Kids Games

Kids  games  and the repercussions , so many people today are of the  opinion  that the violent games that kids play on the internet  lead to the kids growing up as violent  kids . Only problem is that several studies have shown conclusively  this is not the case  , so if that is not the reason for so much violence in the kids today then what is  ? The first  reason I put forward is lack of parental control  , parents do not discipline their  kids at all any more  , kids grow up knowing they can do what they want when they want and have what they want . How did this awful situation  come to be ? Can tell you in two words ” political correctness ”  since this insidious thing was forced upon society  things have gone from bad to worse , parents are not game to discipline   the kids for fear of  the  authorities , so what else can they do ? We should not be in too big a hurry to lay blame till we know all the  truth .

So then having  discounted violent video games what then  ? A lot is just down to the lack of discipline  but not all  of it  by a long shot. A lot of it can  be put  down to peer pressure at school at uni or wherever  they get their education from . No amount of parental control can stop peer  pressure the kids become too scared of  of those exerting  the pressure  to go against them . Then of course  as they get older and start going out at nights there is a whole nother world  of peer pressure  , do what we say or you will be an out cast and who wants that when your just growing up becoming  an adult  ? No young person male or female wants to be what’s considered  a loner or Johnny  no mates ,  so will willingly  go along with the crowd  to be  in what they think is  the ” In Crowd ”  They will do almost anything  to not be called an  outcast not be left  out of what they see as all the fun things , things that you cannot  do alone  .

One of the other big reasons for kids turning out violent is when they start on the drugs and alcohol  , they start on  this path to destruction and violence  because of the peer pressure , because it is un cool not to do these things  when all their mates are doing it , and if they are then  why not them  ? They are too young , too inexperienced  to know better and feel that they have to because  everyone else is doing it , so they slowly start  the experimental  phase  , oh its all ok they do it and they are fine so I will be too . The only  problem with this line of thinking is that not everyone is ok , some even  die as a result of  these experiments , if not they end up either  disabled for life  or in jail for years . The most vicious of the things these kids get into now is the  ” one punch ”  so many innocent kids have died or been maimed  because of these and the ones doing it are jailed for years , thereby  ruining  so many other  lives . People say why don’t  they stop and think before they punch ? Seriously is someone tanked up on booze and  or alcohol in any state to stop and think  ?  I  don’t think so , do you ?

So after all this we can see hopefully  that it is not the video games  it is not the parents , it is the growing up without any real  discipline , the ones to blame are the authorities  who stepped in where they had no right  to and  and ruined life for so many . Kids soon learned they could do  what they want and if parents tried to stop them they reported them to police  , end of parental control right there  no matter what the parents wanted , they were effectively  neutralised  in one blow. So before we blame anyone  we need to look close and see what’s behind it all    , not too many bother doing this they just get mad and blame all the wrong  people and things , about the only thing parents really need to do to try and help is try and get the kids outside to play and or enjoy the wonderful outdoors , kids spend too much time attached  to gadgets  , they never go out any more unless they have  to  so they miss out on so much .

It is not the video games  that is the problem society itself has done it , governments  doing what they should  not do and us as a community on the whole  sitting back and letting them do it . Some people are born with violence in them and will be that way no matter what we do  , but those thankfully are  few and far between.  Kids born before  the advent of video games  still turned out violent  at times , so as the studies show  it is not the video games , they do nothing except  keep them glued inside  so they will not go out unless forced …. Respect too died when  the discipline did , no one has respect for anyone  these days , it goes with the discipline  hand in glove.


Teacher: You failed your test.Me: That’s because you failed to educate me….



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