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Every Single Time

Every Single  time  …. What is it we do every single time  , despite saying every single time that we will not do this again ever  ? What is it that we just can not help ourselves from doing  , over and over again despite knowing its silly and we should stop , we just do not  . ??

It is getting in and cooking  way too much food , we go to the shops , we see the bargains , we say  ” Oh must get some of that too  ” The shopping trolley  gets fuller and fuller and the bill goes higher and higher  and it starts to look as though we are getting enough food in for a month . When in fact all this food piled high in the basket is for 1 day  !! Yikes !! Can you believe it  ?? All this is for 1 day , our brain says we have  say 4 people coming for the day  so we need enough for a month for those 4 people for just 1 day , amazing isnt it  ? Yet every single year we do the same thing over and over and we say every time never again  .. lol  yeah right  ..

So what is this 1 day that throws all reason out the window  ? Why it is  Christmas Day of course , the day the family come over and all get together for this supposedly happy family day , yeah maybe  ,  not always but sometimes it is a happy day . Mostly though it is a day of eating  , from the time we first get up , till the time the last 1 leaves , it is non stop eating  hence the thought ( a wrong 1  lol )  that we must have enough food in to feed an army !! So we pile up the food in the trolley and get set to then pile on the pounds after eating way too much of said food , silly really  but we still do it each and every time . Each time too a lot get sick that night or the next day after eating all that food , but does it stop us  ? Not on your life … lol … we tell ourselves that  ” it is only for 1 day ”  and that is ok we think , mostly  it is ok as we do only eat like that once but sometimes its not too .It is like being hooked but for just 1 day its crazy but we do it  ..every time  …

So what is it that makes us do this every year even tho we swear we will not ever do it again ? Well I for 1 think it is the fact that a lot of the things we have in for Christmas can only be bought once a year , if we could get these things  all the time would we then be able to control the urge to feed an army rather than just a few people  ?  I rather think we would be able to as it would be  just another food item and 1 we had been able to have all year . I think the food shops all plan it that way so they can make a bigger profit , they have things set up so that a lot of the stuff we love at Christmas can only be bought then and not any other time  of the year . It is common knowledge that the shops are all out for just making a profit and you and  I are the only way to do that  , so what better way to do it than to control when we can get some things and when we cant ?

So for 1 day every year we get all this lovely food in that we know we cannot get any other time and just go bonkers over it and gorge because we love it so much. Not just food either there is also lollies , and alcohol , and other things  that because we cannot get them all year round we overdo it at this time of year , every year despite knowing what the out come may well be * sigh *  We never learn , we never remember so round and round it all goes  and again we say , right that is it we will not do this again ever ….hmmmm  heard that before too somewhere …lol

What we should do , and  I emphasize ” should  ”  is get enough for  the day and just enough , or get twice as much and put the rest away till next year so we can save money next time , but what ever the best thing to do is you can count on it that we will do exactly as we have done every year and get 10 times as much as we need . when it comes to this 1 day of the year we always will do the same thing , cannot see it changing anytime soon  can you ? Trouble is we set our hearts on all the goodies we can only have once a year  and we look forward to it so much reason does not come into it , so every year we get too much , we cook too much , we eat too much …lol  here we go again.

Now from that day for who knows how long we have a great pile of  left overs , and there is only so much you can do with left overs after all . How long we eat left overs  is only proportionate  to the size of the trolley we filled up before  the big day , if we used a tiny bit of sense  it wont be for too many days but if we did not then  it can take a long time to get through it all or give it away , silly things we are  …lol  Will we ever learn ?? lol nope no way no how .

Wow just got this  1 in before the new year …lol… Happy New Year !!!!

What do you mean NEW YEAR?……I haven’t finished with the old one yet.!!


Annoying Advertising

Annoying Advertising ….I know we all hate  having the programs we watch interrupted by these  but some of them are actually funny some are factual , but some are just wrong on so many levels it is not funny  . Will come to those in a minute , but for the most part they tell us what we can buy  , what services are available  to us , that sort of thing  and where to get our cars serviced , get petrol , and  in general  tell us what we need to know . Some TV  channels too are way over the top as to how many of these adverts they put into the programs  , there used to be a law  that says  you will only have so many in a 1 hour block , but some ,now shove way more than that in an hour . So how did this come about  ? I wonder what has happened  to what used to be advertising  standards  board  , guess like anything else that was good it is no longer in operation  or they do not care anymore.

