Garbologists …

Garbologists …. or as we call them Garbos….or if they are noisy enough  … $#$$%%$ ….. lol you get my drift I’m  sure ,  but  let us face it where would we be with  out these members of our city councils  ?? Love them or hate them  they do us a great service with  what  they  do  for us . Lets face it would we want to have to get rid of our own rubbish  ? How many times would we actually do it  ? Would we go every week to the rubbish dump or once every  2 weeks  to the recycling as well  ? How much petrol and time would  we have to waste on it  ? First finding the rubbish dump then the recycling plant  , having to make time to  do these chores each and every week  or 2 , because if we didn’t  who would  ? Could you see yourself finding all the extra time and money  to do this  if it fell to you  to have to do it  ?

So each week when they come  banging and crashing outside your place spare a thought  for just what these blokes or doing for you  , and  even if they wake you at 5 am  with the noise  they make just think how much worse it all might be if you had to do it yourself . Anyway  you can  always roll over and go back to sleep , they cant as they  have to keep working and we do not know what time they started   work that morning . They must have to get up at what has been known to be called  ” sparrows fart ” meaning any time from about 3 am  onwards . It is not the most glamorous  job in the world but someone has to do it  , and most of us would not want to  . Seems to be a lot of people  think it is the lowest kind of job you can get , but would they be so condemning   if there was no one else to do it  , or if they had to do it  ? These days just having a job is a blessing no matter what it is  , it pays for the cost of living  and the food we eat and  clothes we wear , a job is a job and to be thankful for .

So next time you start to get all upset at the poor old Garbos  remember  what the consequences  are of not having them there at all ,  then how much harder it would be for you with out them . I personally just say ” ugh  ” roll over and go back to sleep , rather them have to do it than me  , besides with my back  I would not be able to . There too is  something we do not think about, all the disabled people  who would be in dire straits without the Garbos  to do  the job they cannot  do for themselves . So before you get all  upset and start calling the poor old  Garbos everything under the sun , stop and think just how you would cope if they were not there to do that job . Think of all the re arranging  of your life you would have to do if you had to factor in the removal of your own garbage and recycling .


So the poor old  Garbo is really the un sung hero of our day to day life , he keeps our places clean by  removing  what we cannot or  don’t  want to do ourselves , even though they are noisy and once a week drive us crazy with noise and taking up most of the road  while they do the job , they do us a great service and we should just be happy we don’t  have to do it ourselves . I know  some people do at least think of them and at xmas time will give them a gift a small thank you for the messy job they have to do , and  I think that is great  and wish more would do it  it is a thankless job for the most part . Imagine what  it would be like if it was all just left to pile up  ? The smell for a start would  make us sick and the growing pile would take up room most of us just don’t  have to start with , then of course you would soon have rodents and bugs and spiders  and whatever else lives in those sorts of piles of rubbish.  We should indeed be most thankful  for the poor un sung  heroes we sneeringly call Garbos   for they do the job that most of us couldn’t  or wouldn’t like to have to do  .

The most important thing in life is not knowing everything, it’s having the phone number of somebody who does!

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