It Is About Time Too ..

It is about time too … I was finally able to pry hubby away from work for more than 5 mins  so we finally got some us time  . It was wonderful we  had a day or 2 just going into town on the ferry  , and had a lovely day with my granddaughter  as she passed through here too . We had a clean  up and re arrange  of things here and then we packed up and headed out bush … I had wanted to show hubby that there really was a place we called the back of  Bourke  so decided we would go visit a friend who actually lives there  and prove it to him .

So we got sorted and headed off , just over 6 hours on a train to get us to Dubbo  then wait a few mins  then get on a bus to take us right into the ” Back of beyond ”  as we call it . A place that has only about 3,500 people living there at the best times  , a place that takes forever to get to and when you do get there   it looks deserted  , lol it really does look like that too till you look around a bit.  The people though are just lovely  , well the ones we met up with while we were there  were , very friendly  and helpful  and that is almost impossible to find in the cities  as the people  in the cities  are too into them selves and their dam technology  . Look out too if you try to interact with them and distract them from their screens , you will get no help but lots of abuse . A very  far cry from the lovely people we talked to in those few short days  we were there  , as well  ( obviously ) as the lovely lady we went to see you could not wish to meet nicer  folks .

Lol , but the  1 thing  I never told poor hubby much about before  we left  was the heat , or just how hot it can get to  , just thought  I would let him find out for himself  , had just said its going to be a bit warm  lol .  Well it was that and a bit more as the temp never dropped below 38c  and on 1 day got to 43c  so he got to feel real heat for the first time , he did well for a Pommie …sorry dear   🙂  and the wind if there was any was hot not cool so made it feel more than it was , that does not help a whole lot either  . We found refuge a few times in the towns only pub for a drink and the air con  , lol that bit is most important when it is that hot , trust me on this .It is a pity there is only 1 pub left though as it means the business for more than 1 is just not there any more  , but must have been at some point . We saw the ruins of 3 others  2 of which were just abandoned  and the other 1 burnt down , saw another burnt down 1 on our way home too , hate to see things like that  as its much better to have them as going concerns  not just ruins.

Another thing  I had tried to explain to hubby  was about how this land has a  ” red centre  ”  that makes no sense really to any one who has never experienced it  . What it is  , is the earth  itself is a bright red  owing to all the heat and sun it gets 24/7  , that and the fact  that it almost never rains out there , once a year if your lucky . So any plants that do manage to live there are very strong  as also are the animals  , not that we saw any , lol , only  those pesky flies , but as was plainly visible was just how red the earth was a lovely deep red that to me just adds to its character . I have seen this before but to someone  just seeing it for the first time it is an amazing thing to see , and is just 1 of the  features of this great country there is to see . Hubby also got to see some of the animals he had only read about in  the wild , we saw emus , and goats , and of course  some kangaroos , he had never seen these in the wild and was happy to finally see some , watched them from the train window as we went past  .

All in all we had a great time  , but for me the best bit was being with him for those days as we hardly get to see each other any more , with his shift work and time changes all the time  it is a right pain , so having this much time to be together was just as good as the holiday itself. When he’s on some of his shifts  we seemingly only  get time to wave at each other and  I do get sick of it , also the long hours alone , so this was just very special to me .

I’ll always be here for you … Unless we run out of beer, and someone has some over there. Then I’ll be over there for you…

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