There are so many adverts on  TV now that are just wrong  that is why  I say the so called standards board has quit. There are so many that show all too plainly that to steal, lie , cheat, and many other things are all ok , that it  does not matter  .   I am disgusted , when did we let this start and why ? For heavens sake if  I went to the fridge to get something  I put there and it was gone , then that is stealing pure and simple , yet we make jokes about it  ?  Oh it must have been 1 of the others  … <—-that is wrong it is theft  , why are we teaching kids this? Or we go out in a car and someone calls  and asks  did we take it  ? What happens  ? We say no , no I did not take it  .. <—— lying  is that right to teach the kids  ?  Then we sit back and complain about the things our kids are learning , start blaming everyone but ourselves for letting it happen . We let these sorts of adverts go out all the time so who is really to blame  ? When did we decide to bin the truth  and  tell our kids lying is quite ok ?

Then there are the ones  I hate the most , the ones that have decided that we are all deaf, we are all stupid so they  have  to YELL VERY  LOUDLY  at us 1st thing that happens here is the mute button , so nothing  gets heard for all those companies that use this  kind of advertising I tell you  it  will not work , will never work , we are not stupid and do not  need yelling at . What possible thought  ( if any  ) went through the minds of the people who dreamed up yelling at us to try  and sell us things , its just amazing to me that anyone ever thought like that . If your product is so bad you think that the only way to sell it is to yell at us then you have a worthless product  and need to get something better .

As well as all that you have now what they call  ” infomercials ” all these are , are another way to not have to put on an actual program but sit back and let the adverts run , and thats all they are just longer adverts , who also sometimes use the yelling technique  but for longer . This is how the the  TV stations get around the very loose controls on advertising  about how many can be used in an hour . By calling them  ” infomercials ” that dodges it very nicely , they are not now adverts , very sneaky, underhanded , and wrong , some shows  I refuse to watch at all now  because in 1 hour you are lucky to get 15 mins. of actual program , and that too is just wrong. Would you pay an employee to work for an hour but let them get away with just working for 15 mins. of that hour ? Pay them for 45 mins. that they do nothing  ? If you would then you have way more money than sense  .

Are the  TV stations all so broke now they can’t pay their stars to actually be there  and doing things for  more than 15 mins an hour  ? If this is the case then they need to re think how they do what they do , because the way they do things now is just robbery really , they rob us of the shows we want to see  and fill the time up  with adverts or  ” infomercials ” how can this be right  ? Or even legal when you think about it  , it is robbery a very  subtle robbery but it is nevertheless no matter how they dress it up . If I pay for something or for a service  I expect all of what  I pay for , not just a small portion of it , I am the 1 spending the money so  I should have the say in what  I get , sure this is the right way  to do it yes ?

I could amaze you with the things I don’t know and terrify you with the things I do know.

A Very Merry Christmas to all and  I hope The  New Year will be better than the last 1  🙂


Instructions ? What Instructions ?

Instructions ? What Instructions  ? ……. How many times have we heard the men in our lives  ( yes it is always men lol  ) say this very thing when they have failed at something  ? Like  putting together flat pack furniture , like fixing the car , like putting  a new plant in the garden ( yes they do come with instructions too  ) or doing some cooking ? There are just so many things that come with instructions  that almost all men ignore as a routine , they think they know better that they are good enough not to need any silly instructions. Those are for the  women , they are the ones who need to be told how to do anything like this  , they are  ” Blokes ” what do they need any silly instructions  for ?

So the women quite rightly decide it is  probably better if they make themselves scarce  and  go out for a coffee or a drink or to meet someone or shopping  , lol, anything to not be there when it all goes very wrong and the  ” Bloke ”  has messed it all up and  more than likely has at least half a dozen bits left over and it doesn’t work . Exactly what any woman would expect  to happen as she knows only too well all about men and instructions . Maybe there should be a special class that all  males  must take at school  on  ” how to read instructions ” and it should be compulsory , lol asif we could  get that working.

When in doubt …give it a clout  …

Too many men think this is the right way to fix things , lol , just look at a certain TV  presenter who always tries to fix a car motor up by hitting it with a hammer  , and as usual that does not work . So when hitting it with a hammer  does not work , what to do  ?  Read the instructions  ? lol dont be daft we still don’t need those . We will still muddle on till the women  get so fed up they either get the instructions out and make the  ” Bloke ” read them under pain of suffering  , or she gets a tradesman in to do it properly  and makes  the big tuff  ” Bloke ”  pay for it , serves him right really if he had bothered to read the instructions  things would not have gone so badly wrong , and there would not be so many bits left over and all over the floor.

When in doubt …. read the instructions ….

