy boys   and how they have hurt and ripped off older women , then done a runner in the night . Women then are  called for everything and told they should know better and stick to someone their own age , you get the drift  , and yes it does happen that way all too often.

The 1 thing no one thinks of  is that quite often  the truth is very often quite different  , and the toy boy can be very much in love with the older women , it does happen all the time , love often strikes in funny ways  . Take my husband  ( please  ? )  lol no seriously  he is 17 years younger than me and  he shows me every day and in every way  how much he loves me , it is no act , he ought to be on the stage and be a millionaire if it is , he is genuine . There are many other men in the world  in the same position married to older women and as happy as 2 peas  in a pod  , yet still there are those who cant see the happiness and want to find fault, some people will always find fault  no matter what  . Yet the only reason a lot of us have gone this way is because the  men our own age or older  have just left us empty and rather than be alone we  started to look at a different point of view  and look at younger . I agree that it took me a while to  accept this but am so glad  I did as he  is as I said the most loving man  I ever met.

So to all you ladies out there who still have not found the man of their dreams  don’t  narrow  your outlook  so much , widen your horizons , it does work  I have proved it and know others who have  done the same  . Sometimes the very fact that you cannot  find someone your age means that maybe you need to look again at younger men , you may be passing over someone who is just right for you . You know he is when you are so in tune with each other you know how each other thinks , and to use the gag   you also finish each others senta………….. Trust  me it happened  for me it can happen to you too if you want it bad enough  , so next time you sit and think and  wonder if you  will ever  find love  then try  to look  in a broader  arena . It is much better than living alone and being lonely all the time  to have someone other than your self to talk to .

To  refine it , toy boys  can be very good  , they can make an older woman feel years younger  , give her all the love and attention  she has not had before and enjoy doing it . Also them being  younger means they are fitter and you might  get a bit more ………<—fill in the blank  lmao     you know what  I mean  , there are more than 1 reason for wanting a toy boy  lol and it wont take too long  for someone to work  out some of the better reasons . There are more reasons than that but you get my drift  , also that’s my story  and I’m sticking to it  , love my toy boy and not sorry  I married him  not now not ever  … Yes  I am not forgetting there are bad ones  but surely most older women have the sense to weed out the gold diggers , it really is not that difficult  if you take your time and do your research  as I did  , and much to the disgust of some who said he would turn out to be an axe murderer  , as it was a blind date in some respects  we proved them all wrong  .  Long  Live  The  Toy  Boy ………………………..

People think that a girl’s dream is to find her perfect guy & be with him forever… That’s Crap! A girl’s dream is to eat without getting fat……