The Mind …

The  Mind  …. And What Tricks It Can  Play  …..How many times have you briefly heard something on the television or the radio and you miss hear it  then your mind goes off on a tangent thinking all sorts of funny things . Even when you hear the same thing again  ,correctly this time the mind still  thinks back to the first version you heard and no matter how you try you cannot get it to stay on the right 1 for a long time  . Then there is the ear worm how many times do we hear a song or a tune and that is it , it keeps playing and playing  in your mind and nothing short of going to sleep will stop it . There are even some ear worms so hard to shake that even if you go to sleep as soon as you wake up …. yep there it is again  , hate those types so hard to get rid of .

You can be walking along or even just sitting  ( like I do ) on the balcony just relaxing  and watching the world go by when something goes by that makes no sense  and you think hold on  what  ?? So you try to have another look and see what it really was and find that what you thought you saw was something else entirely . You may have been distracted  and only partly  saw it  , so the mind decides to fill in the blanks itself  and comes up with some weird and wonderful ideas . It is the same when you only partly hear something  again the mind  fills in the blanks  and again sometimes  they are weird  and they will stay there till you work out what you really heard  .

Another thing the mind can drive you crazy with is if you hear a part of a song  and you cannot for the life of you remember the name of the song  arrrgghhh !!! It will play that song over and over in your mind and not stop till you find out the name of that damm song !! It is like the ear worm but 50 times worse  because the mind wants to know , wants to fill that  name in , and sometimes it can take days to get rid of it , or till you find out the name so damm frustrating  . Have known it to take several days just to find out a name like that for a song , or a movie , or a book , or something , times like this the mind  drives you so nuts you almost go out of it  till all spaces filled in , every i dotted every t crossed then it will shut up . Worse than having kids around the place yelling it can be  and who would have thought that  ??

Sometimes  the mind can be too sharp  and can see what is not there to be seen , it can be too sharp and the results can be hilarious  as happened to me on my first trip to  London . We were walking along I was window shopping  tho what  I would do with the windows if  I bought them I do not know  lol . Anyway  looked up at all the signs , the lights etc. and started to  almost fall over laughing  and said  ” you can’t say that on a sign  ” and fell about laughing yet again . Hubby to be held me and said ” dear have another look  ” so  I did and laughed all over again , what my mind had done was see the first letter  and the last letter and filled in the middle bits itself , what it really  was , was the name of a clothing company that is big in the  UK . Now its difficult  to say what it was without upsetting some people  but I have to ,  to finish this tale , I will  do it and hope you see the joke … this is what  I   saw  Fcuk… you hardly need me to tell you what my mind, clever little thing it is thought that said ….ok  now all of you look again as  I bet your mind just did what mine did at the time …lol go admit it , it did  …  If you  say that it didn’t   you’re a fibber  lol.It was actually for  French Connection UK  very well known brand in the  UK.

The mind is such a wonderful thing and can be used for anything  for good or  bad it is only limited by our own hearts and how we react  to other people  or things we are in control , or we should be  and should watch what we do with it , I try to use mine to be the best that  I can be . Having said that it is also true some people do have real problems controlling it  and  I really feel  for them .  There are days when even the strongest  mind can have problems  so it is not just a few who have trouble  we all do and those that say different are kidding themselves .

If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you’ll have trouble putting on your pants.

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