Shift Workers

Shift workers  …….. How many of us even think about these  people ? These people who  every day or night  toil away while we  do whatever it is we do in the 24 hour time period . Some work nights some work days some work  odd parts of the day , there are just so many shift patterns it can be confusing .With the continual shift changing can come great confusion if your shifts change all the time  , has you and your family not knowing what day it is  , as with all the changing you start 1 day and finish another day  . The shift worker also  has to cope with irregular  meal patterns  as  well as everything else   what may be breakfast to us might be dinner to  them or the other way round  must confuse the body as well , also the odd sleeping patterns . To be a shift worker all the time  sure turns your  world upside  down  what the  body has got used to now keeps changing  , nothing is the same , must be a great adjustment for the  whole body clock. Try sleeping in the daytime  when most others are awake  and do not even know or care if there are night workers living close by  , who need to sleep daytime .

What would happen do you think if there was no shift working ? If everything was done only from 9 till 5  ?  Think about  that for a while   no services at all , no planes, trains, power, phones, you get the idea  would be  1 huge mess  . What about nurses , doctors, dentists , bone crackers, child minders again you get my drift   only get to see them from 9 till 5 , if you think waiting lists are too long now  how would  it be without shift workers ?  Try going anywhere  in just the 9 to 5 time period  it would be almost impossible to get anywhere as everything   would be packed to the rafters , and anyone who was in anyway at all disabled would have no hope at all . Even taxis and hire cars would be rushed off their wheels  and heaven help anyone who needed an ambulance or a fire truck  or police  or any emergency  vehicle  , out side of 9 to 5  just not possible , within that time  2 hopes of them getting to you in time . It would also be a criminals  world as all they would have to do is wait till after 5 and the police have gone home ,  it would be open house then for all of them .

Even with the  way things are run today with everything available  all the time and no problem  going to and from , or getting services or things  24/7  we often find ourselves  fretting about late mail , late transport  ,  late services  , how much worse  would it  be  if it was only 9 to 5  ? Too many people  get mad at this and that because it has not happened  the  moment  they think it should  , what would they be like then if anything and everything they ever wanted or wanted to do was only  to be had or done from 9 to 5  ? There would be so many popping their clogs  so to speak with sheer anger and frustration  as life these days  just can not  operate  from 9 till 5  as   it is now in this fast paced  world we live in  everything would just crawl to a total stop and the world would go backwards  and go broke. How would you cope if any and all deliveries  whether  food or fuel or  mail etc.  could only be delivered  9 to 5  ? How would they get it all delivered  ? There would be no room  on the roads or train tracks or  airports or sea ports  for all the vehicles trying to deliver their stock. What percentage of it would be ruined by the time it finally got to where it was going  ? Rather a lot of it  I suspect  as a big lot of it is food and that is perishable  mostly unless it is  canned  or dried  anything else is done for .

So next time you go out no matter where it is you go  , take a few minutes to think about how much your shift workers  do for you , and try to be a little more considerate to them as they keep things ticking over  just the  way we like it   , and we must like it as we go to great pains to keep it going just that way . Thanks to these people who  do this  our  mail and food and services and just about everything else   comes and goes just the way we like it and mostly we are all happy with it  . We are all happy to see it go on like this  and only really even notice  it  unless it all comes to a stop , if for some reason  it screeches to a halt  , so it is high time we thought a bit more about  the shift worker  , yes they get paid a tad more but trust me they are well worth it to keep things running smoothly .

What did the worker at the rubber band factory say when he lost his job? “OH SNAP”

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