It really does get down to this eventually but if the blokes we so love won’t do it then sometimes they have to be forced , what else can you do ? At this point  I must point out that  I am so very lucky I have 1 of those very rare specimens of the male of the species  that actually reads the instructions  before he starts so we do not end up with tons of bits left over . I feel so sorry for all the poor women out there who have the usual kind of male lol we do not need instructions  types , they must go out of their minds when the male has to do something like this. How many bits and pieces of things have you come across that have been put together using the  method of ” she’ll be  right mate  ” school of thought , even though that school of thought does not work  it is still the 1 most loved and used by men the world over . What man wants to admit he cannot do something that easy  that he needs  instructions  to do it  ? None that  I know of  lol , I mean what difference does it make if the wardrobe is a bit wonky or a bit lop sided , as long as it stands upright who cares  ? Also what difference if you put a plant in the wrong place or the wrong depth or wrong place  ? As long as it stays alive  for more than a week or 2 its all ok right  ? Wrong  lol and the fun part is that men will never learn , they do the same thing every time  it never ceases , makes you wonder why you bother sometimes lol’

The reason you got  flat pack or asked the male to fix the car or plant the plant was to save money , but more often than not lol by the time the error  is fixed it has cost more money to correct * sigh  *  men  sheesh  * So in the end instead of trying to do the right thing and save a bit by getting the male to do it  you may just as well pay a little more and get the professionals to do it  , they get it right first time  with no need for  fix ups later , and no spare parts . Think  the spare parts that do not get used enough is what passes for brains in males who keep on doing the same thing all the time regardless of success  or failure.

If you swallow a Christmas decoration, does that give you tinselitis?

The Silliest Things

The Silliest Things ……. Sometimes work out to be the best things we could ever do  , or the worst things we could ever do , but at the time we do them we are not to know this now are we  ?

At the time of decision  a million things go through our minds , but if we truly stopped to think about it , would we still do it  ? Most likely no we would not we would stop and say , hold on here  , you cannot be serious , as a well known tennis player always said when he didn’t like a ruling that went against him . Most of the best decisions we end up making  are ones that you only thought very briefly about and did not think right through at all , but despite us and our lack of thought it all turned out  for the best . Conversely the opposite is true too the things that turned out badly  were also often things that were not thought right through . You can also  be in danger of over thinking a thing and end up not doing something that you  should have  done , so somewhere in the middle is what we need for big decisions .Doing nothing tho as far as  I am concerned is just not an option , right or wrong something must be done .

Sometimes it is the silliest of things that make us make a decision , do we go to a certain place  ? Do we do a certain thing  ? Do we buy something  ? Do we not buy it ? Do  we move ?  Do we not ? Decisions , decisions , decisions , we make heaps of them all day every day  , every one having an effect on us and our lives  and on the lives of the people around us . Too many people these days tho do not stop to think of this  , and we all should  , is what  I am going to do going to hurt or help people around us ? Not enough people do this unfortunately , and the results  are often very bad  for others , we need to learn we are not the only ones on the planet , the world does not revolve around us .

So  to get back to the silliest things , the  silliest thing  I ever did was to  drop everything  and go half a world away  , where  I knew no one , had never been out of my own country before  , had no idea at all what to expect when I got there  . So what was it that made me do this silly thing  ??  Well love  lol   what else is so silly  ? While at the same time being wonderful  ? How many other people the world over have done things like that for love  ? I would say that thousands of others have done  that or similar  all in the name of love * sigh *  Its a worry thats for sure, the things we do for love , lol , someone should write a song about that  ………. oh … lol

People the world over have done silly things for so many reasons  , but if they don’t or  I didn’t  the world would be a very boring place  I have no doubt of that . If  no one ever did anything silly   we would not now have all the wonderful things we have (  though some we could have done without  ) but in the end it was people being silly , trying something they had never done before that got things changed . So I for 1 am really glad  I did that silly thing it sure changed my life  and although it has not been easy all the time I would not change it for the world am still very glad  I did that silly thing . My life changed forever for the better and it would not have if I had not been silly or if  I had listened to the people who told me it would be a big mistake .

So how silly are you ? How silly have you ever been  ? What sort of silliness have you got up to   and how has it changed your life  ? I doubt that there are very many people who if being honest  can say that there is nothing  silly that they have ever done , most of us do silly things in our lives some time or other . If we say we have not then we either live on a deserted island , or in a house on a hill by itself , or in a cocoon , or  we are just in a world of our own in our heads . We  all do silly things it is just the size of the silliness  that makes a difference if it is a small 1 then not much happens but if it is a big 1 then anything can happen , and that is far better than nothing happening at all.

