Are You Scared Yet ….Part 2

Are you scared yet  ? This is a follow up to are you scared yet  , as you all know the internet is THE big thing now  we do almost everything on it and then some  , well this blog is to tell you that you really need to be careful , and not to take it for granted .

This week has been a nightmare of  trying to sort out something that happened to me , now I have a hubby who is an  IT specialist  also a nephew who is also an  IT specialist , so you can see from this  that I am as protected  as it is possible to be in most respects . Being someone who does as much as possible on line  ie , shopping , banking , e  mails , Faceache , Twitter , etc,  I know more than anyone the importance of protection  when  using any or all of these . We all know that anyone at any time can get at our information if we do not use our brains , and if we do not put in place the needed protection . We also need to  stop putting too much information on the net , too many have addresses , and phone numbers and other identifying information  all on places like  Faceache and  Twitter  and that is just plain stupid , do not put any of this  on the net you are asking for trouble  . If you ask for this kind of trouble  you will find it ..

Well imagine  my horror and  anger at finding out through checking my bank statements  that my credit card had been scammed , furious is not the word for it  , it goes way beyond that , I found out only by accident in checking my statements , I have no way of knowing how much  I have lost  but we did find about  $200  that was scammed  , but to be fair to my bank they got right onto it and  I will get that much back . What is more amazing and  what is pissing me off so much is that the card scammed is 1  I never use , it never leaves this place , it is never used online  so how in the world this happened   I just cannot get my head around  . The only reason  I  have this card at all is because  I had to get it  to replace things that had been stolen from us , if we had not been robbed before we left  the  UK then that card would not exist , neither would my hubbys . This card  therefore is never used  as  I said is always left home .

So the thing that  puzzles me  and makes me so angry  is how in the world  this card could be scammed  ? Never used , never taken out  how did they get onto this 1  ? Makes no sense at all to me   or to hubby  , but we are still investigating  it and hope to have more answers soon as to what on earth happened . Till we get all the answers  I just have to  sit and fume  ,but that card now has been cancelled totally  and will not be replaced  so at least it cannot be used  any more by any one , that is  1 good thing from here on in , but does not make me feel any better  .

So if this can happen to someone  who is as protected as much as it is possible to be  , then how much more  possible is it for those that just get lazy and take for granted what they do on the internet . How many times  do you check  ?  How many times  do you check  your bank statements  , your security , your pass words , what ever else you have in place  that is supposed to protect you ?  If  I can get caught  with all the things  I have in place then anyone can , so do not  take for granted your internet security . While  I have not yet nailed down totally  how this happened  be sure  I will get to the bottom of it  I will find out how it was done . We all need to be way more vigilant than we are , a lot of people are just too lazy .

So are you scared yet  ??  If not you bloody should be if someone will all this in place can be ripped off then what chance someone who just says  ” she,ll be right mate  ”  have  against this kind of sneaky attack  ? So if you do nothing else then  at least  do a proper  check of all your  passwords  and security settings  before it is you  losing money , learn to check all the time  I do but still  got caught  .. Are  you Scared  Yet  ?? The biggest internet crime is not always the ones that rip off the big companies of millions but quite often it is those that sit there patiently  ripping off a few hundred here a few hundred there   , sit there just for 1 day doing that and the amount of money stolen adds up to thousands in no time at all , do this even just 1 or 2 days a week and you got millions ……. Are  You Scared  Yet ?? Can you see how easy it  can be done yet  ??

If  you are not scared yet and  not going to be bothered checking and re checking your security then you get what you deserve …….

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