Pets  or as is sometimes known as  ” pests  ”  Pests also known as husbands   just to be clear but this is about the other variety, the  pet variety  lol  love em or hate em most people these days have had or have got a pest…er pet or 2 in their  lives. There are so many  kinds of pets we can have today  , dogs, cats, fish, birds, rats, snakes  , lizards , to name just a few  there are many more other types  we have tamed and bought into our lives these days . So many have them in their homes  or yards or wherever , I personally  do not like animals in houses  for many reasons  but that’s  my choice  a lot of others do like it that way .

So how do these pets  effect our us in our day to day  living  ? To  some they are all the love and attention they need and want , to others they are an addition  to a family  . The ones added to families  bring a lot of happiness along with the extra work , if its a dog the way they wag their tails in sheer joy when you get home  , or when your playing with them just has a really good feel to it , for a cat its more subtle  just a rub round  your ankles , if they are not ignoring you that is as cats do like to do , some birds will chirp at you or squawk at you . No matter what kind of pet is has its own way of greeting you after an absence of any duration , and that to  most people who have pets  is more than enough reasons to have them  and the added expense .

Lets be honest there is a lot to be said for having these friends around  , for example it has been proved how much good  dogs  for instance  can do , they can be used as seeing eye dogs  and the bond between them and the people they look after is very strong and is lovely to see. They also use dogs in ” Pets in Therapy ” and they get wonderful results with the joy they bring to the sick and the young and the elderly  , and those that are used as hearing dogs , or ones that fetch things for  their companions , I call them companions rather than owners as they are  more than owners they are friends , each helping the other and showing love.

Cats too have been used as therapy  for those in need of love and companionship as they too can be wonderful to be around and can also  be very loyal and devoted to their  companions . You only have to watch a cat and the way it re acts  to its person to see the affection they can show , and then listen to them purring  in happiness  when  they have been fed  and / or  you just got home and they were lonely . I used to have a cat that hardly ever left my side  it was so happy to be with me  so  I know they can be like that  , and for  those who have no one else  the cat is the purrfect  replacement  and friend. Lol they can also be very bossy  but that is just part of being a cat and cats are very  demanding at the best of times.

Birds too can be wonderful fun  especially  if they are the talking kind , you walk in and  right away you get  ” Hello Cocky ”  the second they see you as they too have become used to having you around  and miss you when you go out , just like most pets . A lot of them can be taught all sorts of words  and actions  and can amuse people for hours  , all you need to  do is be careful  what words you teach them as they never forget , and that can be a big worry lol .

So here we have it  pets  and pests ( husbands )  which do we want the  most  ? lol which gives us the most  pleasure  or the most pain ? As I see it there is not much  between pests and pets lol there are so many pros and cons for both …decisions …decisions …Having had both I still cannot make up my mind  lol  there are times when  I wish the pest was a pet and then  there are times  that  I wish the opposite . Lets face it there  is good reason for having both  , but  I am saved from the choice  by living in a place that allows  no pets  , only  pests ….oh well …ya  get that …

Laughing stock: cattle with a sense of humour…..

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