The Silliest Things

The Silliest Things ……. Sometimes work out to be the best things we could ever do  , or the worst things we could ever do , but at the time we do them we are not to know this now are we  ?

At the time of decision  a million things go through our minds , but if we truly stopped to think about it , would we still do it  ? Most likely no we would not we would stop and say , hold on here  , you cannot be serious , as a well known tennis player always said when he didn’t like a ruling that went against him . Most of the best decisions we end up making  are ones that you only thought very briefly about and did not think right through at all , but despite us and our lack of thought it all turned out  for the best . Conversely the opposite is true too the things that turned out badly  were also often things that were not thought right through . You can also  be in danger of over thinking a thing and end up not doing something that you  should have  done , so somewhere in the middle is what we need for big decisions .Doing nothing tho as far as  I am concerned is just not an option , right or wrong something must be done .

Sometimes it is the silliest of things that make us make a decision , do we go to a certain place  ? Do we do a certain thing  ? Do we buy something  ? Do we not buy it ? Do  we move ?  Do we not ? Decisions , decisions , decisions , we make heaps of them all day every day  , every one having an effect on us and our lives  and on the lives of the people around us . Too many people these days tho do not stop to think of this  , and we all should  , is what  I am going to do going to hurt or help people around us ? Not enough people do this unfortunately , and the results  are often very bad  for others , we need to learn we are not the only ones on the planet , the world does not revolve around us .

So  to get back to the silliest things , the  silliest thing  I ever did was to  drop everything  and go half a world away  , where  I knew no one , had never been out of my own country before  , had no idea at all what to expect when I got there  . So what was it that made me do this silly thing  ??  Well love  lol   what else is so silly  ? While at the same time being wonderful  ? How many other people the world over have done things like that for love  ? I would say that thousands of others have done  that or similar  all in the name of love * sigh *  Its a worry thats for sure, the things we do for love , lol , someone should write a song about that  ………. oh … lol

People the world over have done silly things for so many reasons  , but if they don’t or  I didn’t  the world would be a very boring place  I have no doubt of that . If  no one ever did anything silly   we would not now have all the wonderful things we have (  though some we could have done without  ) but in the end it was people being silly , trying something they had never done before that got things changed . So I for 1 am really glad  I did that silly thing it sure changed my life  and although it has not been easy all the time I would not change it for the world am still very glad  I did that silly thing . My life changed forever for the better and it would not have if I had not been silly or if  I had listened to the people who told me it would be a big mistake .

So how silly are you ? How silly have you ever been  ? What sort of silliness have you got up to   and how has it changed your life  ? I doubt that there are very many people who if being honest  can say that there is nothing  silly that they have ever done , most of us do silly things in our lives some time or other . If we say we have not then we either live on a deserted island , or in a house on a hill by itself , or in a cocoon , or  we are just in a world of our own in our heads . We  all do silly things it is just the size of the silliness  that makes a difference if it is a small 1 then not much happens but if it is a big 1 then anything can happen , and that is far better than nothing happening at all.

So all in all we choose  the level of silliness that we indulge in , and whatever level that is  it make life that little more interesting  waiting for the outcome . Sitting and waiting for the outcome  of whatever we have decided  can be half the fun as well , and make things that much less boring  ,and who wants boring ? We all have  a bit of adventure in us it just depends  how we use it or if we use it  or if we just go with boring  as it is all just too hard .

“Doc, I can’t stop singing ‘The Green, Green Grass of Home.’” “That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome.” “Is it common?” The doctor says, “It’s Not Unusual.”

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