Men and Pets

Men and  Pets …

Lets  compare the two shall we ? First lets do pets , why do we have them  ? Companionship , love, fun, exercise , extra work, extra food ,  that  is most of the reasons  we have pets for right  ? We love the  idea of having this happy animal in our homes  to be there  when we get home if we have to go out  , to just be  really happy to see us , gives us a warm feeling of being wanted  and loved. Then once we  get in they demand all our attention and also want to be fed and pampered and get miffed if we do not give them what they want when they want it  . By the time you finally did all that then if it is a dog you have it wants to go for a walk  and gets upset if you are too tired to go. Will pester  you till you realise  that until you do go and take it for the walk it will give you no peace at all. So guess you can see that the idea of relaxing after a hard day at work  or shopping or whatever  is not going to happen till all pets ( pests )  have been sorted out  , then and only then can you try to relax for yourself  and have some you time. This might take anything up to an hour or two  to be finished so there goes that time you wanted for yourself   to unwind and get the day behind you .

Now  men lets take them ( must we ?  ) lol yes we must as they are part of the equation  too no matter what you think , men like pets  are here to stay and must be factored into our lives , there is no escaping that no matter  what we think. So what are the differences here  ? We have them about for the same things   love, companionship, exercise , extra food , extra work , etc, etc , etc. Here too we  love to have  them at home when we get home  and to greet us with happiness  when we walk in the door. We wont go into the errrr exercise  bit of the equation here  I think you know where and what that is . Just like pets though they want to be pampered and fed and paid attention to  , and until that is done once more you have no you time  till they are also sorted out . Just like pets they give you no peace till you have given them all the attention they demand  and until they get it , then and only then will you get any peace. The good side to all this is when you go to bed you have the love and cuddles that make it all so worth the effort and make you want to do it  and  we just love it .

Then of course there are those who have both  ( yikes ! ) they have men and pets in the one house , now  I am not sure if this is brave or just plain stupid to be honest , not quite worked this one out even now , one of the above is more trouble than anyone needs  lol . Why anyone would  two of these is more than  I can understand  , one at a time is good fishing  , is something  I always believed  . Men demand the same things as pets and in much the same way , and no matter how hard you look at it there is very little difference  in how you look after them both . Also both cost about the same  to keep with work and food and  all the  pain  they also can bring.  Why then do we do it  ? We do it because of that one little 4 letter word  called …love .. we love them and we want to please them and they make us feel good , and we all  need to feel loved and needed  it is part of being human , also it feels dam good to be loved .

So if it is a pet or a man they both bring the joys and the  hardship  into our lives  but do we care  ? Of course we do  not , because we are human , also we are women we embrace  the  difficulties  as well as the  pain  and the  extra work , all in the name of love  , we do it because we love them and that is the end  of the story . Women will always be  creatures of love and compassion  whether  for man or pets we will  always  love to have them around us  and will always do so . I cannot see this changing any time soon , nor would  I want to see it change .

I Learnt sign language so I could keep arguing with my husband while giving him the silent treatment*


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