Worst Invention Ever

Worst invention ever …. This has taken a lot of thought as there are just so many things and  ideas and inventions that really we would be so much better without . Trying to pick just 1 of these as the worst ever was not easy , but as  I see it this 1 is totally the worst. It not only makes users rude it makes them dangerous  it makes them totally unreasonable  and at times  completely unbelievable . This invention started out as a good idea , as all inventions do  but people being what they are now , which is almost all completely selfish this  invention has turned out to be the worst ever   in what is supposed to be a civilised  world , it has turned  so many of what used to be intelligent people into selfish morons  way too many of them , as they have let it dominate their lives more than anything else ever has done , and thats just crazy  . It is also very very scarey that such a thing could even be allowed to happen .

So what is this  invention that  I have chosen as the worst ever  ? I am sure that by now a lot will have worked out which 1 I mean but for those who have not  it is …… The Mobile  Phone …

Here is why, I have seen so many people almost run over , seen them run into people  seen them ignore people all because they are ” on the phone ”  and these days being  “on the phone ”  has a whole new meaning , its not just sitting down quietly talking to someone  , oh no those days are long gone . These days it is walking around talking loudly  so everyone in earshot  knows your  ” on the phone ”  and can be jealous of you  , can see  how popular you must be to  have had a phone call . These days it is texting constantly even while walking  along no matter where you are  , on the bus or the train or the street , makes no difference , we have to let people see how good we are in that we have someone to text , we have to show off  . These days too its walking about head down not watching where you are going or who you are bumping into or if there  are cars in front of you , ignoring the lights and crossings ,  totally  ignoring surroundings. Walking about with headphones  in  now also not hearing anything but what comes from those headphones not knowing or caring about anything  but that phone , and the so called music that comes from them  .

People who used to be happy and nice people gradually change the more they let  this phone thing get to them , more  and more  of them will not make a move without the phone , so many will turn around and go back for it  if heaven forbid they left home without it . It does not matter how far they have to go back either , off  they go the minute they see they have forgotten it , that is how important it has become in their everyday lives . Seems like the world will end right there and then if they have to go a few steps without it , how stupid this is  , is just beyond saying  , I can not understand how they let it get this much into everyday living  that they can not go a day or even an hour or a minute  without having it within reaching distance .. It is these people who are owned by the phone , not the other way around , and that is just wrong on every level .

How on earth did this happen ?  How did  1 single invention , start out so good yet get turned into something a lot of us now wish had never been invented  ? Why have people become so enslaved  to this thing  ?  This small hand held device has got people the world over  totally enslaved  it is deplorable  it is beyond belief  . A small hand held thing that now does everything but make coffee and toast  has become the most wanted thing in the world , it has become something to fight for and something to kill for , as it is 1 of the first things  taken in any robbery . You can run your whole life almost from this little device and I doubt that  I am the only 1 who sees this as a very , very bad thing . That 1 device , so small can dominate so much of the world and its people  .  The very sad thing in all this too is that  too many people  can so easily be enslaved by all the bells and whistles that the phone companies now use to ensnare people and the very enticing plans they give out to  get people in , sadly it works all too well . This day and age too these things are given to children as young as 5  , and even younger , and this just  makes me cry  it is way too young to  give these to them  , let them grow up first , let them be children .

So for all this  I have begun to think  I must be about the only person who  uses it the right way , yes  I take it with me  , but the minute  I step out the door it goes into my bag to be ignored till  i am sitting down and in no danger or in no danger of hurting someone else. I do not get up and walk around while talking on it  , I sit down and talk quietly to whoever has called , and if there are texts that have come in while  I am travelling  they get answered then and only then, I never answer the phone till it is safe . What makes people think that the world might end right then if they dont answer right that second  I do not know , but too many have to answer right then regardless of safety. I can think of almost no time at all when it is absolutely  imperative  that a call or text be answered the second it comes in , maybe 1 time in a million something might happen that you need to answer right the second  it makes a noise. Generally though it will be quite fine to leave it and wait till you get where you’re going , but trying to get people to see this I  would put in the impossible basket as they are all too enslaved by 1 small invention …… so sad ..


Someone once told me, “GO FOR BROKE” !! I’m happy to report that I succeeded…

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