My Claim To Fame

My claim to fame ………..

It all started on my  very first trip to  England , I had gone to meet for the very first time the man  I had  fallen in love with on the internet . We met in a chat room  and it all went from there and this was my first trip out of  Australia  as well  , this trip had a lot of firsts in it and so will never be forgotten .  I will never forget how long it takes to get there either  , it is a long time to have to sit in 1 place trust me  you are quite  numb when you get up.

So what is this claim to fame  ? Well it all happened when we went to a local shopping center , there to look around and have a coffee  etc. We came upon this stand of men selling the new you beaut  vacuum  cleaner of the day  by a company that did not obviously know anything  or much at all about  Australia . Also they obviously  knew nothing about our  ” lingo ”  and  nick names we give to everything . I am amazed to this day that a company as big as this  did not do any research  , if they had they would have known better , trust me on  this  lol.

I took 1 look at the name they had for it and  broke into laughter  and was laughing so hard they had to ask why  , I pointed to the name and said  ” you can’t call  it that  ”  When they looked at me blankly I had to explain , by this time my then to be  hubby was as bemused as they were  and was seriously wondering what the hell was wrong with me . When  I  finally stopped laughing  enough to talk I told them what they had done wrong, they too then started laughing  and  so did poor hubby to be . Took me so long to stop laughing this took a while …

So what was this all about  ?  They had called the vac. a Root  lol still laugh to this day about this , anyway  to an Aussie  a root is having sex , so when a salesman asks  ” do you want a root  ? ”  he is asking  do you want to have sex  ? So as you can see  once  I told them just what they were asking , and again after falling about laughing  they stopped asking that  . So yes they then changed the name lol to something like the DC13   not real sure , but at least I do have the claim to fame in that  I got a big manufacturing company  to actually go change the name of the product they were selling . I can not to this day even think about that company  without remembering   that day and the hilarity that ensued .

That trip had so many firsts and was so much fun  , 1 other time was again at a shopping center , we had been shopping and were going home  , hubby to be went a car and started to put the key in , I said ” dont touch that car ” he said why ?  I said because it is not your car  , he said yes it is why do you think it isn’t ? I said because your car has yellow number plates this 1 has white  ones …. he took me to the  back of the car and showed me , whereupon once more I fell over laughing and laughed so hard he had  to lift me into the car as  I just could not stop laughing . It turned out that they have 2 colours on the plates  white on the front and yellow on the back  , as  I had never heard of anything so stupid  could not  help myself. In all the time  I eventually spent living there  I never was able to find out why they do that , best answer  I got was  ” so you know that the car  that hit you  was coming or going  ”  Yet another first for that trip and  I actually had to take pictures  and post then before my Aussie friends would believe me !!


Have you ever make fun of someone so much, you think you should thank them for all the good times you´ve had?

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