So all in all we choose  the level of silliness that we indulge in , and whatever level that is  it make life that little more interesting  waiting for the outcome . Sitting and waiting for the outcome  of whatever we have decided  can be half the fun as well , and make things that much less boring  ,and who wants boring ? We all have  a bit of adventure in us it just depends  how we use it or if we use it  or if we just go with boring  as it is all just too hard .

“Doc, I can’t stop singing ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home.’” “That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.” “Is it common?” The doctor says, “It’s Not Unusual.”

Worst Invention Ever

Worst invention ever …. This has taken a lot of thought as there are just so many things and  ideas and inventions that really we would be so much better without . Trying to pick just 1 of these as the worst ever was not easy , but as  I see it this 1 is totally the worst. It not only makes users rude it makes them dangerous  it makes them totally unreasonable  and at times  completely unbelievable . This invention started out as a good idea , as all inventions do  but people being what they are now , which is almost all completely selfish this  invention has turned out to be the worst ever   in what is supposed to be a civilised  world , it has turned  so many of what used to be intelligent people into selfish morons  way too many of them , as they have let it dominate their lives more than anything else ever has done , and thats just crazy  . It is also very very scarey that such a thing could even be allowed to happen .

So what is this  invention that  I have chosen as the worst ever  ? I am sure that by now a lot will have worked out which 1 I mean but for those who have not  it is …… The Mobile  Phone …

Here is why, I have seen so many people almost run over , seen them run into people  seen them ignore people all because they are ” on the phone ”  and these days being  “on the phone ”  has a whole new meaning , its not just sitting down quietly talking to someone  , oh no those days are long gone . These days it is walking around talking loudly  so everyone in earshot  knows your  ” on the phone ”  and can be jealous of you  , can see  how popular you must be to  have had a phone call . These days it is texting constantly even while walking  along no matter where you are  , on the bus or the train or the street , makes no difference , we have to let people see how good we are in that we have someone to text , we have to show off  . These days too its walking about head down not watching where you are going or who you are bumping into or if there  are cars in front of you , ignoring the lights and crossings ,  totally  ignoring surroundings. Walking about with headphones  in  now also not hearing anything but what comes from those headphones not knowing or caring about anything  but that phone , and the so called music that comes from them  .

People who used to be happy and nice people gradually change the more they let  this phone thing get to them , more  and more  of them will not make a move without the phone , so many will turn around and go back for it  if heaven forbid they left home without it . It does not matter how far they have to go back either , off  they go the minute they see they have forgotten it , that is how important it has become in their everyday lives . Seems like the world will end right there and then if they have to go a few steps without it , how stupid this is  , is just beyond saying  , I can not understand how they let it get this much into everyday living  that they can not go a day or even an hour or a minute  without having it within reaching distance .. It is these people who are owned by the phone , not the other way around , and that is just wrong on every level .

How on earth did this happen ?  How did  1 single invention , start out so good yet get turned into something a lot of us now wish had never been invented  ? Why have people become so enslaved  to this thing  ?  This small hand held device has got people the world over  totally enslaved  it is deplorable  it is beyond belief  . A small hand held thing that now does everything but make coffee and toast  has become the most wanted thing in the world , it has become something to fight for and something to kill for , as it is 1 of the first things  taken in any robbery . You can run your whole life almost from this little device and I doubt that  I am the only 1 who sees this as a very , very bad thing . That 1 device , so small can dominate so much of the world and its people  .  The very sad thing in all this too is that  too many people  can so easily be enslaved by all the bells and whistles that the phone companies now use to ensnare people and the very enticing plans they give out to  get people in , sadly it works all too well . This day and age too these things are given to children as young as 5  , and even younger , and this just  makes me cry  it is way too young to  give these to them  , let them grow up first , let them be children .

So for all this  I have begun to think  I must be about the only person who  uses it the right way , yes  I take it with me  , but the minute  I step out the door it goes into my bag to be ignored till  i am sitting down and in no danger or in no danger of hurting someone else. I do not get up and walk around while talking on it  , I sit down and talk quietly to whoever has called , and if there are texts that have come in while  I am travelling  they get answered then and only then, I never answer the phone till it is safe . What makes people think that the world might end right then if they dont answer right that second  I do not know , but too many have to answer right then regardless of safety. I can think of almost no time at all when it is absolutely  imperative  that a call or text be answered the second it comes in , maybe 1 time in a million something might happen that you need to answer right the second  it makes a noise. Generally though it will be quite fine to leave it and wait till you get where you’re going , but trying to get people to see this I  would put in the impossible basket as they are all too enslaved by 1 small invention …… so sad ..


Someone once told me, “GO FOR BROKE” !! I’m happy to report that I succeeded…