Read The Label

Read  the label ……. It is now more than ever before important that we read the labels on everything , on every single thing we buy for what ever reason we buy it . Almost everything is just a lot of chemicals  that are thrown together that if we even knew what they were or what they did to us  by themselves  we would never touch them . They come in the guise of vitamins , cough and cold syrups , make up , face cream , moisturiser , and a squillion  other guises , all purporting to be the very best things we need to fix everything that is wrong , or could go wrong and yes we  MUST  buy them for our own good….yeah right.

Just the very simplest of things can have a devastating effect  on us , I know personally that  I dare not touch a lot of medications off the shelf as so many of them say on the label , not to be taken if you have Glaucoma …. did you know that  ? do you read the labels on things you buy  ? or do you just go blindly along with what the  advertising says ? I have had to learn the hard way to read the labels  having spent many hours and days  leaning over the sink throwing up  as  I tried  first this pain killer then that 1 in a vain attempt to find some relief for this never ending pain. So far all  I have managed to do is  make my self very sick trying and put myself right off trying any more , but more important I have learned to read labels before I try anything now.

Also what it says on the label may not be the exact truth they may omit 1 or 2 things or hide them in print so fine  its hard to spot , but if you want to stay healthy then you have to learn to read all the print before you take anything. Some of the print is so small it takes a lot of finding   and when you do and ask the assistant about it more often than  not they will just say ” oh that’s ok don’t worry about it ”  That is all very well for them they are not the ones taking it  , all they want is to sell it  as that is their job . Yes  I can understand that too these days a job is hard to come by so keeping it is a full time thing  so you have to convince people they can take things that maybe they should not  just to keep the job.

Then there is  now 1 worse thing  than ever to  watch for  , more and more of our products are  being  Halal Certified  and anything that is must NEVER be bought as it is what funds all the terrorism  and murder of the  Islamic  hordes  that now freely roam the world . Lie as they do in denying that the money does not fund it  if you look carefully you will find that  yes it does . How else do you think they can get all the ammunition  and vehicles and can travel so extensively ? How else do they clothe and feed themselves  ? Does the money grow on trees  ? No it does not  , so where else do they get the money if not for this certification ? It makes no sense  for it not to it has to come from somewhere .

So if you value your way of life , your freedom , your country  and do not wish either to be murdered or  raped  then you really , really need to start checking labels  the symbols are there on everything they certify  , and more than likely on your favourite things  so it will be very hard to stop buying these things as  I have found it hard to do  , but we refuse to pay the people  whose only goal in life  is to murder anyone who is not an Islamist   exactly like them  , most of us can see daily on the news of the horrors they inflict  on who they call unbelievers . So to save your life as well as those you  love  and the freedoms and  comforts you have now then  read the label , and remember that they are now getting cunning  and hiding the symbols  so you have to look closely  to find them . It is not easy but you can find them , do a web search and you can find all the symbols  that you need to watch out for  and trust me it all will help .Only by us banding together and denying them this funding which is evil and underhand  and hidden so well can we even hope to try and slow them down , it may not help much but we  have to at least try .

I usually put a joke here but feel it more important this time  to implore you to  READ the  LABEL ….


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