Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day …. A day to  remember and give thanks to the brave men and women who gave their lives , and to those who returned  , changed forever  by what had happened to them . This is the day when the world stops on the 11th day of the 11 hour of the 11 month  to be thankful that we are alive and free . A time that  most people the world over stop for a few moments to be glad these people  did do what they did as the consequences  to us if they had not , do not bear thinking about . One day I did just that , stopped and thought about the sacrifices  that were made on my behalf , and just what would my life be like now if they had not done what they did .

They made it possible for me and everyone else who lives in a free country to do what they like and go where they  want , they made it possible for us to be what we are , to reach for goals that could never have been reached if not for the bravery of others who fought on our behalf . I have been  lucky enough to travel the world a few times , have seen half  of it  and seen some wonderful places and things  , none of which I would have been able to do without the freedom I now have . These people put their own safety  last as they fought so that  I might be safe  , and live the way  I wanted to with no one to tell me what  I can and cannot  do and when  I can or cannot do something. These  men and women were beyond brave they were  wonderful people with a great sense of what is right and what is wrong , and they knew they could make the changes needed by doing what they did  they never even had second thoughts about it , they just went and did it  .

We have so many reasons to thank these brave soldiers  for ,but  what does make me  so mad and  so angry are these young idiots who say we are promoting war , when in fact we are  promoting  peace by remembering  a war that should never have happened  and promising that it will never happen again . We can but hope it will never happen again  , but human nature being what it is , it surely will as countries decide they will rule the world and tell us what to do .  There will always be some country or other that will think , now we have all these wonderful weapons we will take over the world , and as seen every day these days it wont be that long away , look at  North  Korea for a start , their leader  is obviously ignoring all protocols and beefing up his army and navy etc. He clearly wants to be in charge of the world  , he sees the  world and all its beauty and wants it all for himself  . The greed that caused the other wars will once again rear its ugly head as it has always done , and as it always will  men cannot resist the power and the greed , it is in their nature .

Those too young to know the horror of war , the devastating  effects it had on families and on countries   run around causing trouble  , ridiculing  soldiers , calling them war mongers , de facing memorials , they have never known hardship , never known what it is like to be ordered about by  someone you do not even know who says you must do what you are told no matter what  . They do not realise that without the sacrifices the  soldiers made they would not be able to be the idiots they are  , it is quite possible they may never have been born. If they were what kind of society would it be  ? One that gives them no freedom to go where they want , do what they want or even be the obnoxious  toe rags  they are  , more than likely they would  end up in jail or dead .  So if it was at all possible it would be great if these idiots  could just stop and think first , then do some research  , then they would know why we have  Remembrance Day and why it is a day that needs to be  celebrated  each and every year so we do not forget  . … We must never forget  what was done for us and never stop holding these  remembrance days …

We need to pray more and judge less , and let our fellow men live their lives without  fear ….

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