Time and Tide ..

Time and tide  as they say wait for no man  , and while this is true  neither does a plane or a train or a bus or  ….. have you ever just got to a station or a bus stop just to see it disappear  into the distance as you do not quite  make it  ? Remember the frustration then of having to re think your whole day to fit in with what is now your new time table ? If only your child  , your husband , a slow clock  , too much traffic  hadn’t got in your way to hold you up  you would not now be having to sit down ( while you wait for next train/bus ) and re work your entire day . While it may not be your fault nevertheless  it has happened and now you have to re plan all of it . It may have been your fault you may have slept in or just been too slow getting moving   or whatever but now too the day must be re planned , and sometimes no matter how many times we say  I will not make this mistake again we still seem to do it time and again .

So now the day to be re planned  sometimes  phone calls must be made  to those waiting for us , or we just rush to where we were supposed to be in the hope we will not be in too much trouble . We rush off  hoping the boss will understand  and not be too hard on us , or the school or college  we go to will not  punish us too hard , after all it was not really planned to be late , was it  ? Do we ever really deliberately  plan to be late  ? Or is it  in built somewhere deep inside that we want to be late ? For the reasons that maybe we really do not like having to go to school , work , uni , whatever  so the mind plays a little trick and we  get it  just a touch wrong  enough to be late no matter what we seem to do to try and  get there on time . Lets face it some of the deadlines or appointments we have to keep are ones we really wish we didn’t have to as they may not be pleasant but we must meet them all the same  no matter how we feel about it .

If we work for news papers or TV  or at a doctors surgery  or anywhere else  these are places  where you just have to be on time with very little room for movement  so being late is not an option  . Some appointments missed can lead  to all sorts of complications  and mess  so being on time is something we really do have to get right sometimes like it or not . Appointments   such as for a doctor or a lawyer  or job interview  are ones that really you must get right as consequences  can be really bad  , such as missing out on a much wanted job  or  or diagnosis  or similar . Keeping up with all  these appointments  we have in life is so important  for  so many reasons like it or not they must be kept .

So in this day  and age of more and more things  we have to fit into our lives keeping appointments  becomes more and more important and more and more of a juggle , we have to try harder  to keep up even if we really don’t want to . So  it seems to me  that no matter  what  gets invented  , what new gadgets we come up with  we will still always need to keep appointments at some point in our lives . There are so very few people left in the world these days who do not have to keep  up with what is going on  and  keep appointments some time  , these to my way of thinking are the lucky ones . So while time and tide wait for no man  ( or woman or child ) neither will all these pesky appointments we have to keep no matter what we do to try and avoid them , seems to me  that no matter how good we are in every aspect of our lives  sometimes we just have to get with it  ..

Workmate:”How long have you been working here?” … Me: “Ever since they threatened to fire me”…

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