Toy Boys …

Toy Boys ……. What is it about  toy boys that makes a lot of people  think uh oh look out he’s only after her money ? Why have they all become tarred with the 1 brush  ? Even despite  so many people thinking  having a toy boy is all wrong as they usually only want a younger woman for what ever they can get out of them , without them having to do do very much . This may well be very true but we should be very careful not to make judgements till we know the people  themselves , too easy to make a judgement  then find out you are wrong.  I know we have all heard many stories about  toy boys   and how they have hurt and ripped off older women , then done a runner in the night . Women then are  called for everything and told they should know better and stick to someone their own age , you get the drift  , and yes it does happen that way all too often.

The 1 thing no one thinks of  is that quite often  the truth is very often quite different  , and the toy boy can be very much in love with the older women , it does happen all the time , love often strikes in funny ways  . Take my husband  ( please  ? )  lol no seriously  he is 17 years younger than me and  he shows me every day and in every way  how much he loves me , it is no act , he ought to be on the stage and be a millionaire if it is , he is genuine . There are many other men in the world  in the same position married to older women and as happy as 2 peas  in a pod  , yet still there are those who cant see the happiness and want to find fault, some people will always find fault  no matter what  . Yet the only reason a lot of us have gone this way is because the  men our own age or older  have just left us empty and rather than be alone we  started to look at a different point of view  and look at younger . I agree that it took me a while to  accept this but am so glad  I did as he  is as I said the most loving man  I ever met.

So to all you ladies out there who still have not found the man of their dreams  don’t  narrow  your outlook  so much , widen your horizons , it does work  I have proved it and know others who have  done the same  . Sometimes the very fact that you cannot  find someone your age means that maybe you need to look again at younger men , you may be passing over someone who is just right for you . You know he is when you are so in tune with each other you know how each other thinks , and to use the gag   you also finish each others senta………….. Trust  me it happened  for me it can happen to you too if you want it bad enough  , so next time you sit and think and  wonder if you  will ever  find love  then try  to look  in a broader  arena . It is much better than living alone and being lonely all the time  to have someone other than your self to talk to .

To  refine it , toy boys  can be very good  , they can make an older woman feel years younger  , give her all the love and attention  she has not had before and enjoy doing it . Also them being  younger means they are fitter and you might  get a bit more ………<—fill in the blank  lmao     you know what  I mean  , there are more than 1 reason for wanting a toy boy  lol and it wont take too long  for someone to work  out some of the better reasons . There are more reasons than that but you get my drift  , also that’s my story  and I’m sticking to it  , love my toy boy and not sorry  I married him  not now not ever  … Yes  I am not forgetting there are bad ones  but surely most older women have the sense to weed out the gold diggers , it really is not that difficult  if you take your time and do your research  as I did  , and much to the disgust of some who said he would turn out to be an axe murderer  , as it was a blind date in some respects  we proved them all wrong  .  Long  Live  The  Toy  Boy ………………………..

People think that a girl’s dream is to find her perfect guy & be with him forever… That’s Crap! A girl’s dream is to eat without getting fat……

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